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Ghost From Late 1700's In Charleston, Sc


To start off by saying, this picture was not taken me. My mother, aunt and grandma were visiting Charleston, SC.

Sitting in the front passenger seat, my mother was taking snapshots of anything and everything she could so her kids could get a glimpse of what the city actually looked like since we couldn't go ourselves.

While driving by this street, she snapped this picture on her digital camera. She told me that when she took the picture, there was no one standing in the street. Clearly there is a woman in a white dress and white hat standing over what looks like a young boy wearing black and a hat with the woman putting her hands on the boy's shoulders staring directly at my mother's camera.

Really, who stands in the street like that when there is oncoming traffic and a sidewalk off to the right? As you can see, naturally, you would brake if you had seen someone standing in the street to make sure you don't hit them. No one is braking- besides the last truck closest the stop sign.

Both my grandma and my mother said there was no one standing in the street when she took this picture. I have done some research myself to find that there has be stories and sightings of the ghosts of Charleston.

Did my mother actually catch two ghostly figures on camera? I mean, these people are actually in a pose for a picture and at that distance how would they even be able to see my mother taking a picture?

This picture was taken at 6/6/2008 at 3:14 p.m. The camera model is a PV-GS85. The picture I refer to is that which is my profile picture.

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TabbyDingo (1 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-24)
O_0 oh how unnerving... Too bad I can't see it. That is a bummer but from the comments I can see that this really spooky!
scaredycat55 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-04)
[at] Lakota73 I hope you get to see it soon too. Are you on the desktop or mobile? I'm just wondering to see if I can go on my computer and see the picture.
Lakota73 (5 stories) (108 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-03)
Same here. I can't see the photograph. Hope to get to see it soon 😕
scaredycat55 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-03)
Great story, I'm a little disappointed that I can't see the photo on mobile. But reading the comments gives me an idea of what they look like. But if anyone has an idea as to how I might be able to see the photo on mobile I would much appreciate it.
bluesdeluxe (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-24)
Not sure if anyone still reads this but I can explain some of this since I live in charleston and use this street for many of my commercial photoshoots. The street is a one way road with the distinctive red brick ground. If you google map 18 Church Street, you will be at the firehydrant in the photo. It is a one way road so everyone parks on the left hand side probably because of the hydrants and parking is super limited downtown. I walk where this figure is all the time and do photoshoots right there in the street... No safety concern at all.

To give some perspective, this image is highly cropped and therefore a lot of perspective compression is occurring. You can see the stop sign at the end of the road but if you look on Google Maps you can see just how far away that sign really is (about 6 full houses down).

So what that means is whatever this figure is in the middle of the frame, could actually be a combination of things... Like a person closer and someone way in the distance. The part just above the white parked car could be something completely different than the dark black "pants" We just can't say.

As for the shadows on the ground, I don't see that the two identifiable people on the right are casting any shadow at all. The sun is coming from the right and casting long shadows on the street from the homes and property walls on the right. Any person standing in those shadows would not cast a shadow because they are in shade already. Every person in this image is already in shade and therefore not casting a shadow to the left of them (where it should be).

My 'logical' guess would be to say this is a skateboarder or in some weird way a bicyclist. It is pretty funny to read all the comments about "fancy software" or stating the obvious like the cars are parked. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at but it's definitely not a child and lady with a big white hat.
ally711 (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-16)
Daum creepy picture wow. Thats wierd nice story good picture taking. 😨
MandoSadGirl (8 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-29)
Jeremie, this is the freakies pic I have EVA seen man,geez! Its like my friend, she felt a heavy wight on her shoulder, on the fil, when they enlarged it, you could see a see-through hand on her shoulder, - freaky!
CharlestonPS (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-09)
Hello everyone! Interesting stories from everyone for sure. Charleston has tons of stories ranging from casual sightings to full on daily experiences.

I run a paranormal investigation group based here in Charleston. We would love to help and of you find answers! Our services are free...

Please visit for more info and to contact us!


themomster (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-26)
We bought a house downtown Charleston three years ago. The night we moved in, my sister-in-law heard a woman talking outside their bedroom door. She never told us as she thought it was her imagination until we told her our stories.

During the last three years, my husband has felt/seen several things though I have not. We came to visit Charleston every few weeks. I was out on our deck. He felt someone get in bed with him but when he moved his hand over, I was not there. This happened 3 times and finally he sat up and looked to see no one.

Once, when we came to visit the house, there was fluff from the blanket on the floor. The bed was made. A hole was in the middle blanket the size of a dinner plate.

Another time he told me he saw a young girl in period costume walking through the dining toom.

We recently told guests about this when our lights started blinking on and off in one room but my husband couldn't turn them off.

People do dress in period costume for special reasons, but tourists stop to watch not ignore as in the picture. And they shouldn't be in my dining room.
Kecoughtan (1 stories) (211 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-22)
ChrisB, to see the photo click on the link to the profile of chilling45. The photo is posted in the About Me space.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-18)
Hmmmmm I think something is wrong with my computer because I see no picture 😢.Why does this stuff only happen to me. Sorry I wish I could say something but I cant. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-17)
I'm going to agree with what ghostseer said about the optical illusion but you know what strikes me as odd? Neither figure casts shadows on the ground. If you look at the man standing off to the right, you can see his shadow, but neither the boy nor the woman cast shadows.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
Hi I can see the boy but It hard to see a woman's face but white arms behind him. Them readers are right there no legs or float are to tell by that picture behind the boy and the man by the wall looks real to me. I enjoy your stories thank you.
reina (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
I was staring at the picture for a few minutes. At first it looked like there's nothing wrong with it, but when I zoomed out that's when I saw the difference. It looked like the woman is either floating or her lower legs are just extra extra long. It looked like her feet are not touching the ground - I was comparing it with the man on the right side of the picture and was able to somehow believe that the woman on the center has her feet not touching the ground. And I can't see her hands either.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
I have two good photo programs. I was able to view a bit deeper into the photo. It was difficult to see well, but by cropping and cleaning it up, I got a better idea what was going on. It appears there is a boy facing straight ahead, but the woman behind him is actually turned, and walking across the street. She is quite a bit behind him in the street. It is an illusion in the original photo. The coloring of her light colored dress blends into the boy, but she does not have hands on his shoulders. Is not even near him. Checked the cars, and as is suspected, all the cars are parked. No one is in any of the vehicles as far as I can tell. Hope this helps. Blessings, Ghostseer
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
I can clearly see the boy and he looks mighty solid. I can see a woman with her hands on the boy's shoulders but I can not see her face but she does look to be in period clothes as well as the boy. I can see the boy's legs but not the bottom of the woman's dress. Great picture. I believe we are looking at 2 ghosts.
megan_sharaye (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
wow.I'm actually from there and I can tell you personally that there are many ghosts there. 😁 I can remember numerous accounts of my ghost experiences when I went on field trips in elementary school. I can tell you more about it if you like.
Megansharaye [at]
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-16)
You know I kept watching the photo over and over for some time now and I'm a little distressed as I cannot really enlarge it to the point where I can focus on one particular spot my little "detectors" are pointing at.

I'll tell you what doesn't look plausible to me but also the particular spot I feel I need to see closer.

You live in the US, right? Oncoming traffic should be on the right side not the left and from what I see, it looks like the cars in that street are not in motion but, instead, parked. Let alone that there's no traffic where the woman and child are standing. On top of that, they seem to be standing away from the corner of that road so any vehicle coming would be able to see them before the driver runs over them-thus, she's not realy risking that much, right?

Then, question: Where the heck are the woman's legs, feet and in general, the lower part of her body? That is the spot I really-really want to focus on as it looks like I can clearly see the street under the boy's feet. It looks as if there's nothing behind him since I can see as far as the second white line on the road.

Hmmmmmmm, I'm really distressed now!

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