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Karabasan...or Not? Part 2


When I turned 20 years old, things became more... Complicated. Even though I told my mother that something was not right, she did not believe me. She told me to pray to ALLAH (I am a Muslima), and all would be fine. Well, I prayed every night before going to bed, but it would not work at all. Maybe I had distrust in my heart, maybe I was too scared. I don't know.

Then my mother decided we should move out of this apartment when an old knife, in the style of Ottoman, fell right in front of her feet, which should not be possible at all. The horse head of the knife was broken in two, when it fell.

So we are living here in this new apartment since about 3 years. Until 2 and a half years ago, everything was fine. I could even close my door, when I went to bed... Until I shook at night again.

We Turkish people believe in the "Karabasan", maybe also known as "boogeyman" but... Different. When I would sleep, I would wake up at night and stare everywhere with the feeling as if being watched. My heart raced. And since I am near-sighted I could not clearly see anything but I am still able to see the differences in color and forms. But at night, everything seems to be black, dark blue or gray. I only saw something black move slightly, but was unsure if it was my imagination or reality. Then I became so scared, near at the verge of panic. I shifted to lie on my back. When it moved again, I tried to scream, to call my mother. But I could not. I felt my lips moving, but no sound came out. I felt like someone was lying or sitting on me, choking my lungs. Today, I know it as a Sleep Paralysis. But does this shi* hurt? I mean... Really?

I prayed to ALLAH, but it did not go away. My heart raced so strongly I thought it would stop any moment. And with the first rays of daylight, the weight disappeared and I was able to stand up. I ran straight to the bathroom and stared to my face. I had lost every bit of color in my face. I told my mother and she told me that I should pray to ALLAH and curse the devil and it would go away.

The next night, the same thing. From that night on, I would have these visits from "Karabasan" at least 3 times every week. And it went, when I cursed the devil with all of my heart. The rest of the night I would spend watching TV, simply to not go to bed again. I even slept with my mother or sisters. But that stopped oneday...

And then, two years ago, that one year is like a blur to me. I do not remember exactly everything. But I was, apparently, a very different person.

There are so many different things which happened to me. But no one listened to me, because they do not want to hear anything bad or get too much involved in these kind of things...

To be honest, I cannot even blame them... But I would still listen to them and try to help. They just lived with my fear and sometimes strong aggressions or sudden stillness... But the aggressions are no longer as strong as when I was in the other apartment. But this time, I was being more quiet than anything. In that year, I became so quiet that I completely shut myself from the outside world and my family.

In that year, this told me my younger sister:

That my mother would cry every night because she was scared of and for me. No one understood my problem. They thought I was in a depression and would say "no" to go to a psychiatrist. When I was outside my home, I was again happy, like every normal girl... But quiet again when I am in my home, I was as quiet as a dead one... I did not even talk anymore. My vocabulary was reduced to only "Yes" and "No" or a "Hm."

My older sister even picked on me because of that. She said a woman talks every day about 2,000 words and a man talks about 1,000. But I would talk not even 30 words. She also said that I would sometimes just stare at them and leave their presence to get back to my room or throw a fit and still go to my room.

I had mood swings. From very happy to very aggressive in between a few seconds with no reason...

2011 was so complicated, I cannot even tell you exactly what events there were. I remember only these few events at night. I do not even remember my 23th birthday or anyone else's. Only sitting, sleeping, working, sometimes eating or drinking and feeling drained of energy.

Over a year ago, this I remember because I never felt something like this... I sat on my bed, looking at the flowers on my wall as if they were new. My door was open because my mother insisted on it. And then she watched a Turkish TV Series. In that series (I even learned later the name of the series) I heard prayers. I became suddenly so aggressive that my head began to hurt like hell. My eyes lost even their focus for a moment, and I thought only, "The stupid wench shall shut that sh*t off!" My head hurt more and more, until I nearly fell over. But I did not scream, I just breathed harshly, but it sounded like growling from the throat... It was weird, hearing something like that. But I really thought I would die. And when the prayer ended on TV, I stood up, as if I never had a headache... I felt lighter. I went to my mother and looked at her. She did not see me, too focused on TV, and I thought I would leave her alone to let her watch the series.

After that, I got a new job with a higher wage. Everything seemed to get better. Until...

We were readying ourselves for vacation in Turkey (April 2013). My cousin wanted to get married and my older sister would be her maid of honor. A few days before we went to Turkey happened the most scary thing I have ever seen in my life. I stood up at about 3 or 4 o'clock because I felt, as always, being watched. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and get a clear mind. And since I did not think I could sleep again, I would start to get ready for work.

When I left the bathroom, I walked to the kitchen. But as always, I would look into the living room where our rabbits were, due to cold weather or snow. And 2013 was very cold here in Switzerland! I stood still, when I saw a shadow in front of the balcony door, right beside the white couch, which could be seen very clearly due to its lack of color... I know, that light shone through that particular door because of the lanterns outside, bur there was a shadow standing about 3-4 meters in front of me! In the form of a teenager girl. It was just black. I could not move. I swear I was, the very first time, scared shi*less... It was not like: Just run away! Or SCREAM! No, one is too shocked to do anything. And right then, it disappeared, and my rabbits ran in circles in their cage.

I did no longer think of that...shadow... And switched on the light to the living room and tried to calm my babies... After that, I left the lights on and went to work. I told no one about this, like many other things from the past, which I should have. But to whom?

I do not expect of anyone who reads this to believe me. I am not as religious as when I was younger, though. I do not know what is going on. Is it a Poltergeist, is it a Jinn, is it just a ghost, or Karabasan or whatever? I know not. But it feels good to tell anyone who might care. It is freeing to "talk" about it...

Thank you for reading this poorly written story. I wanted to write it in German or Turkish, but I somehow felt that the Turkish people would just tell me, I should go to a imam or hoca. I did not want that, because here in Switzerland is no hoca, whom I would want to trust...

If German, they would read it just for the "kick" of it. If anyone is there who could give me some hints I would most appreciate it. Just in case, when everything would go back to the old...

Thank you.

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mololu (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-08-03)
Your post really touched me. Parts sound oddly familiar. Wish I had answers but all that comes to mind are more questions.

Hope you've found some peace since...
Hahiha (28 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-28)
I am probably, beating a dead horse here. But, I personally thought that the shadow you saw was a dopple ganger. Although I hesitate when typing this, because I've heard once that if you meet your dopple ganger you die. Again just speculate.

Over and out,
Didos89 (5 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-28)
Sorry for the late reply...
Yes, I have even updated a Story to that, what you are asking me. We received a plant from the friend of my mom (I hate her!). The strange things began to happen again afterwards. Then we had a Blessing/prayers and stuff in our home. The very next day, the plant was dead... D:
For more, read this one pls:
Even if all These things happened actually because of that plant, then I wonder, why it started, when we were in our last home... Because back then, we did not have the plant yet... D:
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-27)
Rook, LOL, and Miracles, very cool. It did seem to get a little off ballence lately.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-26)

You hit it directly on the 'head' so to speak. An empath feels others emotions, even when they are not showing them on the outside, and Yes, if your sensitive enough then you can feel a spirits emotions or even feel the 'emotions' attached to a given location.

It seems your saying that nothing is happening around you, at least has not for some time. I suggest doing the Cleansing/Sheilding anyway... As a perventive measure.

So let me ask this... When this 'stopped' had you sold/given away any 'objects' you may have purchased or received as a gift just before these strange experiences began?


Didos89 (5 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-26)
Hi all and thank you for helping me.
I am not so sure, what an empath is. Actually, I always know how the Person in front of me feels, even if they are not showing it. Is it the same with ghosts or Spirits or whatever? Do you mean this by that?
As for the demon part, I know not what it is. I first believed it to be a Djinn, which is not a demon... Then I thought, it was a ghost. Now a doppelganger or... I don't know whatelse...
But I will definitely make sure, that I visit your Profile for the cleansing, if it starts all over again, which I hope not.
And I believe, I will never know, what exactly that Thing was.
And being watched, well, you are right, it could be my Paranoia, which as far as I know, I don^t have... D:

My Family thinks like: "What I don't see, can't hurt me."
I tried to talk to them, and since they thought about my younger sister, who saw my "copy" walk beside her and talk back to her, they did not want to hear more from it...
Realcrazy5995 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-26)
I think it is a demon. Demons don't stay in one home they follow you and attach themselves to you. It seems to be imitating the darker version of you which brings it more when you are at home. In this story when the prayer happened I find it to be quite scary because then it could be a sign that it is possessing you. I don't know exactly what is happening but maybe an exorcism would help? Also, I hate the fact that yor family does not help you because at the rate that it is going, It will only get worse and when I say worse, I mean WORSE. I truly hope you find some help and you should tell someone you trust will help. Good luck!
panpetal178 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-26)
i think your story is truly scaring and something is really troubling you. I don't know about muslim prayers as I am a hindu but I think you should pray before and after going to bed. Its my belief that evil entities can, t latch onto a person who has mental strength. During prayers you should talk to yourself, think that you are strong, this is YOUR mind, body and home and no one, nothing can take over you. Also try to do some meditation and interact with your own self. Hope this helps!:)
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
High ho brains... Common sense rides again! Lol...

If it wasn't on this experience then there are many others to chose from... When did YGS go Demon Happy? Too many movies?

Sorry for the outburst... It won't happen again... 🤔


Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
rook - thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've only been home a little while and forgot that I wanted to say something about the demon part of this whole thing.

BTW, she has another part up. Actually answers the question about a gift.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
I have read ONLY part one of the O/P's experience and need to say something before I read this... Just what makes everyone so DURN CERTAIN its a DEMON?

There are many types of Spirits... Both human and non-human alike and some of them are tricksters or mischief makers that will take things and return them when they feel like it... Or maybe they will leave it someplace for you to find... Someplace really odd. This DOES NOT make it a DEMON...

Feeling like something is watching you may just indicate the individual is sensitive to spirits to some degree, it does not make the Spirit doing the watching a DEMON... Heck it might not even mean the individual is being watched... Maybe they are just nervous.

Having now read both parts of this experience it really sounds as if a spirit my have attached itself to you... Or is purhaps attached to something you own... It would have been bought or given to you just before these events started and is something you still own today.

Some of your 'moods' sound like 'phases' that all teens/young adults go through. As for the headache when you heard the prayers during your Moms TV show... Maybe this spirit is even less religious than you and was making its dislike 'felt' by you. I must ask a question here... Do you know what an 'empath' is? If not it is someone who is sensitive to others emotions... You actually feel what another person is feeling, If so then you can do the same with spirits... I know because I am an empath... And unless I shield myself all the time. So you may...MAY... Just be chaneling the spirits emotions.

I have a Cleansing and Shielding Method posted on my profile, it is 'religion free' please feel free to use it.

Again...DEMON...I do not think so... Please keep us posted and if you feel up to it, please answer my questions.


sunny0412 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
Didos first of all its just the starting because a demonic spirit doesn't easily leaves somebody alone. They will remember you always and try to again return to you and manifest on you. And yes EVP can be done by your mobile phone, as you said its gone now its better to know that because it better for it to leave. And the dreams of your old home does make sense of attachment, after you have done cleensing I don't think ghost hunter is needed anymore. Still if a spirit is attached to a person they easily doesn't go. Still next time Didos take control of your spirit ask her question like ' Why are you disturbing me? How beatiful you are and still disturbing me? It doesn't make any sense. Say her complimentary word and make her feel good and she just might leave you alone. And you shouldnt do a EVP session until you get that scary feeling again.
Didos89 (5 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
Thank you for not judging me and that you do not think of me I am crazy...
I've uploadet more of such happenings.
And I wrote your suggestions for cleansing my home, too!
Since I have read here somewhere a story... Don't remember which one... I believe, it could be a demon...
It was told, that when things disappear and reappear again after some time, then it is most likely a demon.
I was playing puzzle one evening (yea, I know, boring... But I like it) I bought that puzzle that very day and was so excited that I could just put it together. I also bought a pair of silver earrings and some other stuff, which I carefully put on my desk. Then I sat on the ground to play with the new game...
After a few minutes, I heard, how something fell from the table to the ground and with a side glance I saw, that it was my new earrings. I was annoyed as hell, since they were new and very special. I separated the edges of the puzzle from the middle parts and turned to take the earrings from the ground.
I have never seen these earrings again... Okay, they did not reappear again... But they still just vanished... Like they were never there...
If it was a demon, I think it was female... Why would a male steal my earrings anyway?...

You are helping me so much!
The first months, when we moved, it was peaceful. And happy. After nearly a half year later, things changed. And I slowly began to feel like I was in the other apartment again. I still dream every night of the other home. Don't know why...
The night before the haunting, I do not remember... Sorry...:<
Well, I am no longer a teenager and since the last few months, there also happened nothing (after a cleansing/blessing of our home). But I still feel like I am being watched. Maybe it's just my paranoia?
Is EVP actually possible with a mobile phone?
I've considered calling for a ghost hunter group, but I am sure, my family would not appreciate it... They are very much against everything like that...
Why is it a start? I thought, only teenagers have these kind of things?
And since I think I am unworthy of going to any holy place, I can't just enter such a building. I have no faith or trust... How could I just go to a place like that?
sunny0412 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
And Didos your sisters word makes it certain its a demon and its main purpose it too harm you and cause you trouble so stay alert because its just start of it you need to be tough to go through this and yes I know its hard to get faith but you need to visit a temple mosque or anyplace religous for atleast an hour to calm your own spirit and regain faith and during this time don't even think about what happens in your house just think about the happiness and calmness around you and by that you might just get you faith back
sunny0412 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
Didos now what you wrote up there is scaring because its feeding on you and might even want to get inside you.
Now few things I want to know is That feeling you had in your last appartment is it same in here too or a bit different? Because I don't think its the same spirit, and What actually happened the day before you got haunted again do you remember?
Now What is it?
As you explained it as a teenager is quite scaring because this age is not good for many and the spirit might be aggresive too.
What does it want?
As I said before it is feeding on you and as you say now that you were very angry to listen those prayers it could be that the spirit want to get inside you.
What to do?
Try to do some EVP sessions on the spirit when you wake up at 4 with your mobile or any thing and listen carefully by playbacking the whole thing and run it slow by using any software from pc. And I suggest you to have a paranormal researcher to take a look at your house and do some research. Dont waste a single minute.
CrystalLeo (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-25)
You have a very interesting story on your hands, and trust me, no one here will think that you are crazy. I haven't had anything like that happen to me, but somehow it seems attached to you.

Maybe it could be that you were similar in age when this entity found you. I myself think it might be a poltergeist or a demon of some sort. (there are many different kinds)

Demon seems the more likely one since it was able to follow you when you moved.

There are cleansing rituals that you could do. Me? I would use Frankincense or Eucalyptus incense which is used to purge evil and negative energies and invite positive energies. I myself am a christian and have found in numerous times that rebuking a demon or entity in the name of Christ sends them packing faster than you could say "Goodbye".

There will be many more people on this forum that will be able to give lots of helpful advise. Take heed and you can learn a LOT.

Hope all goes well. Keep us updated.

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