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When I was 10 my family moved to a house where we lived for 15 years. It was an old house, probably built in the 40's. I don't think the house history is very relevant to this story. However this 'dancing girl' seemed come with the house so to speak.

I have always been obsessed with music and was one of those kids who constantly sings and dances around the house. When we moved to this house I immediately got the feeling I wasn't alone while I was rocking out. You know that 'feeling' someone's watching? I'd felt that before when I was much younger, but I'd never felt it while dancing.

As time went on I started to feel a presence close by in the living room where I was dancing and then I started to notice vibrations in the floor, felt as if someone was dancing along side me. (No sub woofer shaking the floor.) The vibrations intrigued me and scared me in equal parts. I told mum, who's open minded to these things. Mum said "Sounds like you've got a little spirit friend." I agreed and sort of got used to it.

At the same time this was going on, almost every night we'd hear things go 'bump' in the night. Particularly things in the kitchen being moved about, trinkets on window sills especially. One ornament was constantly being 'played' with. This one was a wicker rabbit basket with a little toy baby inside. The lid of the rabbit was always found open in the morning. My bedroom was close to the kitchen and I could hear things being moved about after everyone had gone to bed. Mum and I also heard the occasional voice of a female. It never said anything, it was more like a sigh or a slight laugh. The sort of noise you make when you're trying to be quiet. We put it down to the mystery dancer, mum called her the 'little girl'.

The 'little girl' really started to make herself known when I got my first cd player and cd's. This was the 90's, before mp3's.

The cd player display would show a track number for a second or so, either while a song was playing or while stopped. But this was not a function on the machine, the track number didn't correspond to a track that was playing, or programmed to play next. This could have been a malfunction in the unit. But it then started to happen to the other cd players in the house (all different makes and models). All would do the same thing.

I'll try to demonstrate what happened... Say track 4 was playing and it was business as usual on the display. Then let's say track 9 displayed for a couple of seconds. Then back to displaying the correct track that was playing, in this example track 4. The sound from the track playing wasn't disrupted, only the display on the machine. You had to be physically looking at the display to know if/when it was happening. It was different tracks all the time and we felt as though the little girl was trying to tell us she wanted to hear which ever track number would randomly appear on the display.

I was a massive Madonna fan when I was a kid and it only ever happened with Madonna cd's, never with anything else. You'd be right to wonder what condition my Madonna cd's were in, as young kids don't go hand in hand with caution and care. But I was, still am, very careful with my stuff. Still got all my childhood cd's and none of them have scratches. (I was shocked by the pristine condition of my old cd's when ripping everything on itunes a few years ago. Pretty proud of that.) Enough trumpet blowing about that though.

I don't understand how a ghost could possibly change the display at will. But none the less it seemed very odd the same thing would happen to all 3 cd players in the house, when a Madonna cd was in the machine.

Mum noticed a hand print in the dust of one of the cd players one day. The hand print could have been made by anyone in the house. We compared everyone's hands to the print and no one's matched the size of the print. But still it could have been made by anyone who came through the house.

Probably the most amusing Madonna cd moment happened when no one was home. I got home from school one day to find one of the album booklets opened on my bed. I didn't leave it there, not on a school day and particularly NOT that album. There was one Madonna album that I always kept hidden away in case my Grandma dropped by and accidentally saw it. The album had provocative artwork in the booklet. My parents were cool with it but it wasn't the sort of thing to show Granny. We didn't have any teenage boys in the house either that could account for interest in *that* album art. The cd booklet moment remains a bit of a mystery, we always put it down to the little girl.

Fast forward to a couple of years later. I was almost thirteen and by now was discovering other music, bands like Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam etc. Music unlike Madonna. The cd players stopped displaying random track numbers at this time. I had stopped feeling the presence and stopped experiencing vibrations in the floor. Also the kitchen had stopped going bump in the night.

When I was about 13, well and truly into other music by this time. The 'little girl' was no longer something I thought of regularly. One night around this age I woke up in the middle of the night. Something I hardly ever do. My bedroom felt weird, not positive, not negative, but an abnormal kind of feeling. I felt compelled to get out of bed. No reason to, it was this feeling that I 'should' get out of bed. As if I was being asked to, it was strange.

I got out of bed, opened my bedroom door which opened out to the lounge room. To my right the sofa. The sofa was facing the same direction I was standing, the arm of the sofa was beside my right leg. I saw what I thought for a nano second to be my mum laying on the sofa (as she does when watching TV). But all the lights were off, so was the TV. At first I saw legs laying on the sofa, the legs were wearing bright orange lycra tights. I followed the legs up the body and to the face. It was a young woman aged 20 or so, very pretty, wearing some sort of dancing attire. She appeared to be sleeping or resting on the sofa. Her hair was bright blonde and pulled into a tight ponytail which dangled over the arm of the sofa near my right leg. (her head was right beside me, her legs on the far side of the sofa to me.) I froze and at this point I think I gasped or made some kind of noise. The woman seemed to evaporate into thin air. I was still frozen staring at the sofa. Then a cushion which her head had rested on started to shake violently. The cushion couldn't have been more than an inch from my hand. I filled with terror and ran into my mum's room.

I woke mum up blurting something like "Mum wake up, the girl, she's on the sofa, she's not a kid, she's an adult!" My mum is completely unfazed by ghosts. Mum, bless her, replies very tired and half asleep "Oh how wonderful. Don't worry she just wants to say hi." I completely disagreed with this and wanted to tell her about the cushion. But was too scared to say any more. Mum was back to sleep within seconds. (Thanks mum!) I stood in mum's bedroom for what felt like a long time but was probably about half an hour. I looked out mum's bedroom window, frightened the woman would come in the door behind me, I don't think she did. I could feel a strange feeling still coming from the lounge room. When the strange feeling had dissipated I bolted back through the lounge past that sofa to my bedroom and threw the covers over my head. Morning couldn't come quick enough!

I still get scared just thinking about it.

The sofa incident happened around '94. My impression at the time was that she had really NOT liked my change in musical taste. But I was 13 or so when I jumped to that conclusion. My impression today is that it's something I don't understand. I don't know why she did that.

As a side note I was completely shocked to see she was an adult, not a child. All that time I had assumed she was 'my age'. I don't know why this detail floored me, perhaps it was the nature of the reveal.

I didn't experience much from her for many years, apart from feeling a presence every once in a while. Not a bad presence either. Years went on and I hardly thought of her at all.

Fast forward again to 2005, I was 24 and beginning a new relationship with a man whom I was with for 3 years. I was totally in love with this guy and it felt like the most amazing romance ever.

The first time I stayed at his place I woke up in the middle of the night, again not like me. The same feeling from '94 was in his room, and this time I had the urge to stay in bed. I sat up, my boyfriend was asleep. As soon as I propped myself up I felt like something was on the bed. I saw the same cushion from all those years ago on the bed covers on my stomach, it was shaking violently as it did the first time. The leotard wearing woman was sitting on the bed, I think. She was whispering in an angry tone "Get out, get out" over and over. She started to appear at the edge of the bed beside me. At first she was faint and then she sort of faded into clarity. I hid under the covers and I assume she got clearer, I don't know. I could feel 'something' pushing me out of the bed. It wasn't a physical sensation, more like a strong will. But there was NO way I was getting out of that bed. I could hear her voice getting closer to my ear. My boyfriend, who was facing the other direction, on his side, started to stir. He said, in a tired state, "Come on, over here" He thought it was me whispering at the cat to get out of the room. Everything went quiet and still at this point and he went back to sleep, completely oblivious.

I was very scared that night but it wasn't as bad as the first time. I don't understand where the cushion came from. It was the same one from when I was a kid, it wasn't there in the physical sense this time. The first time it was an actual physical cushion we had for years. But obviously that same cushion was not physically in my boyfriend's room.

I didn't want to tell anybody what happened this time. I asked my boyfriend if he heard anything the next morning. He said he heard me telling his cat to get out. I didn't want to elaborate on that. I was too scared to.

That relationship with that man turned out to be some of the worst years of my life. It was an emotionally abusive relationship. The dancer woman, with hindsight I believe, was telling me to 'get out' of the relationship. I think deep down I somehow knew this and that's why I didn't want to tell anybody.

That was years ago and I've completely recovered from that time in my life. I guess the dancing girl is here to stay. I've felt her presence over the years since then. Still don't get why she had to scare me back when I was 13 though. Maybe she really didn't like my new love of rock music. Or maybe there was an underlying wisdom to her madness that I've yet to comprehend. When I got out of that abusive relationship I thanked her by playing some Madonna. I think she got my message.

I would love to know more about her, perhaps I'll open a dialogue with her at some point. But I don't want to invite any wrath either.

And boy can she make her temper felt!

Thanks for reading.

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Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-10-08)
That pumpkin looks like Donald Trump. Or like if he mooned everyone, that's what it'd be like.
Roshambo face or butt, both ends spout crap.

Yeup, my wisdom runs deep today people.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-08-26)
Dear Everyone,

You can't reason with a child. To believe you can is, in itself, childish.

My summation for the aid of forum discord.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-06-06)
N'mind, I just found what it meant. Huh, well what do you know, watches always stop on me too. But no other craziness. Far out, interesting. 😕
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-06-06)
Random Question: (because the internet either doesn't know or won't tell me)
What does 'slider' mean and why is it typed 'SLIDer'? Or something like that.

I read this term months ago on here but didn't have time to delve into it, now I can't find anything about it, annoying.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-05-11)
DandK, that sounds like something a relative might do. Do you think this might be a grandparent or someone like that?
DandK (10 stories) (338 posts)
3 years ago (2016-05-09)
Tweed, I can't wait to read your latest!

No new 6 am events after the comforter was lifted and moved off of my foot. I did have an interesting experience yesterday morning though during breakfast. I was sitting at the counter with a book, and had just finished eating when I felt a hand on my right shoulder, then what felt like a body lean into my left side and a cheek get placed gently against my left cheek. It was like someone beside me with their right arm around me and their cheek pressed against mine. We sat like that and read for about 10 minutes and then it was gone. It felt like a very nice friend.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-05-09)
DandK, that's a good point! Nope, just a daggy dressing gown, pj's and slippers. No jewelry or hard embellishments. I wondered if the kettle was maybe in just the right spot with just the right amount of water to sustain the sound somehow. That's the only explanation I could come up with.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-05-09)
DandK, haha I actually forgot about the cup and spoon! No it hasn't happened again.
As it happens I'm just about to submit something which happened last night, it's about my guardian you asked about ages ago. It's connected to something which happened over twenty years ago. First time I've ever written about something the day after and actually submitted it! Wow I must be becoming organsied or something. I've a bad habit of half writing something, then not submitting it or finishing it.
Actually, if I get my act together I'll be able to submit a couple more which I wrote about months ago. Jeesh, talk about breaking a trend.

How about you, any more early morning visits? Or anything going bump round your place lately?
DandK (10 stories) (338 posts)
3 years ago (2016-05-09)
Tweed, another possibility is: were you wearing a belt with a metallic buckle? Or a bracelet or a shirt or jacket with a long sleeve and a button on it that could have klinked on either the cup, spoon, or counter?
DandK (10 stories) (338 posts)
3 years ago (2016-05-09)
Tweed, interesting. Any updates on this or anything new happen?
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-05-07)
Something peculiar occurred yesterday morning. Not sure if it was paranormal but it was, for all intents and purposes, odd. It's not worth submitting about, so I'm'a postin' 'bout it 'ere.

I was stirring tea (how quaint) and you know that tinkedy tink tink spoons on cups make well that was happening as usual. Didn't notice anything off about it until I lifted the spoon from the cup, about to drop it on the bench. But didn't because the last 'tink' rang out like it had an enormous reverb applied to it. Which would be normal if I lived in a church, except I don't. This is a modest sized kitchen which has not the ability to achieve such impressiveness. There was me holding a spoon staring at the cup with a massive '?' thought bubble. I, being the curious person I am, tried to do it again and again..., do you think it would comply? Hell no.

From then until now I keep trying to explain it and create the sound again and it's a massive fail on all fronts. Didn't notice any cold spots, warm spots or anything. Just one abnormally long reverberated tink. 😕
Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4931 posts) mod
3 years ago (2016-04-28)
Tweed - we can't see what stories are in queue. We don't even know what story, or who submitted it, is up next. It's always a surprise when we click on the story to edit it 😆

If you are concerned that it didn't make it, send Martin an email. I believe Administration has the ability to see stories in queue that mods don't.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
3 years ago (2016-04-28)
Hey Mods,

I submitted two separate experiences yesterday and I only got email confirmation that one was received.

Because I'd already typed them in word, I sent them both to YGS quite fast. The first one went through as normal, with the default email confirmation. The second submission gave me a site message that said to wait 10 minutes before submitting a second experience to prevent spam. So I waited about half an hour and then submitted the second one, all appeared to go through fine. However, I never received email confirmation that the second one was received.

Do you have any way of letting me know if you have 2 separate submissions from me pending in the list?
DandK (10 stories) (338 posts)
3 years ago (2016-04-24)
2nd1st, Good luck with operation Tom and Jerry! I'm with you!
I usually have operation Charlotte going on in my house. I like to keep some spiders around (especially jumping spiders which I think are quite intelligent as well as possibly aliens 😊). But my husband disagrees with me! He's at least gotten to the point that when I'm around he'll take the spider outside. I prefer the jumpers to stay inside, but it's a compromise!
DandK (10 stories) (338 posts)
3 years ago (2016-04-24)
Tweed, thank you so much for your detailed posts. I've been waiting to write back to you until I had a chat with my neighbors. I'm also really happy to have all of the resource information that you sent me. I know that I will be using it.

For an update: the folks with the dogs are moving to a farm in Montana. I'm hoping this means the dogs will have a much nicer life! It means for me, no more barking from them (which when it comes down to it doesn't bother me - bark away; it's when I know they're barking because they're stuck around a tree in the sun without water and ignored that it sucks the life out of me).

It took me a large amount of courage to talk to the lady behind me. I'm about as introverted as one can get in person so I had to really get my energy stored up and get past my fear. That probably sounds really stupid to most people. Anyway, it turns out that she 'inherited' the cat and she has two dogs. The dogs seem really well behaved and I know they never make noise when they're in their yard. I told her about the cat whining all day long (she works during the day) and suggested that maybe she should consider taking him to the vet and maybe finding a new home for him. I gave her the name of my cat vet that I feel very, very lucky to have met a couple of years ago when my cat became ill. The office is wonderful and the people seem genuinely interested in the health of the pets, not in the profits. When I took my cat in, the vet ran a blood test and some other tests I don't remember and told me that she was in kidney failure and she may not live over the next week. He kindly gave me three options: they would put her to sleep, keep her in the hospital for the next couple of days with IV's to see if she improved, or I could take her home and they would show me how to do the IV's myself. I opted to take my baby home because if she had only a short time to live, I wanted her to be home. I learned how to do the IV's twice a day and how to give her some medicine for her stomache. After the first day of IV's, she was walking around again and acting alive again. By the end of 2-3 days, she was almost normal in terms of eating, sleeping, and being playful. She lived for another 8 months and seemed happy and playful until her last day. I had to give her the IV's twice a day and with that small effort on my part, she had a lot more time. Anyway, I guess I'm just trying to say that my vet was a wonderful person and I think he will help this lady out too.

Thanks again Tweed!
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-22)
2nd1st I read about operation Tom and Jerry yesterday and had a giggle! I don't know anything about safe mice deterrent unfortunately.

On the topic of ghosties who know how to manipulate electronics, I doubt they're pros in this field. Because, at the risk of sounding ageist or sexist, the ghosts who appear to be good at this don't seem the type to have inside knowledge. Redwolf has her deceased father in law, for example, who mucks around on her tablet.

I don't know how it works but I wonder if it's got something to do with our limited senses. If you consider there's only so much light spectrum visible to us, so many hz audible to us and so on, perhaps, on a finer level a mere thought becomes a tangible object and can shift physical matter by the will of the thinker (ghost) who has the unique vantage of being aware of other matter our physical senses can't detect.

And yes, getting out of that relationship was sound and wise advice she gave.
spiritwaiting (41 stories) (828 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-22)
Hehe sometimes it takes some other pov's to make it click. At least it does for me sometimes! And your very welcome! This story is definity in my favs, I love going back and reading these as a reminder of good things.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-22)
Spiritwaiting, thanks for your kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed it.😊

It's weird, only after I submitted this did I started making the cushion/relationship connection. Others drew the same conclusion too.

She is a wise soul and I'm lucky to have her around.

Since submitting this I realised Mum is a dancer, at least she was in the 80's. Even though it wasn't until the early 90s that I felt this woman's presence, I wondered if maybe she'd been following Mum around for years first. Maybe someone who used one of the dance halls or knew one of the choreographers. I don't know. It's bizarrely stupid of me not to have made this connection before! 😆
2nd1st (1 stories) (118 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-22)
Tweed and dan, ironic reading the off topic but very interesting posts - I am in the termination phase of operation tom and jerry at this very moment - essentially I'm trying to clear out some mice by capturing them and releasing them in the bush and using a series of repellents. I'm trying to do it with maximum stealth as if anyone else in the building learns about them they'll start laying poison or glue traps or some other horror. Just really glad I'm not the only pro other species person around:)

On your story tweed, that is seriously scary. Couple if thoughts

I've often read about spirit activity affecting electronic gear, things not plugged in switching on, especially radios etc. I can understand how the presence of a spirit (which I presume must have some sort if electrical presence) having general type effects on electrical gear. But I have always wondered how the far more specific effects are generated (such as the display changes on your story). I can't help but speculate that this would require the spirit to have a solid understanding of how the electronic device works. But at the same time there do seem to be a lot of anecdotes featuring such effects. Wonder how it works?

Also (and admittedly I haven't read all of the many comments) but was yah advice to "get out" of the relationship demonstrated to gave been wise advice (no requirement to answer if you don't want to)?
spiritwaiting (41 stories) (828 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-22)
I really enjoyed reading this.
She seems to have become a protector of sorts for you.
She sounds like a wise soul.
Maybe she could be using her energy in a more gentler way by becoming younger while you were younger and growing with you.
To not scare you to pieces.

The couch and cushion incident...
I don't think she wanted to scare you, but may have been trying to warn you and by doing so the way she did, you remembered that incident. The shaking of the cushion and couch could've been a metaphor/warning. (This relationship will be a rocky one).
Then appearing to you, and telling you to "get out."

She seems to be a good soul by the way you write about her, hope to hear more from you about her. She seems interesting 😊!

Thanks for sharing
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-22)
DandK, never underestimate the power of denial in some parents lol! I'd put that one down to lesson learned and move on. Hint hint, people like that are secretly looking for a 'fight' because they're bored and lack control in their own life. Unless it's life threatening my advice, put up with a few misbehaved kids (they grow up and move away eventually) it's really not worth the stress otherwise.

If your neighbours with the cat are approachable you could offer to help them. Even give them an umbrella for extra shelter, blankets and offer to clean and feed the cat. Often neglect results when people feel overwhelmed. Often they have no money for vet visits and fear getting into trouble by the law. Welfare groups aim to help these individuals do better as their cruelty is a result of hardship. However, in some instances they will still issue a fine.
If their cat 'stinks' it's probably very ill. Possibly kidney failure and hyperthyroidism if it's an older cat. The constant meowing could be a sign it's senile and all this combined would lead to random urination. In this case any welfare group will want to put the cat to sleep, unless someone opts to care for it. Be warned caring for a cat in this condition is a 24 hour job just about.

The neighbours with the dogs I would tread carefully with. If the dogs are used in illegal fighting the owners are likely dangerous, and you've got to live there. Unless you know it's another case of neglect by personal hardship, I would put my own safety first. If the dogs have been neglected for a long time they've likely developed defensive aggression and therefore won't be rehomed. In this instance welfare will put them to sleep if the owners surrender them.

I assume that man was tying live squires up for his sporting dogs, possibly Greyhounds. This carries a prison sentence. Dodgy Greyhound trainers tie any live animal they can catch (or buy from a market) to heighten the blood lust of their dogs, thus creating a faster dog without the use of detectable drugs. The animal is tied down and spun around the track until the dogs eventually kill it. A few years ago the Greyhound racing industry in Australia was brought undone by the RSPCA (Australian and British equivalent of ASPCA, the 'R' stands for 'Royal') together with an Australian investigative journalist program called Four Corners. They obtained days of undercover footage and played all the graphic parts uncensored on TV. These are the kinds of measures taken to wake people from their slumber. Because it's us, the general public, who allow it to happen with our own ignorance.
All it takes to create positive change is an anonymous tip off to the right organisation. In order to investigate they'll need one or more of the following: a suspect's name (partial or full), a location, a dead or injured animal (or evidence, photos/footage, times/dates etc.)

If you find more vomit or a poisoned animal (squirrel or otherwise), take some pictures, collect some vomit in a container put it aside to give to the ASPCA, they'll probably want the dead animal as well.

In America pets are viewed by the law as personal property, I think this applies to all states. Unfortunately there's not a lot of National laws protecting them. American pet protective law (or lack of it) is frustrating. However, wild native species usually are protected by varying state laws. All proven acts of cruelty with intent to harm any animal carry hefty penalties.

I just searched for some American references and found these guys I think they advise lawyers:
I would contact them if all else fails. Explain you're a concerned member of the public and ask to speak with someone. I do this a lot, generally people want to help, it shouldn't matter you're not a bona fide lawyer.
Here's some state laws:
Here's advice on neglect:

I really sympathise with your situation, sounds like a rough environment. I'd keep any 'activism' completely secret from any of the locals (even your parents to be on the safe side). People gossip. Last thing you want is a violent person out for revenge.
If you're really concerned don't leave your name or contact details with any organisation you contact. Or at least don't leave your address.
DandK (10 stories) (338 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-21)
Tweed, thanks for that. I'll keep at it. The other thing that one of my neighbors is doing is poisoning the squirrels. They have done this for the past three years every spring. I don't know who is doing it, but I know that several of my neighbors and I feed the squirrels all year. I end up cleaning up vomit that looks like drying puffed up cement next to my water baths throughout the yard in the mornings this time of year. The squirrel population goes down to one or two from a healthy group of about 7 after the young ones get large enough to come out in Feb/March. One of my neighbors has admitted to our neighborhood during a neighborhood watch block party about 3 years ago (the last one we've had) that he traps the squirrels in a cat trap to use as bait for training his dogs. I don't know what to do about that one either.

One of the things that I've got going against me here is the type of environment I live in is very different from the rest of the country. Here, it is encouraged to carry concealed weapons (and legal for anyone with a permit to carry them in the classroom at the university), the laws against pesticide and other poison use seem ridiculous to people who often try to find old outlawed poisons at yard sales, an auto smog check is considered a government scam, and I just received the registration renewal for my Honda Civic Hybrid car which had an added tax (a 'fair use' tax) on the bill of $150.00 for a two year registration because the car is a hybrid and is not deemed as paying it's fair share of gasoline tax because it doesn't use as much gas as the other cars which isn't fair to the other people. Police use the most violent force I've seen anywhere in the US, and everyone looks the other way because we have extremely low crime rates. So low, that in our valley of about 500, 000 people, you'll see people leave their purses on the seat of their cars with their car windows rolled down or their purses in their shopping carts while they are in another aisle. I can cite numerous examples where the cops have shot people dead at routine traffic stops if they even had the thought that the person was going to reach for a weapon. Interestingly, they go through the motions of hearings about excessive force and everyone is always deemed to be using justified force. That's how they do things here.

I once had the two neighbor boys that lived across the street from me (they were 10 and 12) playing in my front yard one winter building snowmen and forts and having a grand snowball fight. I got home and asked them (very friendly and nicely) to take it back across the street to their own yard. I happen to hate having those big piles of snow that melt much slower than the surrounding areas. These kids told me that they would continue to play on my yard because their mom didn't want them building snowmen and forts in their yard because she didn't want the piles of snow. I told them neither did I - please get off my yard (still nice, but firmly stated). Again they told me no as I went into my house. About 30 seconds later they started pummeling my home and my garage door with snowballs. Inside the house the sound was so loud that I thought that there would be damage to the home and dents in the garage door. I was worried about the windows breaking. The kids were relentless, I got pissed off, so I called the cops thinking it would scare them and they'd learn something about respecting other's property. The cops showed up quickly, the kids ran off, I went outside with the cops and you could see the house was speckled with snowball spots all over it. Some were right next to the windows. I told the cop what happened and he walked across the street and talked to their mom. When he came back he relayed the conversation he had with the mother. She said she saw no problem with her 'boys' playing in the yard and throwing snowballs at the house because 'boys will be boys'. The cop told me there was nothing I could do but call them again if something got any worse. He talked to the kids about respecting other people's property, and I'm thankful to say, nothing ever happened again. But, that was the attitude of their mom and it stunned me. I was always on a friendly 'hello' basis. Not people I wanted to socialize with, but I didn't expect this complete lack of regard for someone else.

In any case, why am I saying this? And why am I living here? I bought the house next to my elderly parents and the one across the street from them (the second house I bought was initially for a rental property investment, but I moved into it) so that I could take care of them as they aged. I'm glad I did. It's worth the rest of the stuff that goes with the territory, and some day, I will leave and go someplace that fits me better. I'm saying all of this because it gives insight into what sort of community this is and how difficult it is to make change.

Thanks again, and just from what you've said you're involved in, I admire you and am happy that people like you are out there speaking for everything that can't speak for itself.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
4 years ago (2016-04-21)
DandK, I'm just posting this here so as not to distract from Yomomma's story. In my spare time I am a wildlife activist. I don't mean PETA or Green Peace (which have both become nothing but profitable cults in my opinion), I mean I do what I can when something in the community isn't right.
The right way to go about your neighbours animal cruelty is to research the local laws, talk to council, county, sheriffs, rangers, local papers, local TV stations. Get people pissed off about it. Have you contacted the ASPCA? If not, do so.
The people you describe sound like the denial types. These are folk who get themselves into situations bigger than they can handle, similar to the psychology of hoarding.
You can remain anonymous and your neighbours needn't know who made the call. Remember to be clear about your wish for anonymity to everyone you contact.

I never give up. When anyone says there's nothing they can do, I just dig further into the law. There's always something someone somewhere can do.
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
4 years ago (2016-01-24)
AdVen, thank you for letting us know.😊
This is for all YGS members:

I had a click around on this person's profile and they seem blissfully ignorant to the right ways of content sharing and, in a way, they seem to mean well. This person has introduced some of the writers at the beginning of their stories. However, linking back to YGS is the best way they could have shared these stories, that and asking permission to do so.
I think social media has created a free for all sharing culture whereby younger people copy/paste the content of other websites without hesitation or knowledge of wrongdoing.
With that said, linking back to YGS (or any original source) is the single best way to express appreciation and eradicate this 'auto-entitled' culture we find ourselves in.

I'm going to start including a disclaimer at the end of my submissions and I encourage all other YGS members to do the same. Something polite and forthright like:
" (Title of Story) published by YourGostStories. Source content by (Author Screen Name) "
Even though YGS clearly states all this info on each page anyway, I think if members include a disclaimer somewhere within the story itself this will force the social media generation to take heed. Because I doubt they read any small print, unfortunately.
AdiVen (1 posts)
4 years ago (2016-01-23)
Hey, just checked out whether there's any more plagiarism or not, and it seems our troubles aren't over yet. Again on Wattpad, a user named mysteriousAuraa is using stories from YGS. See here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/21083041-shiver. I saw many stories including "The Dancer", "Oujha won't ya, heck no" and others. I don't know if that user has sought permission, but thought of informing you about it.
Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4931 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-06-01)
selkay - try and contact the admin of that site and inform them you are the original author of that story and did not give your permission for it to be shared on their site. Request, firmly, that they remove it.

If that doesn't work, contact our admin and let Martin know what's going on.
selkay (6 stories) (40 posts)
4 years ago (2015-06-01)
Sorry for high jacking your story Tweed but seems like I got my name changed slightly and story published in another site http://www.apa-tu.com/mybedsidewatcher/
Tweed (27 stories) (2203 posts)
4 years ago (2015-06-01)
Val, I understand what you mean about Watty, I had the same afterthoughts. It seems she acknowledged what she did and that's a very good sign.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3323 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-05-31)
We've had dealings with members from WattPad a few times. The admins of this site are very understanding and in no way condone plagiarism. However, they have no way of knowing when people submit material whether it's original or belongs to someone else.

I suggest to our membership that you keep an eye on your stories. Every once in a while, copy the first line and Google it. Understand that you may run into some sites that use the RSS feed, and that's okay because it links back to this site. If you find yourself a victim of plagiarism, by all means contact one of us (or go ahead and announce it on here lol) and we'll take care of it ASAP.

I think a lot of people have a hard time understanding that just because something is on the internet, doesn't mean it's fair game. The same restrictions apply to any creative or written work. Just be vigilant.
valkricry (45 stories) (3049 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-05-31)
Tweed, I just have to say this; I think in our irritation we did forget something. Watty called the attention to it herself, when she posted on those last two stories that she had done so. A bit backwards on doing things, but in the end she was trying to do the right thing- just the wrong way. Besides we don't know if she deleted those stories herself or if the site's admin did. Meh-I know it's a minute point, and I'm not defending what she did, but I feel it's only proper that we recognize that she did try to do the right thing in the end.

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