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The Forest People


It wasn't that long after I saw the face in the door (my previous story "The Face In The Door") that I started seeing the forest people. They were strange things, roaming around the forest my family would visit quite often. They were glowing figures that would follow us around, protecting us from something; I would always call these things the angels. But there was something darker roaming around the forest, something you wouldn't want to get face to face with.

It was midsummer and one of the warmest days, so my family decided to go for a walk around the old forest a few miles up the road. We had been to that forest many times before so we weren't expecting it to be different. As soon as we got to the entrance of the forest, I started seeing the people walking around, in a protective manner.

I wasn't scary at first because they looked just like angels so I knew they couldn't warm us. It started getting scary when we passed an old, abandoned cottage when the energy started to change around us. Something dark was roaming this bit of the forest; it was the evilest thing I had ever felt. But I didn't see anything out of the blue so we carried on walking past to get to the lake.

It was on the way back when I saw the dark shadow lingering against the wall of the cottage. It was looking straight at us but I was the only one who saw it. It was when we walked passed it something strange started to happen. It followed us through the forest, getting closer every time, ignoring all the people we were walking past, ignoring trees. It was at this time my sister turned around to take a picture on her phone. As soon as the picture was taken, the shadow vanished and the atmosphere started to turn brighter.

It was when we looked at the picture that we saw a figure coming towards us. It looked like it was wearing a long cloak of some sort, but it also looked like it was being taken away by the mist around the figure.

I have visited this forest many times after this incident, but I have never felt the same feeling around the forest. I don't see the forest people anymore, I don't see the dark shadow against the cottage, and it seems that they have moved on. The figure went, and so did the glowing people.

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ishan (1 stories) (36 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-04)
Hey Allicia, thanks for sharing this experience of yours. It indeed was a wonderful experience, though scary a bit.
Regarding those people, maybe they indeed were angels or sorts of guardians. And they were meant to protect people and were there to capture that dark figure thing maybe. Now it may go for you and your family only or for all people. Whatever it was, it was really good reading that there really is protective and good energy present out there.
God bless.
AlliciaJayne (2 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-18)
If I could find the picture I would but it was on a old flip phone which my sister broke years ago but I might still be able to find it on another phone and my mum and sister could see them too.
freakedoutfreddy (1 stories) (75 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-15)
Could you post the picture? 😊
Did any of your family members ever see the "forest people"?

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