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Several Experiences From The House I Grew Up In


I am an Arizona Native. My parents moved here in the early 70's. They bought an acre of land in the west valley and my dad built the house with some help of family and friends. My family is the only family to have ever lived in this house, and I have no idea what was here before, although apparently in Arizona, if something is haunted, it is probably built on Indian burial ground. I come from a large family, 11 children. At least 4 of us, plus my mom, have had unexplainable things happen to us.

I'll start with what my mom told me. She was a stay at home mom and one day, while most of us were at school, she was doing some things upstairs. There are two rooms that are connected to each other, you can't go in one without going through the first one. The rooms were separated, not by a door, but a doorway with a curtain. My mom was in the first room and she said she felt a presence in the other room so strongly that she was sure when she moved that curtain she would see someone in the room. She moved the curtain... And no one was there.

One of my older sisters, we'll call her B (I'm #9 of the 11 children) slept in the room my mom felt the presence. As a teenager she had multiple occurrences where she would hear someone calling her name. My younger sister, R, took over that bedroom when she went to college. She had things go missing, and then turn up in places where she already looked.

When B was in high school she attended early morning church classes, so she was always the first person up in the morning. We had a blow dryer that would click after it was used. One morning she was up getting ready for school and the blow dryer was clicking like it had been used. Also she heard the front door open and close. But it was locked and, like I said, she was the only person up.

When I was in college, I had some very early morning classes. One morning I had finished getting ready early so I laid back down in bed to doze off before I had to leave. As I was laying there I felt something walking on my bed, like a cat. We had a cat, but he wasn't in my room at the time. I couldn't figure this one out, since we hadn't had indoor pets before that time. I have no idea who or what that could have been.

Since that time, our first indoor cat has passed away and we've had a couple of other indoor animals. My mom has felt the same thing as me, a cat walking on the bed. Our first cat, Spook, was indoor/outdoor. When he wanted back in, he'd jump onto the kitchen window ledge and bat at the screen. My mom still hears the sound of something batting at the screen every now and then.

I am now married with a family of my own. My mom watches my children while I work and for a time, my family lived in the house while my husband was finishing up his schooling. We've had our own experiences while living there.

My sister T often tells me that she feels that something is watching her from the living room. My children have often pointed into the living room and said "ghost!" I have felt the sensation of being watched from the living room as well.

When my family was living in the house I started to feel a presence in the room. I had 3 children at the time. My middle child was 2. We had a bedtime routine where I would sing her 3 songs, and pray with her. I would feel like there was someone/something standing at the front of the room, just watching us. A little side note, the room we were in was my Grandma's room. She had died a year before, but I really don't feel like this was her. I felt this presence for a few weeks. I finally told my husband to go and bless the room and make it go away. In my religion, anyone can cast out spirit's in Christ's name. My husband went and blessed the room. The feeling of being watched didn't go away immediately, but after a week or two I realized I didn't feel it anymore. And I was relieved!

Other experiences: our back porch was mysteriously swept one day. When she was alive, Grandma took great care of her porch, sweeping it daily. We also heard footsteps upstairs often. Things disappeared all the time, and would reappear in unlikely places. One time my outline for a biology test disappeared into thin air and was never found.

We all agree that there's probably a cat ghost or two in the house. And most times we feel a presence, it feels non-threatening. I have been told to try talking to it and see if we get any EVP, but that kind of thing scares me way too much!

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koko (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-01)
Jessicqqqq: Some of the more recent experiences could well be my grandmother, but my mom's experience and my two sisters in the specific room happened long before Grandma died (she died in 2009, while a lot of the other things happened in the 90's)
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-31)
Koko, I think you should Reasearch the history of your house a bit. I enjoyed reading your story and thanks for sharing it with us,
P.S. I thought spook was a very good name for a cat.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-30)
Hi, Koko.

Usually a more-established individual, even a moderator, gets to say this: "Welcome to YGS!"

Several individual posters on this site have engaged in communication with spirits (EVPs, for example); many of them have stated in various ways, "Do NOT do EVP work, nor ghost hunting, in your own home." I think your fear is quite natural, given the circumstances; as a mother you do need to be cautious about the level of interaction/provocation with entities which either visit or reside in your home. If they have done nothing threatening, I'd recommend letting things be; on the other hand, if they threaten or frighten you or your children, pray for protection and safety (I gather you are a Protestant family), and/or try the cleansing ritual on Rookdygin's page:

Take care and be safe,
Jessicqqqq (5 stories) (56 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-27)
I believe it's your grand mother and probably a cat too. I think she's just watching over you guys.

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