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In April, 2013 I moved into an apartment building... Not the best area and not the most private of places either. I have a roommate who highly believes in the other side but wants nothing to do with it if it's "evil". I have a 7 month old son that she watches here and there for me while I'm working. My roommate\'s boyfriend stays over the majority of the time as well, and has had experiences before in previous homes. We've shared all our stories the one night when my son had been put to bed. My roommate wasn't comfortable talking about it since she believes it's what helps stir things up.

I explained what I've experienced, and still believe that there's something malicious following right behind me; I told them "If it's not my Grandparents my son sees, then it definitely is something else! I can tell he sees something, he's always looking past me at something and pointing."

My Roommate then exclaimed that it doesn't sound like something she wants to deal with. I woke up to 3 pennies above all the doors, apparently this is a way of keeping spirits out. I guess it didn't work very well, because I came home to a sleeping baby and 2 frantic babysitters.

They both came to me telling me that when they were on the balcony my roommate was sitting in the chair while her boyfriend was standing and facing the window that looks into the kitchen and dining room. My roommate says she looked up at her boyfriend and noticed his face was whiter than white after she heard a huge crash. She heard it, he saw it. He said he swore he saw the dish rack slide across the counter and into the sink. They mimicked it for me, assured me that there was no reason for it to slide. Her boyfriend checked my counter to see if there was a slope or extra water to have it slide that fast- nothing.

We let it go for now. Next morning, my roommate wakes me up trembling. She said to me, "Shawna, I have no idea what's going on here... But last night when Mike and I went to bed, I switched off the light and was starting to fall asleep then something grabbed an object beside my head and I felt the breeze of it flying across my room and heard it hit the wall!" We both went into the room and found it was a flashlight that flew, but she couldn't guarantee if that was the object. But she swears that something flew by her and hit the wall... Mike exclaimed the same thing.

Recently a night or two ago, my roommates boyfriend and I decided to watch the new episode of "The Dead Files" before going to bed. He looked at me and said, "Shawna, I seriously have no idea what's going on here. Sarrah hasn't told you about everything that's going on here because she's scared. But one day when we were babysitting while you were at work, I was playing with your dog Lilly and she went galloping down the hallway and stopped dead in her tracks at your bedroom door. I watched her doing it, and she stopped and cowered and ran back quickly- you know, when she's in trouble and you go running at her with your hand waving to smack her, that's what she looked like." I immediately got the chills and felt fear. My dog knows not to bark, so if she feels like she's in danger, how will I know? Same with anyone else?

I told him, "Honestly, I know something is here. Kurtis see's something we all can't. I've had a feeling of someone standing over me, watching me. I've felt so anxious. I felt like I was either going to throw up, pass out or have a heart attack. My dog refused to come to bed that night until I forced her. Twice I've had to do it."

Mike then almost went white and looked like he was really embarrassed and said, "Shawna, I'm a tough guy. I can handle anything, I'll challenge myself and anyone, and I\'m not scared of anything... But I'm scared of Sarrah's closet. I froze waiting for Sarrah to turn on the light; I couldn't move or have the courage to look."

Something's here, but no one has seen it yet. It's just starting. Hopefully my roommate and I can figure something out before it gets worse.

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ShawnaH (4 stories) (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-25)
Yeah, everyday I'm coming home to new incidents. Now my roommate refuses to go in my room to put my son to bed.
I just recently had an experience as well with a bright light in my eyes while trying to sleep. First time I opened my eyes, there was a bright ball of light beside my sons crib. Second time it happened, not even 20 seconds later, I refused to look. It happens every now and then.
I talked to my moms friend who is into the smudging and closing portals. She's going to help us out. But honestly, it could be either me or my roommates boyfriend bringing something not so nice into the house. As a dumb teenager, I played the Quiji board and never closed it properly. And my roommates boyfriend lived in a house occupied by (what he says) the Devil that could be attached to him. I suggested that both him and I get clensed as well.
I also know many people in the area have passed away, and my landlord who lived here a month before I moved in passed away- but not in the building. I have found photos of my area through my local library of the history that dates back enough to 1927, nothing further I could find. My apartment sits on farming fields, and my dads house just around the corner was a swamp.
Thanks for the wishes and advice. We're going to try our best without disrupting anything.
Rachness (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-18)
Wow, that's creepy! I'd have to agree with elnoraemily and say: do a cleansing. Go to whatever lengths you must before it gets more malevolent. Just don't show it that you fear it and don't try to engage before you get it checked out.

Best of luck to you.

Dacom (3 stories) (28 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-18)
Good advice (Elnoraemily) you should look into all logical answers first.
If that comes up with no answers, And thing continue.
I highly recommend that you look into the apartments history as there may have been an event there, If you find a name youse it names have Power.
If you go past or live near a grave yard, Or other places that have had deaths in it, it is possible something has attach it's self to one of you.
Children are normally more opened to see and feeling these energies like animals are.
But throwing things around is normally the work of an unhappy spirit, or something trying to be noticed, The more attention you give the more energy it gets.
Try when you see your child is pointing looking past you, look at the spot be strong have no fear tell it you know they are there and if it's one of your lost loved ones that they are not to throw or move thing anymore that they are to move on to go through the light.
Then be the parent get the I'm not happy voice but still be calm try to have neutral emotions the hole time don't give it any emotions to feed from, TELL IT it wasn't invited in to leave your not wanted then open the front door telling it again leave now your not welcome around me or my child and friends ever again leave be gone now, hold the door open then close it.
Be aware sometime standing up to it may make it worse.
A Poltergeist will try to attach them self to whom ever they are getting the energy from to move things and eventually manifest.
If it gets worse, Maybe consider going to you local church ask for the head priest and see if they would come bless you all and the home.
I hope it helps be strong stay safe all the best.
elnoraemily (guest)
10 years ago (2014-08-18)
If you feel as though you are in danger/unsettled, I would do a cleansing/blessing in whatever way suits your personal beliefs.

After that, I would also check the EMF fields to make sure that they are not causing problems, as high electric fields can be hazardous to people and cause everything from hallucinations to intense feelings of fear- and even health problems. Something as simple as a badly shielded wire can cause havoc.

Best wishes and I hope that you are doing well.

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