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Unknown Lady: Nearly Missed Otherwise Have Had An Encounter


I'm new to this site and this is my first experience. I'm going to start this off with I am a 16 year old boy and still sleep with the covers over my head out of fear (as I watch too much horror movies).

I have never felt so close to hell like I did that night. (Going in flashback) It was 20th December 2012. After suffering a lot as the train in which we (Me my mum and dad) were travelling stopped for hours in outer areas and the attendants switched off the ACs, we reached to guwahati, Assam.

It was my father's native place and we had been there for a vacation. As I said travelling for hours I was now heavily tired and went to bed for a deep sleep. The room allotted to me was in the first floor and as I was new to that place I followed the house maid to my room (I have skipped many things such as our welcome to the place and we were offered snacks etc etc as I want to write in brief).

After entering the room I felt a sudden chill and what I saw chilled my spine down. Haha just joking it was nothing like that as I had read in most of the paranormal stories. So coming back to the scene, as I said I was heavily tired, I went to sleep and forgot to remove my shoes. I locked my room and had deep sleep nearly for 3 hours. A sudden knock at my door woke me up revealing the person to be my dad asking me to wake up and get some food. I opened the door and my dad said to get freshened up and come downstairs quickly. To my surprise the shoes were not there which I forgot to remove. As I locked the door from inside there was no chance of someone else entered the room and removed my shoes. Anyways as I was a big foody type, I rushed downstairs and had a good lunch.

All were planning a evening sight seeing. As it was a little village type area and was far away from the heart of the city there was nothing much interesting around to pass the time. So I went to my room and opened my laptop and decided to play some games. Time passed. It was 5.30pm and to our bad luck or whatever you say the evening turned to be a evidence of heavy storms and finally the rain. All were little disappointed but soon changed their mood and planned to have some tea and pakoras (fries) and enjoy the cool rainy weather. The rain lasted for the whole night and the atmosphere was cool comparing to normal days as the village areas have trees and stay cool often. I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up.

All were getting ready for the incomplete mission left previous day ie sight seeing. We went to a place I didn't remember carefully but its name Kamakhya was something like that. It is a temple. All were inside the temple attending a bhajan and I came out and started to wander here and there. I don't know but someone told me that there is a graveyard beside the temple. Out of curiosity I went beside the temple but nothing was there. I felt so annoyed that if once I had got that man I may have killed him. Anyways after leaving the temple we came back home and it was nearly 8'o clock. My dad and I were sitting in my room and grandmother, granny and my mum were in the kitchen. In villages we see that people use nylon ropes for drying clothes by hanging them. What I saw was that a lady her head was covered with her pallu or lap (I don't know the exact word) was picking up the dried clothes. I checked and it was 8:45 pm. Calling her from my room was just foolishness as the distance was nearly 145 to 150 feet. She was not any member from our house as she was very tall (around 6'0") and no one especially ladies was that tall in our house.

I thought of telling my father but he was asleep. Without wasting much time I rushed downstairs and was nearly going to faint. What I saw was all the 3 ladies were in the kitchen busy in their own work. Granny and mum were wearing salwar (I mentioned the clothes because the lady picking clothes was wearing a light green saree) and grandmother was too old to go and pick clothes from the rope (and too short also). Avoiding them I went outside and as usual there was no one out there. I want to inform that there was not a single hut present in our locality and the main city was very far away. So who was the lady? In search of the answer I took out our family jeep which was not used for a long time. It wasted my 4 to 5 minutes and finally started. The whole process (including coming downstairs, asking the ladies and starting up the jeep) took nearly 10 minutes As to my observation the lady was not young and must be at a age of my grandmother as her spine was little bent outwards (like old persons). I searched the whole area as it was not very vast or big. I kept on asking myself that who was she and how did she vanished in just 10 mins? My question is: was that a paranormal event or something else?

Please do reply.

And forgive me for my mistakes.

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Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-08-20)
sand33p - could be that the woman you saw, after the 10 minutes or so it took you, had enough time to be out of sight when you arrived.

And honestly, as far as the stooped back is concerned, age has nothing to do with it. She could have had a bad back and just couldn't stand upright at the time you saw her. This I know from personal experience.
instant_crush (1 stories) (30 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-30)
Well, don't know where exactly in Guwahati you were staying, but I too had the almost same experiece while visiting Kamakhya Temple (yes, you got that right). Like, not the graveyard part. The seeing a spirit part.

We were staying in LIC guesthouse, and after it rained the whole night, I went up to the terrace in the morning to enjoy the cool breeze when suddenly, I had this compulsion to turn around, and I did so. What I saw scared the sh*t outta me! A guy was standing on the ledge and suddenly, before I could process anything, he jumped off! I ran over sweating and stuff and look down. Guess what? Nobody was there. Empty. Later when I told this to the guesthouse manager, he told me that a guy had indeed committed suicide by jumping off off the ledge.*creepy*

Sorry for including this here, just thought I should share...! =)

During our 2 year stay in assam, I heard from many that assam is full of ghosts... Scary right? So, odds are, you might have seen a ghost...! =)
alb15 (12 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-30)
Very interesting encounter. Please keep us informed if anything else happens.


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