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The Protector And Little Old Lady


As a child, I was always able to hear, feel and see things that weren't explainable. No one ever believed me, not even my parents! So I usually kept my mouth shut until someone came by with a story of their own, or the same thing I saw!

When I was 12, my brother (a year younger than me) and my parents moved to a new house. The house was listed as a two bedroom bungalo with a new addition built on the back, but we converted it into a 3 bedroom. It's a War Time home, built in the '40's with a concrete 4ft height crawl space- which was quite creepy and claustrophobic for my taste! At the front of the house was a door bell, typical! At the back of the house beside the new backdoor leading to the back yard was another door bell, and it still worked. My bedroom was built on half of what used to be the master bedroom before the new addition was built.

On my first night staying there, I had an eerie feeling, but it wasn't a bad feeling. I was sleeping in the new part of the house while my dad was building the walls for my room. I ignored it thinking, "It's a new house, you're not used to this yet!" I started noticing that the motion sensors down the hallways would go off with no one walking by them or near them. Then I found out that the previous owners had installed surveillance and home alarm (that was disarmed when we moved in), but the motion sensors still worked. It struck odd to me because the area is a good friendly area and down the street from a hospital, but I let it go.

I would usually lock myself in the bathroom to do my hair, make-up and stuff before going out with friends or school- I didn't want anyone to disturb me. My dad and brother would knock on the door, and my mom would bang really hard yelling at me. One day, I was in the bathroom, my brother was at his friend's house, and my parents had gone out to the garden center. I had the door locked like usual. The door handle started rattling, so I yelled out "Mom, I'll be out in a minute!" Then it rattled harder, so I yelled it again. Then it rattled harder to the point the door completely shook, so I got agitated, and opened the door and saw no one. I searched the house high and low, no one! My dads car was gone still, so I called my brother and parents... Where they were supposed to be. So who rattled the door on me? I checked the air conditioning to see if it kicked on, nope. I checked the windows, checked the dogs... Nope, dogs were in the back yard, and windows were shut. It bugged me a while.

I would sit in my room at night reading, texting or just thinking. I had that eerie feeling again, and I looked up by my door of my bedroom and there was a man. I could see full features of his face, his clothing in the 30's-40's era, farmer, prohibition kind of wear, with suspenders. He stared at me, but to this day has never said a word to me. I started to feel comfortable with him around, so I named him George, and would have nightly conversations with him. This went on until the day I moved out when I was 19.

When I was 17, I had a few friends over for a bon-fire. My one friend said she had to use the bathroom, so on she went. She came stampering out not even two minutes later white as a ghost and asked me to go to the bathroom with her. I wanted to know what she saw. We got into the bathroom, and I thought I'd test something, I went to lock the door and she yelled and pulled my hand away and said "NO! Don't, he doesn't like when you do that!" I gave a small smile, I knew she had seen him too. She said to me, "Do you know you have a man in your house?" I said, "Yeah, you tell me what he looks like!" She described him the same as I have seen. It was awesome to me!

One day, my dad found a knife by my back window. The screen was almost cut, but whoever tried to break in, left the knife by my window.

A fire nearly broke out in my house, but I woke up in time to put it out.

My brother got locked out of the house, and I had a feeling to stay up and wait for him.


On the way to a local historic park by my house was an abandoned house that was boarded up, and had a fence around it with signs saying "No Trespassing." The house was charred like it had previously been on fire, the barn beside it was completely black. It felt creepy walking by it, so I usually re-routed to avoid the house.

One day with my brother, we walked down the street, and I didn't notice we were walking by the creepy house. Him and I looked over, and there was an elderly lady in a white night gown with no shoes on, picking flowers, she looked up and waved at us with this huge smile on her face. I looked at my brother and said, "Did you see that?" He nodded, and looked back and she was gone. No one could get through that fence what so ever, and the property wasn't maintained, nor were there flowers growing! Then that was when my brother mentioned the man in the house. He said, "I haven't seen him because I asked not to, but I can feel him watching me and everything I do. I walked into the bathroom late at night and the mirror was fogged, like someone had taken a really hot shower. But you were sleeping, Mom and Dad were sleeping by 9pm, how is it that the mirror was fogged at 11pm?"

When we got home, I checked the bathroom for logical reasons as to why the mirror would fog up. It was fall season this time, and there was no hot and cold air going through the bathroom. No one in the house took showers after 8pm, and the window was broken on the slider- so you couldn't open it. How? I noticed at the bottom of the bathroom door, there's a charred corner, but the rest of the door is fine. The tub is original to the house, icky green steel. I had no explanation to give to my brother.

I am an avid Betty Boop collector and have items dating back to the 40's. Some of those items would be played with or moved. I moved my Betty Boop collection to my Mom's new house when my parents divorced when I was 18. As I lived in the house for another year and my brother moved with my mom and so did the dogs, I still heard funny things in the house. The kitchen table chairs would move, I'd hear cups clanking, my brothers matress squeak, door slightly shutting and the rap of the shades hitting the walls. Not only that, but at 3am, the house alarm (that is disarmed) went off. We called the alarm company who had told us the alarm system had been cut for almost 10 years and not in service. My dad had to go into the crawl space to rip the box off the wall.

I have tried researching my area of the property or the house itself, but nothing came up. I'm not sure if anything traumatic happened in that area or in that house. My neighbours haven't said anything about experiences yet.

Now I live on my own. Now my dads girlfriend's kids are telling me stories now that they pretty much live in the house. It's amazing, and I miss George!

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ShawnaH (4 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-14)
No, I never felt fear. It was more protecting... I recently found pictures from 1924 of where the house sits right now, and it used to be a swampy marsh with a few farm houses. My dads looking into the archives right now to find more out.

And yeah, I would talk to him, but he wouldn't answer me. But you could tell he was listening... I thought it would be nice telling him stuff about me so he knew who I was in hopes he would speak.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-18)
Hi, Spooky story... I just want to ask you one did you ever felt fear from that entity? 😨
samtillie (5 stories) (242 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-17)
Hi, interesting story. I just wanted to ask you a question. You state that George never spoke a word to you, but in the next sentence state you'd have conversations with him. Did he ever speak to you? What did he say? Thanks.

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