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Me And My Family's Ghost Stories


I have an old account "Ghostie016" I posted my first story there, last June 2013. I had trouble signing in, so I made a new one to share my and my family's ghost stories. Please don't consider this as fake because it's not. These stories happened in different houses. I'm not good at English, so please bear with me.

*My Mom, Sister, 2 Uncle's Experiences:

-They we're all in one room when they saw the TV opened by itself, and they noticed the TV wasn't even plugged.

*My Older Sister's Experiences:

-My sister was getting ready for school and she was looking at the mirror. As she was fixing herself, she saw a bald man behind her staring at her. She turned around, but the man was gone.

-My sister slept in the living room. She woke up because she heard the chair moved in the kitchen, like someone was pulling it and was about to eat dinner.

*My Dad's Experiences:

-My dad was a teenager when this one happened. His parents was separated, so he had to visit his dad's house. It was a bit near, so he used his bike. It was night and he was on his way when he saw a lady in white dress near the chapel. He continued biking, but he stopped when he noticed the lady doesn't have feet, and it was floating! My dad rushed back to home.

-It was midnight and my dad went to our backyard (well, it's at the side of the house, so I'll call it side yard). As he was there he saw a man. He couldn't see the face, because he can only see the lower body.

-I'm not sure of where this happened, but my dad told me he was sitting on the chair when he saw a HEADLESS PRIEST walking in front of him and it was holding it's own head.

-My dad was about to get out of their room, and when he turned around to the hallway, he saw a lady walking in front him and disappear into thin air.

My dad has more ghost stories he used to share with me, but I forgotten.

*My Mom's Experiences:

-She was about to go to the kitchen and she used the shortcut in the backdoor of the kitchen near the side yard. Our dog was barking and looking at the side yard. My mom looked directly in where our dog was looking, when she saw a feet (of course it has shoes), so my mom rushed, and finally got to the kitchen.

-My mom was about to go downstairs, then she saw someone pass through the hallway in front of her. She thought it was me, so she rushed in to our room and I was in the bed. She asked me, "Were you the one I saw in the hallway?" I said no because I'm just in the bed, and I was about to sleep, then she told me she really saw someone there. We were scared.

*My Latest Experiences (around September to November 2013):

-I was at the garage and was about to take a picture of myself when I heard someone laughed in the terrace/balcony. It was a man's laugh and it sounded like an evil laugh. I thought it was my uncle, but I looked. No one was there. I was a bit scared, but I continued taking a picture of myself.

-I was in the bathroom, it was Saturday night. I heard someone walking in front of the bathroom window. I thought it was my cousins who always walk there, but then I noticed that it wasn't walking, it's just like they're tapping its feet. I thought it was our laundrywoman, so I looked, but no one was there, and in my mind I said, "One more step it means you're a ghost." I heard one more step, and it stopped. I was calm and I was getting out of the bathroom I heard a sound like "whooosh whooosh". I wanted to ignore it, but I felt someone telling me to get out of the bathroom now. The room was beside it, so it's only 2-3 feet away. I rushed, and finally got into the room. I don't want to tell my brother... After 5mins, he used the bathroom, and when he got out, I've decided to tell him. He also told me that he heard someone whisper in his ear while he was in the bathroom.

-Me and my siblings were outside the house. It was 6pm, and it was dark. I took a picture in the side yard. We went to the room to preview the pictures. As usual I caught many orbs, but I was surprised when I saw a little girl in one of the pictures. It wasn't clear, but you can see the hands, legs, feet, face, eyes. So, to make sure, I asked my parents and they said "yes" I did caught a little girl.

-Me and my siblings were at the room. My little sister was sleeping, and my brother was on his earphones, when we both heard someone walking upstairs. I said, "Did you hear that?" He just looked at me, because we thought it was our cousin. I just listened to it. First thing in the morning I asked my parent if all the doors were closed, and if everyone was sleeping that time. She said yes.

These past days I've been hearing sounds, sometimes people's voice who aren't even there, and I've been seeing shadows. That's all, but I'm going to post another experience about doppelgangers. Sorry for my bad English, and sorry for making it long. Oh, and you can read my one story in my old account "Ghostie016" if you want. Thank you for your time reading this. Feel free to comment! ^_^

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BlackMurderknot (guest)
10 years ago (2014-04-28)
Swimsinfire it was obvious that AnneChloeV's english is way better than your TOGALOG 😆 hehe

AnneChloeV (guest)
10 years ago (2014-02-13)

Yeah, I think so. =)


Oh, thank you. ^_^
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-05)
Very cool stories. And I think they were well told, and your english is better than my Togalog, so it's awesome.
CuriousGuy (2 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-02)
Sounds like some interesting experiences.


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