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This story is told from my maternal grandmother's experience. This is a true story.

My grandmother was in her house which was close to Vehari. This took place when my mother was a young child. So my nano (grandmother) was in her room and she called her maid, let's call her Fatima, my nano called her quite a few times and after the 2nd or 3rd call she came. My nano told her to find her shoes. After a few minutes Fatima came back, put the shoes on the ground and left without saying a word the whole time. My nano felt something off about the whole encounter but shrugged it off. After some time my nano realized that Fatima was on leave for a few days and that the lady who came was not her and in fact someone pretending to be her.

The following story is my own encounter.

This probably took place when I was 6 or 7. Let me explain the layout of the house first. The house was quite big, probably 8-9 canals and it was in the village. Mind you this house is quite old and probably 30yrs old. So behind the house was a corner garden and then it was plain bricks, then it was the store and dirty kitchen followed along with an open courtyard which held the laundry. All of this was outside.

It was late at night probably 11pm-12pmish. My mom and aunt were walking together and I was separate like my mom and aunt were walking towards the garden while I was walking towards the store and dirty kitchen.

I was walking and there was only one small lightbulb outside the dirty kitchen. I was walking towards the courtyard and I saw a long, slender, black figure. It wasn't wearing any clothes and because of the limited amount of light I could only see the outline. This thing was probably 6'5-8ish feet tall. I had a feeling that this thing was male because of the outline.

I knew it wasn't any of my family because they weren't that tall and neither were any of the servants. I kind of stood there for like a good 30seconds in shock and I wasn't able to make a noise or scream. Then I snapped back to reality and ran to my mother and told her to take me inside immediately. I remember I wasn't screaming, just cautious. We went inside and the light was gone. I didn't tell anyone until about 3 years later when I was ten. I remember I couldn't tell what this thing's intentions were. But now I never go there at night. And every night I recite some prayers and when I go out at night I recite prayers as well.

Thank you for reading my story.

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Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
6 months ago (2023-12-26)
That's very strange and creepy, I wonder if what you and your gran experienced is the same entity.

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