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Dream Paralysis Or Real Experiences?


So, on multiple occasions I've had, what I believe, to be demonic or ghostly encounters. I am only unsure if these are real or just sleep paralysis and I'll explain my confusion.

The first occurrence happened almost a year ago. I had just laid down to go to sleep and it was a weekend so my little brother, whom I babysit while my dad is at work, was in his room playing video games. I closed my eyes, and if this was a dream experience it happened instantly. My dream began and it was the last thing I had seen before closing my eyes. I was laying on my right side facing the bedroom wall with a poster a little higher then eye level and a clock on a stand in the corner. All of a sudden I can hear my brother talking into his microphone (Xbox live) and I look up and this black figure with red eyes and a huge grin with sharp teeth comes whooshing from the top corner of the bedroom right up into my face. This is when I 'woke up' terrified.

The second occurrence, I was asleep in the same spot a few months later, completely naked. In my dream I had gotten out of the bed (still undressed) and stepped into the kitchen because I could hear someone getting into the cupboards and messing with things in the bathroom. Then something started running from the bathroom towards me so I ran and jumped back into bed. This is when I 'woke up.'

The third and most recent occurrence (last night) I again heard something in the kitchen. This time I was sleeping in a different room. I got up to see and this shadowy figure ran from the kitchen into the bathroom... Again I woke up at this point.

The reason I'm having trouble identifying whether these are real happenings or just crazy realistic dreams is because of how literally realistic they are. In every "dream", everything in my house is how it is normally. That and the way I'm resting (clothed and unclothed) play a factor in the 'dream' as well. It's like they are really occurring and I'm seriously seeing these things but it always happens at night as soon as I lay down or in the middle of the night, and I wake up terrified, even scared to face the same direction or to not be in contact with my boyfriend (he was present for the last two occasions but always asleep when it happens).

I've had dreams about deceased loved ones and can tell the difference between my grandfather visiting me in my dreams and when something unkind, evil if you will, is around. I just don't know what to make of it, and when I tell my boyfriend, who doesn't really believe in ghosts or demons, he doesn't take me seriously.

Does anyone have experiences like this, or suggestions on what it might be?

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BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2014-03-15)
It doesn't sound like you're having any difficulty moving when you wake up, so sleep paralysis doesn't sound like the culprit. Http:// this is a webmd article on SP. Doesn't really sound like what you're describing.
To be honest, I think your having incredibly vivid dreams. It doesn't sound paranormal to me, and I don't think its anything to be afraid of.
Callme15 (10 posts)
8 years ago (2014-03-15)
Maybe someone/something just want to know they're here for you, and for the cupboards, do you have a dead love one who likes to cook? Maybe he/she is the one... MAYBE, because I don't experience it yet, its my theory only

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