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This happened in the summer of 2014. I was at a camp that took place in Puurmani's Castle. We were going to stay there for a whole week. The castle has a really long history. I think it was built in the 14th century. It has been a home for many people. Nowadays it's used as a school. Anyway as to expect from a castle, it's big, also it's white and look beautiful with it's lovely back-and frontyard.

I was sharing a room with about 6 people. On the first day I didn't have much to do so I helped out in the kitchen. The kitchen, the dining room and the shower rooms were in the basement floor. It's quite cold and creepy there. The rooms are seperated with a long corridor. Also next to the kitchen is the dishwashing room and when you open the diswashing rooms door, you can see another door that leads to a old creepy staircase.

So on the first day I had a helper in the kitchen, I didn't like the feeling there. I'm really sensitive towards ghosts and such things, when I first walked in there, I already felt something. I always, and I mean always felt like I'm being watched.

In the evening of the first day my helper (who was in the kitchen with me) had to help out the others (it was a filming camp, we were making a movie). So I had to stay on the basement floor, in the dark and wash dishes. It has been the most terrifying experience ever. The door of the dishwashing room was open so I always felt something on the stairs. Thank God I didn't see anything/anyone. I had been washing there for some time and then, I had it. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I ran as fast as I could upstairs in my room and told 2 girls to please come downstairs with me. I was so scared. I always felt someone walking or/and standing behind me. Luckily they came with me and I finally got to go back in my room. (The whole time I was alone I prayed to God and my guardian angel that they would protect me and that I wouldn't see a ghost or something like that).

Before going to bed, every night I prayed, I was really scared for my life. Every time I went to the bathroom, that was on the same floor, and I got ready to go out, the door would not open. When I first entered the bathroom I first locked it then unlocked it and tried so I would be sure, but the lock wasn't broken. Some times I was locked in the bathroom for about 15 minutes But luckily I got out of there. After that I would not lock the door so I could come out. But the feeling was like someone was holding the door closed and it couldn't been anyone because I would have heard footsteps.

Every morning, I woke up feeling ice cold, with cold sweat all over me. The weird thing is, nobody else felt cold like that. Actually it was quite hot there. But only I felt it and only in the morning. Oh, and usually every night I see a really long dream, but there I couldn't see any dreams.

On the second day, another girl was alone in the kitchen, helping. I was in my room chatting with my roommates when suddenly the girl who had been helping in the kitchen ran into our room, breathing heavily and almost crying. She said she saw someone peek into the kitchen when she was putting the dishes on the tables. She begged us to come with her, I came along with her.

Also, the fire alarm went on for so many times at night and in the evenings when it was already dark outside. The Castle's owner says that this doesn't usually happen and that she's sure that the ghost/ghosts are trying to tell us to quiet down (we had to practice for some scenes so we were noisy).

Besides the castle, there were some who wanted to sleep in a little house next to it. It's as old as the castle and it used to be the horse's house or something. There are also strange happenings. There are dolls put on the walls somehow and the people sleeping in that room thought it was really creepy so they turned the dolls to face the wall. And guess what? The dolls were facing them every morning.

I also had my eyebrow pencil missing even tought I had put it in a really safe place and had locked it. I always found it in the same place, under my mattress.

Also a boy and a girl (both my roommates) wanted to investigate more about the ghosts there. They had experienced the same things as the teachers who are working late in the school. Also a doorknob that was burning hot. There were 2 people who wanted to commit suicide, they are really weak emotionally (not trying to be rude, sorry) and I think the energy in the castle did that. I'm 100% sure of it. Luckily, they didn't do it because we were watching over them (after they got a little alone time) we helped them and after that they felt better.

On the last day, I had already been feeling at home in the castle and I felt connected to it. Even though I was scared to be alone there and could not sleep alone and I was almost crying at some point, I didn't want to leave. I'm happy that it's possible to take tours there. Anyhow, when my mom came to pick me up (I'm 15, almost 16), when we were far from that place, I felt heaviness drop from my chest, I felt so free, so unwatched and private. It litereally felt like someone was watching me the WHOLE week. It took time to feel normal again, I was actually happy when I understood that it's all over.

I'm sorry for bad grammar and I hope you enjoyed my story.

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lady-glow (13 stories) (2992 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-02)
Ifihadyoux: thanks for answering, but... That's not my question.
I know old historical buildings are used like settings for movies, reenactments, documentaries, etc. What I find odd is that the members of THIS filming crew were expected work alone in the kitchen of the castle.

Like you say, there is too much going on with this story, I hope SnowQueen will read our comments and answer our doubts.

Happy new year!
ifihadyoux (6 stories) (607 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-02)
There's so much going on with this I don't know where to begin. As far as the door being jammed, that just means the door is too big for the frame. It happens and can be easily fixed by sanding the door down a bit, especially in older homes, I can only imagine for castles. I don't think that is paranormal.

You having the feeling of someone always watching you could mean three things. 1] That you're psyching yourself out because you know the castle has a lot of history and you believe yourself to be sensitive to spirits which results in paranoia. 2] That there could be high levels of a certain magnetic field which can result in feeling sick, paranoia, etc. Which if the castle is becoming more modern, that could very well result, specially in the kitchen area. OR 3] There were spirits there who were curious as to who you are and what you're doing in there home.

Without any detail about the eyebrow pencil, as in where you put it, I can't say that it fell off, especially if you kept finding it under your mattress. Are you sure no one was pulling a joke on you?

The fire alarm thing can happen with, again, faulty wiring which can result in modern construction on a building not meant for electricity. Or again, someone playing a joke.

To answer lady glow's concern, it's not uncommon to have filming crews making a video at such a location, especially castles. I think this was a case of bad translation and I think she is sincere with her filing efforts.

I hope you take no offense to my rather long comment and you find answers.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2992 posts)
8 years ago (2015-01-01)
Did you have to wash dishes in the dark? - Really?
What do you mean by "not being able to sleep alone" if, after all, you had to share the room with other 5 people?
The idea of a filming crew having to help in the kitchen is too... Outlandish to me but... If you say so.
Is it possible to see somewhere the film you are talking about? -your description of the location is lovely.

Thanks for sharing. 😊

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