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Ghost In Love With My Boyfriend?


I'm still rather on the fence whether or not I believe in ghosts. But I have had some eerie experiences in my life, mainly dream-related.

The summer after I first moved out of my parents' house, I had a boyfriend who lived with his mother out in the countryside. We had dozens of parties out there, since his mother was out of town and there's not much else to do in a hick/cow/college-town when all the college students are at home with their families. (Population without students: 5000, unless you count the cows.) "It's a pretty little valley in the center of the state, it's Ellensburg, Washington!" You can probably guess by now that I grew up there.

Ahem. Anyway, during a party while we were gathered around a table in the basement, someone asked my boyfriend about his trouble-making ghost. "What ghost?" I asked.

They proceeded to share random stories with me -- glasses knocked off of tables and breaking, random objects thrown, doors opening and closing. Keep in mind there were no cats residing at this house, and the dogs were outdoors-only. Someone mentioned the ghost seemed to hate girls in particular. I asked what they meant. A mutual friend said that she was hanging out in the basement with my boyfriend one day, when she said aloud "your ghost is a real b****", and not two seconds later, a book fell from the shelf above her and landed on her head.

I rolled my eyes as they told their stories and chalked everything up as mere coincidence. People just love to believe ghosts live in old houses. My parents' house was built circa 1910 and we didn't have any problems. I was deathly afraid of my closet, sure, but that was my mother's fault. (Why did she have to tell me there was enough space for two coffins between my closet and my parents'? Seriously!)

There were two rooms in my boyfriend's house I never entered: my boyfriend's mother's room and the guest bedroom. The doors were always shut as there was simply no reason to go in either.

A few nights after learning about the supposed ghost, I had a dream that I was in the guest bedroom, staring into a framed oval mirror with a bit of a patina. The face in the mirror was not my own. I picked up my coat from the lofted bed and everything vanished around me. Next I was behind the church with my boyfriend, laughing and playing in the snow with him. We threw snowballs at one another then he shoved me into the snow to "whitewash" me. (For those of you who didn't grow up with snow, that means he tried to cover me completely in snow.) Suddenly I was standing over him and myself, still wrestling. He coated her in snow and she laughed, then she turned her head to look at me and smile evilly. The ghost girl was in my body!

I faintly recall that my boyfriend also appeared to be in a soldier's uniform. It's a bit fuzzy -- this was a little over a decade ago. I just sort of recall having an impression that this ghost woman perceived him to be someone from her past.

I woke up from the dream in a cold sweat. Tried to shake it off. Stupid ghost stories. Everyone was just trying to freak me out.

The next morning I told him I thought his ghost hated girls because she had a crush on him. "She?" he asked. "I saw her in a dream," I said. I asked him if there was a mirror on the east wall of the guest bedroom. Yes, he said. It was some antique his mother had picked up many years ago. I asked him if the bed was lofted. He said yes. Tall wardrobe by the door? Yes. I demanded that he show me the room right away because I was certain he was just toying with me.

The room that he showed me looked exactly like the room in my dream. And no, the door had never been left cracked open, my subconscious hadn't recorded what was in there, nor had I ever wandered in drunk. (I was always "designated driver".) I'd say I was shocked but it's not the first time I've seen a location with mental clarity before actually visiting it in person.

Because it's not odd for me to "see" things before I'm actually in the situation, I figured perhaps I'd visited the room in my dream, and my brain just made up the rest.

Still, it was rather odd. I've had other dreams of seeing my body with other spirits in it, and dreams of sharing my body with other spirits. I've also had dreams of being in other people's bodies, which I usually don't realize until after I've been called someone else's name or I look in a mirror and see someone else's face. Fortunately, these are only dreams.

Not sure what the takeaway is from all this. Just randomly remembered, and thought perhaps it was time I shared something here since everyone else has been so generous with their stories. Please forgive me for my unending love of tangents and parentheses. Thank you for reading through!

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L_Melb (220 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-20)
Yes, I know this is what is called being "late" - however, I did so enjoy reading this - I can't say I have any knowledge of the sort of situations you've gone through, but you have a wonderful sense of humour and way of sharing those situations! 😜
Please continue! Thanks, L
Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-16)
My apologies to everyone for such a delayed response. I've been so busy, I haven't had much chance to check YGS in a while.

I'm inclined to agree with Val and others that this was likely just a dream that my imagination made up to extrapolate upon stories I'd heard of this supposed ghost.
Funnily, right after I posted my story, I considered exactly what FTWR said. If it weren't for this site and my rumination upon this story, I would've never realized hey, wait, maybe there was a haunted item -- like perhaps the mirror.

Sadly, there is no real way for me to ever know. I'm no longer in touch with my ex, and my brain is really terrible at remembering his mother's name. I tried to do some research on the location of their house. If anyone is curious and wants to Google for info, their surname was Bennett and they lived on Helena or Bender road. (My memory is fuzzy and I had lots of friends who lived in the countryside.)

As I'm not one to generally freak out, I didn't really give any merit to my friends' stories and wasn't concerned in the slightest. However, I went through some traumatic events that year which I think may have cause my brain to be a bit more reactive subconsciously.

And pumpchick, I'm glad to hear someone else has also had similar dreams, even if they can be confusing.

I've never written any official stories about my many dreams here because they have nothing to do with ghosts, and frankly I'm not really into "psychic" stuff. I'm forever a cynic, even considering my own experiences. My own mother also had a lot of prophetic (and past-seeing, whatever the term for that is) dreams. We always figured it was probably just a shift in perspective. My personal hypothesis is that the "soul" is just another dimension, and that for some odd reason, it doesn't always sync up completely with time and space. Further, not bound completely by the laws of time and space, it would make sense that it might see things about other people (or rather, their "souls") as well. So basically, my mother and I formulated an opinion that prophetic dreams are really just our subconscious "remembering" things that will happen. I've seen things while awake, as well, and figure its probably a similar scenario.

I suppose there may also be a paranormal element to it all, as well. I used to practice Wicca and went into trances frequently, almost as if I were addicted to them. I was once attacked, or felt as if I was. So I immediately closed everything off. If I saw things I didn't think I should, I ignored them. Eventually the premonitions faded. And while I take all things psychic with a grain of salt, when a self-proclaimed psychic says I'm very closed off or that I have a barrier, I can't help but smirk and say, "Yes, because I put it there." And that's how I know it's feasible they're the real deal. Anyone who claims they can read me is a fraud.

The last "psychic" who "read" me (for a Halloween party, so it was purely entertainment) was full of silly stories so I just led her around. I let her find satisfaction in suggesting I get in contact with my grandmother who most assuredly missed me. It's surprisingly easy to give a cold read. I know the tricks of the game.:) I once freaked out a sweet little Christian boy at a friends' wedding reception by giving him a "tarot reading" with a regular deck of cards. He started out a cynic, and became a believer. "Whoa, how did you do that!?" He was in shock. I was like "Dude, I just made everything up. It was a total cold read. Trust me." And he was like "No, no, you were right about so many things. Please, tell me how you did it." Good grief. Ahaha!

Anyway, sorry for being tangential, but what I'm leading in to say is that I think a large reason why I've never seen any spirits or ghosts is that I closed off that opening long ago. It's sad, in a way, because I will probably miss some things. But on the bright side, I've never been haunted, and I tended to be the immune one when my friends and I went on ghost-hunting excursions. It's hard for me to not believe that they weren't just imagining things in the dark and riding their endorphines to crazy conclusions, but a part of me says, well, maybe they did see something, and I'm just "blind" now. I dunno.

I figure we don't know everything about everything. But I think that paranormal events often tie into one another somehow.
pumpchick15 (2 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-04)
Yay! Someone who has the same dreams I do 😁 I'm trying to write a story of some collections of dreams I've had when it comes to places I have never been too, people I have never seen, ect. I need help understanding it all. I'm only young I can't actually investigate this on my own! (Because I'm not allowed to spirits and also had the same dreams as me. She wants to protect me that's all.)

I love your story! It's so exciting and funny, just like how I would tell my stories, real or fake. Maybe we could help each other on this whole dream thing. I've been trying to understand what this all means and where it comes from. Is it because I'm more sensitive to these things or is it a gift an sense? Ugh confusing!

Always I enjoyed the story. It's amazing!

Gargoyle (51 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-04)
Well written and highly humourous too! Fascinating story. I too have, when I was young, recognised places from dreams in great detail. Glad that ghosty didn't fancy me and glad you decided to share!

ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-01)
I am more curious of the fact you constantly have dreams of being in other peoples bodies and see things before they happened. Have you done some research or do you not want to know?
FollowTheWhiteRabbit (2 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-01)
Triskaideka, this is a mystery!

On one hand, I have to agree with valkricry on this - you heard some ghost stories which played on your subconscious mind, therefore leading you to have a bizarre dream. It's amazing what the power of suggestion can do!

However, on the other hand (which is just a theory)...I am a firm believer that we are visited by spirits in our dreams, be that with a message or just a glimpse of who they are/were. Especially when you have a dream in a 'real' place. The mirror, you say it's antique and you saw someone else face in it - do you think you saw the face of the lady? Sometimes objects are 'haunted' as well as people and places. Could this mirror be something to do with this lady?

To be able to distinguish between your subconscious mind or something a little more mysterious going on, you'll have to try and investigate more into this. I know it was a long time ago now and you may not be able to but either way you want to look at it, it's pretty trippy!

Would love to hear more of your stories, I'd say it's a little unusual to have dreams of being in someone else's body or knowingly sharing your own with spirits, that my opinion though. Someone else on here may have had simiar dreams.
elnoraemily (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-01)
I have to say, having the book hit your friend's head after she verbally abused a ghost is not a sign that the ghosts hate women, but a sign that maybe it's a bad idea to cuss people out for no reason.

I agree with Val, with the mixing of fact and fantasy together.

Upon being told the ghost was female and hated other females, you dreamed it. That seems perfectly normal to me. I don't think the ghost is in love with him, but that you got a bit freaked out and your subconscious went a bit wild.
valkricry (49 stories) (3274 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-11-30)
Interesting, but I'm not sure what to think of it. It's possible that your subconscious mixed fact and fantasy together. Fact: there was a room, you had not previously seen, exactly like the one in your dream, and fantasy (for lack of a better term) the ghost stories.
sabbywhiteer (2 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-30)
i am quite interested in this story, I hope you arent having anymore dreams. If you are keep us upddated.
I think the ghost is real, don't be afraid she just must love your boyfriend. Don't make her angry or talk about her because she may haunt you. I don't want to spook you out though. 😊

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