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My husband and I and our cat were living in one of the hotel rooms. There's a long metal heating pipe that sticks out of the floor and horizontally stretches across the side wall of the room. Next to where the pipe sticks out, there's a little hole in the floor. When you look down the hole it's pitch black. I'm not sure how deep it is but it's deep enough. My cat was fascinated with it. Everyday she would sit by that hole just staring at it almost every hour. A lot of times her ears would perk up and her eyes would widen and she'd try to put her head down the hole but was never successful at it. Then one day as she was putting her face near the hole she suddenly jumped back and started backing up away from the hole. I ran over and took a flashlight to see what was going on inside it. As I shined the light in the hole I couldn't see anything but darkness. I then started to feel strange vibes in the air. Something really spooked my cat and I've never seen her get that scared before. As I said in my other story, the hotel has a history of being haunted because it used to be an asylum for the criminally insane and the basement uses to be a morgue and a lot of people have died there way back in the day.

Staff have told me they've seen spirits multiple times there and phantom knocks on doors.

Guests have reported encounters as well. One of my friends who also lives there told me there's was something in her room. She said her son's mood changed to angry all the time and her daughter was acting out and didn't want to go to school meanwhile her daughter loves school and has never acted out like this before. So basically her children's personalities have negatively changed ever since they moved into that room. My friend also told me that three nights in a row she would have dreams about this horned demon which really freaked her out. She told me she rarely ever has dreams especially dreams three nights in a row and especially a demonic dream. When they finally switched rooms her kids were back to their old selves and she hasn't dreamed of the horned demon since.

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Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-15)
OK so this story confirms what I asked in your previous one, I believe that certain places that are haunted by a "specific" type of ghosts/spirits, usually attract more sinister, malevolent beings and an asylum for the criminally insane would be the perfect feeding ground for such entities.

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