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My grandmother had 6 children, the youngest being my mother, so I have a pretty extensive family on her side. They have lived in the same house for years and raised all 6 children there, and grandchildren, so the house is very sentimental to us. I wasn't a huge ghost believer in the past, but after everything that has happened to my family and everything they have seen, how could I not be?

I am from a suburb of a larger Ohio city. The town in which I live in used to pretty much all be farmland. It is said that the land I used to live on was occupied by a "witch" a long long time ago, and when they kicked her off of their land to build businesses and what not, she became angry and cursed the land. But who knows, that could easily just be some crack pot story passed along from generations. Regardless, I just wanted to give you a little background info before I get into what has happened.

One night when my mom was younger, she and her older sister were sitting at the bottom of the driveway watching the other kids play across the street because they weren't allowed out past a certain time. My mom turned and looked up the street (which is a main road and across the street are two elementary schools) and she saw a woman in a long Victorian like dress about to cross over the street. When she walked she didn't seem to bob up and down like we all do but just a swift movement across the street and she was leaning forward as if she was floating with the wind. My mom quickly nudged her sister who then looked up the road and saw the woman too. She started to float up the school driveway and that's when my mom looked away, petrified at what she had seen for it was the first experience she had ever had with anything of the paranormal nature.

One night my same aunt and mother were lying in the room that they both shared (which is now my grandpas) and my aunt fell asleep first. All of a sudden my mom said that the bed began to shake, vibrate almost, and she heard a deep, horrible evil sounding laugh all around her. My aunt woke up to this, and ran out of the room leaving my mom on the bed scared out of her wits.

My grandma who always hated telling stories because she didn't want people to be scared to come over, even said one night she was in the basement doing laundry, and she felt someone distinctly tap her on the shoulder. She turned around, no one was there.

My grandparents' house has a finished attic in it, so basically you walk upstairs and if you turn to your right there's a small bedroom with a door and if you turn to your left there's a larger room. The whole family was sitting in the living room one night watching TV, and my mom turns and looks up the steps to the attic and sees someone float across to the right side of the attic. She kept quiet though because she was so frightened as to what she had just seen.

My uncle came home from the navy, and entered the house when no one was home. He took a shower, did normal things you do when you get home, and as he was about to leave again, he saw a man in a top hat clearly walking toward the basement.

Not to mention, if you go in the basement of their house, it's half-finished and half unfinished. In the unfinished part, if you go all the way to the back of the room, on the wall going up and down there are 3 sixes written on the wall. My grandma says it's probably from construction. Still creeps me out.

My oldest Aunt has the most stories, and she used to mess around with an Ouija board with her friends when she was young, so maybe this is what has caused all the strange occurrences in her life.

My Aunt would wake up every morning with her head lying on the window sill. (Which was near the bed, but strange) Since she was the oldest, she moved out while the other kids were still pretty young, and she moved into a house with her 2 sons. My 2nd oldest uncle moved in with her for a little bit and was staying in her basement. One day, my uncle kept hearing his name being called, very clearly. He kept yelling "What?!" And would never get a response. Getting annoyed, he walked up the steps and went into my aunt's room and asked her why she was calling him repeatedly. "I haven't called your name at all." Needless to say, he was very creeped out and moved out shortly after.

My aunt then moved to Florida after she divorced her abusive husband. Her and her boys bought a beautiful 7,000 SQFT home in the Tampa area. When she moved in, the seller let her know that their 7 year old daughter had drowned in the pool in the back of the house a few years back, but my aunt was so enamoured at the gorgeous pink home that she wasn't going to turn it down for anything. (To this day even after everything that happened, she would still live in it because she loved it so much)

My aunt paid my other aunt (who had also moved to FLA) to clean her house on occasion. My aunt was sweeping in one of the hallways near the living room, and all of a sudden she started hearing footsteps sounding like they were running and child laughter around her. She dropped the vacuum and ran out of the house.

Another night, my cousins were sitting in the living room smoking a hookah with their friends, and my aunt came home and went towards her room (which was right off of the living room) She turned to say something to the kids and the closed the door behind her. All of a sudden there were knocks at her door and her sons were angrily yelling something. She opened the door "What is WRONG?!" Who's that guy in there standing behind you?!" My aunt turned around. "No one is in here with me." They looked in. "We just saw a guy standing behind you by your bed. My aunt was really freaked out.

She always felt like she was being watched. Come to find out one of the construction workers who built her house fell to his death from her rooftop. I remember going to her dream home before, and I was talking to her about it 2 years ago, because she had moved out a while ago. I told her "the only room in that house I clearly remember was Sean's room, the one with all the bottles of liquor above the bed." She just kind of turned and looked at me weird and said "that was the little girl's room." Totally freaked me out. When I visited her new condo she has, I've heard footsteps upstairs when I've been downstairs, and kids toys would randomly go off all the time.

My last story I am going to share is at the house I'm currently living at. (Which is directly behind my grandmas.) We had this woman come and paint our walls (her daughter had died a month prior due to heart issues, she was 17) and she passed away in her homecoming dress on homecoming night. The girl always had heart issues, so the mother knew the inevitable would eventually come. So we have this little princess vanity, that at the time was in the room right off of the kitchen that I am currently occupying. It only turns on if someone waves this sort of star wand in front of it and it will light up. BUT THAT'S THE ONLY WAY THAT IT WILL TURN ON. So my mom was in the kitchen doing the dishes, and all of a sudden she heard something and saw through the window to the room (it was an addition so it has windows) the vanity lighting up. She opens the door and hears it say "Do you want to get ready for the ball?" My mom freaked out.

What I'm curious about is why nothing has happened in my grandmother's house for so many years. I've asked her, maybe she is just not telling me, but is it possible that activity just lays dormant or goes away?

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girleye888 (2 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2014-08-27)
Hi, Your story is interesting. An amazing experience!:)
Stay safe and May god bless you:)

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