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I have been living in my boyfriend's room that is connected to the basement of his parents house on and off for about five years now. The room is downstairs and the entrance is outside of the house. The room is part of the basement that has been renovated into a living space. The washer and dryer is in the room and the pipes go through the wall into the basement, and there is also a door that connects to the basement that is covered by a piece of plywood that is screwed on. Let me tell you that my boyfriend has lived in this house since he was six, and he is twenty five now and he hasn't heard anything or seen anything that would freak him out enough to even think about it being supernatural encounters.


Recently there has been things that's been happening that cannot be explained. For example, one day my boyfriend was doing the recycling in the back of the house like he usually does. He texted me telling me he is super sick and feels weak and felt like he couldn't move which went on for about an hour. Later on that night he said that he got sick right after his head touched some stick that was connected to a piece of twine that was hanging under an overhang that had a dead deer's head (that his step dad killed) on it. He ended up just tossing it in the woods, not thinking anything of it.

We've been hearing foot steps every where, around the house. Our neighbors including us have wood decks. So we thought that there were people lurking around the house trying to steal stuff or something, so one night we set up a security camera that was facing towards his windows, because we would hear tapping on the windows also. Later that night, as we watched the camera we don't see anything at all, but I could hear as if someone was walking around, and the sound of jeans rubbing up against each other. I could also hear two people talking, which sounded like a girl and a guy. I couldn't make out what they were saying though, but it sounded like it was literally right by the camera somewhere. It was definitely an eye opener. This is when I started to believe that it wasn't actual people who were lurking around.

Almost every night my boyfriend and I hear so much things go on through the night. We hear the basement door getting tampered with, we hear voices and tapping noises on the windows, footsteps on the deck. The basement door on the outside is screwed on so there is no way of an actual person getting inside the basement. This has been going on for a while now, now that I look back. For several months.

A couple nights ago our neighbors heard things too, one neighbor was soaking in his jacuzzi in his bathroom with the jets on, when all of a sudden he heard a sound of something trying to kick his door open. He ran out and nothing was there. He is partially deaf, so this noise was really loud he said. This happened around 11pm. Around 2am he swore he heard my boyfriend and I fighting outside his window, so he just thought it was us. (But it wasn't, we were inside at that time, being quiet.)

Our other neighbor said she heard a huge bang sound, like a pipe exploded she said. Another night, she explained that she thought there was someone sitting on her deck but she was to scared to look. Also that she saw someone pacing around taking to himself across the street.

My boyfriend and I believe it's spirit haunting us, but we have absolutely no idea why and why this is happening now. We have been cleansing the room with sage and a protection candle. We also just crushed up red brick and lined all the window sills with it, the door, the basement door, etc.

The most recent noises was last night, started to happen around 11pm and carried on through out the whole night. Sounds like someone was trying to pry open the basement door and tampering behind the washer and dryer (which I hear all the time). I try not to be afraid, but this spirit is really trying to get to us. And I don't want to feed it anything it wants. This is all I got for now. If I told this to anyone, most people would think I'm strung out on drugs and tripping out. If you can relate or have any suggestions you can give me, please let me know. Thank you.

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Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-16)
This all reminds me of something which happened where I grew up. I hope this helps you in some way.

A supermarket was built over the road from a large park which had a creak running through it. There's a library in the park near the creek and a bunch of residential houses near by. We lived further down and weren't affected. But all, and I mean all, the locals near this location went through hell. I hung out at the library a lot because I'm a tragic nerd and during this time some of the librarians started escorting each other to the rest room because they were spooked by something.
That library is haunted anyway, but no one ever freaked out before the building happened across the road.
One of the locals who lived close to where the building was gong on told my mum he and his neighbours were checking up the street at all hours because of strange noises they couldn't explain. He had something banging around in his house for a good while too.
None of the building work cut into the surrounding environment, it was a nightclub before the supermarket went up. But I guess the spirits didn't understand this and only saw the construction as a threat.
You know what the really odd thing is? Reading all the comments here and fitting the pieces together! Looking back at that now it really seems like the same thing you're going through.
Well as soon as the building was completed everything just went back to normal. None of the locals had any trouble, it was as if nothing had ever happened!
So I guess everyone is spot on about your local construction work. Which is kind of a good thing, though I know it sucks, but heaps better than poltergeists.
Biblio's right, you need to get out of dodge for a while. Even if it's just for a few hours. Get that man of yours and indulge in some R&R together, do you both the world of good.

Take care and I hope you keep us posted.
Oh yeah I know what you mean about having to type stuff and just wanting to tell it face to face. It's taken me months to type up something unpleasant all because it was just so darn hard, emotional and confusing to write into words. Frustrating too when it would be so easy to just speak it. Written word can be like slow motion which is exactly what we don't need when we're stressed!

Take care, hope this comes to pass soon.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-16)
Hello, Allison; it's me again.

You have been dealing with a lot, haven't you? Typing responses to typed questions can be a frustrating experience when you're stressed out (I'm guessing Final Exams were last week), and it seems like everyone you turned to for help is just making more demands on your time...

Everyone here, from what I can see, believes you. This seems to be the case anyway, but now that you've clarified your proximity to the Brookdale Lodge, *everything* makes a lot more sense. (I am even jealous, believe it or not, because I have always wanted to visit the Brookdale Lodge, the Winchester Mansion, and the Griffith Park Observatory. My wife wants to see the Getty museum, so maybe next year's vacation will be on the west coast.) It must feel like you're having to repeat yourself and to explain the obvious to us when we have so many questions and so few answers for you.

Sometimes, we misread or misremember what we've read, or who made which comment. This leads to our -quite naturally- talking at cross purposes. If you look back through this, Rook jumbled together Tweed's discussion of the mounted deer head, and my guess about a possible elemental spirit (based upon the erratic behavior of the voices/scratching/etc). When clarifying Rook's simple error, Tweed said some very kind things about my comment; I'm sure Rook didn't take it personally.

I think you have done an excellent job explaining the facts in your responses, despite your frustration, because each response you have given has helped to focus the suggestions and replies of the extended YGS group. You've been living with an insane amount of pressure AND you've continued to explain your situation to us.

The displaced spirits which usually don't need to seek energy sources -because of their proximity to the stream running through the lodge- are now wandering about in confused panic. However, once the construction work ends, the majority of them should settle down in the Lodge again; all you have to do is to keep them out of your apartment for now.

The thing I mentioned about racoons and squirrels, by the way, was in no way intended to discredit your story. I suggested that as a way to discuss the nocturnal noises with your boyfriend's parents IF you felt uncomfortable discussing noisy supernatural entities with them. Honestly, it's not always easy to open a conversation about ghosts groaning in the garden, so a little misdirection couldn't hurt if it gets both parties talking about the topic. It may be that you all agree that calling in a spiritual leader or minister of some kind will help to strengthen the defenses you've put in place.

Lastly, thank you for the compliment! My parents attended a couple of strict and judgemental churches when I was 8-22 years old. I became a much better person when I started treating everyone as individuals, not as failures to conform to a set of standards determined by the most prudish members of a religion, apparently without reference to the part of their scripture wisely telling them "judge not..." No one intended to judge you, but if you've spent years being judged your first reaction is to get defensive (my wife gently points it out every time I still get defensive without cause). I would like to make a personal observation without it being threatening or judgemental. You and your boyfriend need to get away for a couple of days. You don't need to be able to afford a big fancy trip, a motel or a campsite would be fine for one or two nights away so you can both relax and unwind together. Cleanse the apartment with sage before you leave, and take two days to be yourselves in a low-pressure environment to clear your heads. It's a lot easier to stay in love with each other if you take the time to be yourselves away from your ordinary lives (or extraordinary, given the supernatural circumstances).

Please, take care of each other. It makes being loving & supportive a simple pleasure instead of a difficult task.

ASN831 (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
I have already blessed the room with red brick dust and saged it. And also saged the basement... I don't have a clear timeline because I haven't been writing things down. And before I assume things that I hear and see are paranormal. I always think of more realistic explanations before I assume... We have no idea where this string came from, we talked to someone and he said that whoever put that string there might of left a burden on it...?. No one in the house we are in or our neighbors would have put that string there, that we know of... And no we haven't been getting ourselves into anything that we shouldn't have. I really wish I can just talk to you guys in person, I can't explain everything just by typing... Its giving me anxiety... Cause I really want to answer all these questions and explain more so you guys can understand more if where I'm coming from, what I've already done, ext...
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-12)
(Taking a DEEP BREATH)

Sorry for any confusion I thought my statement in all capitals ("CAN SOMETIMES") would let you know I actually believe you. I did not mean to cast doubt on your experiences. Besides, I suggested the Journal... Because they make it easier to separate natural causes from possible paranormal ones... And help CALM individuals because they begin to realize that not EVERYTHING happening is paranormal, some of it can be explained.

As for the rest of the confusion, I was at work and had done a 'quick glance' when typing up my comment. So sorry about that.

I do agree that Historical Research could be real helpful... If there is a connection with the Lodge it may help explain what's happening around the renovation site.


valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-05-12)
I went and read the history of Brookdale Lodge, as you suggested in one of your comments. I'm wondering, what is the age of your boyfriend's house as in comparison to the Lodge, as well as how close it sits to the Lodge? Your idea of the Lodge's ghosts (in one account I read it claimed that some psychic said there was 49 of them) are roaming about due to the renovations actually makes some sense to me. Have you thought about researching the history of your home and the land it's on? There could be a connection between it and the Lodge or one of the more infamous guests they had.
Like BJJ, I too wonder the same questions about that stick. Was it a single stick or several tied together? Any idea how or when it got there? As for the deer's head, ok - personally I find them kind of creepy (lol) but as you said it got handed down. And really what else can you do with it, but hang it somewhere? Better on an outside overhang then in the house proper, in my opinion. Personally, I don't think it's of any real significance to your haunting. However, the direction of the overhang might be. What side of the house is it on (North, South, etc.?)
I know it may be of little solace, but with others in the neighborhood also experiencing things you know two things; 1) You aren't imagining things, and 2) it's nothing personal. Definately do Rook's cleansing as Tweed suggested, and take affirmative action to protect yourselves. If you have a religious preference, you might consider having at least your apartment blessed, or smudged, what ever your faith believes in. I have a friend who buried some crystals at all four corners of his property to ward off such visitations. Another friend used religious statues. *Shrug* to each his own.
Like Rook suggested a journal would be a good idea. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, even a spiral notebook or a legal pad would do.
Fingers crossed for you.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
9 years ago (2015-05-12)
Mmkay, the stick on a piece of twine. Where did it come from? Who hung it there? Why does he think the stick made him sick, and why do yall think the stick has a connection to the activity? That's a lot of questions, I know, but I'm trying to get my head around this. I'll probably ask more by the time I shut up.
Now, you said if you find the stick again you plan to burn it. If something unpleasant has attached itself to an item, any item, burning the item is probably not the best idea. As long as the item stays intact, the attached entity won't stray far from it. Destroying the item is as likely to free the entity to go wherever it wants as it is to stop the activity. I would suggest burying the item off the property instead of burning it.
From the sounds of things, activity is happening all over the neighborhood, so why do you feel so strongly it's connected to you and your guy? Have you guys dabbled in things you shouldn't have? Yeah, more questions, but I'm just trying to understand why yall are taking this so personally when it looks like a bunch of people are being affected.
With a super haunted location nearby being renovated, it's always a possibility that those ghosts are just acting out and roaming a bit until things calm down at home for them. Things could calm down after those renovations stop and the ghosts go back home. If that is the case, your best bet would to do regular (probably weekly) cleansing of the home, yard as well, and wait it out.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-12)
Hi again ASN,

Please listen to the advice that people are offering here. You don't want this negative haunting to get any worse. Please refer to the cleansing ritual on the link I provided in my first post.

Rook, it was Biblio who suggested the Elemental spirit possibility. It was me who slapped my forehead and uttered 'of course why didn't I think of that'. It was also me who said 'doh' that I didn't read the OP's profile and exercise better interpersonal skills as per Biblio's shining example.

ASN, We regular members are suspicious by nature and this one meant no harm. This one believes you are telling the truth. Please follow that link. I think you will feel far more at peace after a good cleansing ritual. Really, I speak from experience! 😊
selkay (6 stories) (40 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-12)
Hi ASN831, I believe what your wrote. Just want to say, most people here don't judge as in wanting to pull you down or look down on anyone. From my observation most have extremely nurturing and very protective so they might voice their concern a bit too vocally for your liking. As for doubting your story, I'm sure rook is just trying to convey how we usually able to detect fake story by inconsistent timeline. And most of the time we try to get into details as to be able to make sense of what really happened. Please do not feel disheartened and decide not to write in.
ASN831 (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-12)
A made up story?... Really?... I'm sorry but I would not go out of my way to make something up. That is delusional and wrong... Something I would not do. Its crazy that you people keep doubting me. It makes me not want to even open up about what's going on... I don't like that feeling, I came to this website seeking other people who has gone through similar experiences as I am right now... And as I said, about the Brookdale lodge being renovated. I believe that the spirits are aggravated and feel violated and now are wandering the nearest houses to the lodge. If you have some time, you can look up the history of the Brookdale lodge and have a better idea of where I live...
LoveOfAbundance (2 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
We were not judging your relationship anymore than Biblio. We were merely expressing concern (the people on this forum are very caring as a rule) and confusion regarding the dates and times. Anyway, I certainly don't think you are a bad person and did not mean to imply such.

Best wishes!

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)

Forgive us the 'questions' concerning your personal life... We ask mostly becasue confusing dates and or ages of individuals in a submitted experience CAN SOMETIMES be an indicator that the experience submitted may, in fact, just be a made up story. I do not think anyone meant to pass judgment on you and yours.

I would like to ask this... You stated that its only been recently that things have been happening... Is there an actual time frame you can 'pin it down' to? Or better yet is there an 'event' that you remember happening just prior to thses experiences begining?

Tweed mentioned this may be a possible Elemantal or Nature Spirit based on the 'dead deer's head' in the home. There is not really enough information. If you can remember that first 'instance' just before all this began AND you start keeping a Journal you may find a common thread that will help determine just what is causing these things to happen.

Please keep us updated and ask any questions you may have.


ASN831 (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
I live in Brookdale CA. It is known for the historical Brookdale lodge that is haunted. There is a lot of history in the town I live in... As of right now, the lodge is finally being renovated after being abandoned for several years. I believe that the spirits are pissed off about all the activity that is disrupting there space... Another thing, whatever is bothering my boyfriend and I, is really active at night time and it really wants our attention badly. I try not to feed it in any way. But it's really hard when it makes noises louder and louder just so you can't sleep. It's really frustrating... 😢
ASN831 (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
There is no hunting going on in the family. The deer head is something that my boyfriend's step dad has carried on with him from his dad... All I know is, one evening my boyfriend was doing the recycling in the back of the house and as he was doing so he all of a sudden got really sick: felt light headed, felt weak, couldn't seem to move from sitting position due to his symptoms of feeling sick. He felt like this for about forty minutes and after that her felt back to normal. At first we were thinking if it was the rat poison in the back of the house, or if he got bit by a spider that made him get sick. So we waited until the next day to see if there were any spider bites on his body or anything of that sort and nothing came up. When he was putting the pieces together, he realized that he got sick immediately after he hit his head on the twig that was tied to the over hang, that the dear head was on... Without thinking about it, he ended up just throwing the string and twig in the brush somewhere. So now this unexplainable object that might have something to do with the negative energy that has been lurking around, is somewhere on the property still. Wee are hoping to find it and burn it...
ASN831 (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-11)
First and for most. I didn't write this story for you guys to talk about my personal life. It's strictly about my experiences with spirits... I didn't come to this site to hear your opinion on my relationship, because you guys have such little insight on my relationship with my boyfriend. Just because of age, obviously it would look bad to "some " people... But anyways. Thank you biblio... For not putting judgment on my relationship with my partner. Yes I have been in and out of rehabs and foster care programs since I was twelve. There was a lot of dysfunction while growing up and had to grow up fast... I am working on myself right now and doing what I can to keep my spirits high.
P.s. Before I assume the noises are from the spirits. I obviously think of realistic causes such as wind,people, raccoons, ect. When I do this... The noises end up being un explainable.
I also hear as if someones jeans are rubbing against each other in the room (someone walking around)
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-10)
Hi Allison:

Before commenting, I read your profile page Bio. I'm guessing that you were raised either by a young single parent with no idea of the responsibilities of parenthood when you were born, or raised in foster care with a sequence of over-worked bureaucrats failing to keep track of your case file. These are 'ballpark' guesses based upon what your Bio did and did not say. I suspect your boyfriend, your only constant, had addiction issues too, but is working to be a more functional person. If this is accurate, More Power to Both of You! If it's inaccurate, I suggest you join a support group for addiction recovery, but have different sponsors. I think your boyfriend is recovering because I can't imagine you're dealing with his issues, your own issues, being self-aware enough to write a succinct and moving one-paragraph biography, AND staying in a creepy basement-level apartment with something sinister trying to get into your lives.

Well done, by the way, on setting yourself goals for your education and your future! Selecting classes which are separate, manageable goals on the way to a bigger goal is a vital method for getting your life together and a good template to planning the rest of your life after traumatic early teen years.

Laying Brick Dust at entrances and across thresholds is primarily an old Voodoo/Voudoun ritual, requiring that you focus your intentions on keeping out anyone/anything intending to harm you. I trust you didn't just sprinkle is about and hope it'd be all right. Brickdust demonstrates boundaries, essentially continuing the 'spirit of safety' of the wall across the threshold, provided you know what you're doing when you use it; for declaring ritual boundaries, It's often a good idea to place the Brick Dust against the outside of the house, too, in smaller, discreet quantities. When you wrote that you'd done this to the basement door, did you mean the sealed-off door, too? If not, then you probably should; it's blocked off now, but the fact that the door is visible may be enough of an invitation if anything gets into the house upstairs.

I strongly recommend that you look at the cleansing ritual link Tweed provided; Rook's cleansing has worked for many people on this site. Have your boyfriend's parents experienced anything? It seems odd to me that you did not mention their experiences. If you feel awkward discussing it with them, you perhaps the idea of raccoons or squirrels would help to introduce the topic. Clearly your neighbors have heard something: even the half-deaf fellow. I can't imagine that your boyfriend's parents are completely oblivious to the sounds.

All of those safety precautions covered, I'm going to indulge in a little speculation again. The idea that it, whatever "it" is, not only mimics voices but also is desperate enough to try to use the dryer vent is very worrying. It sounds more like an angered Elemental -a powerful nature spirit- than an evil spirit or a simple haunting phenomenon. If it is subjecting multiple houses to similar treatment it is likely to be tied to the land, not to any one home. As it is having difficulty figuring out how to enter the homes, an Elemental may grasp the concept of homes, but has no understanding of how they work. This would account both for its weird efforts to get inside and its attempts to draw you outside. An upset Elemental may not have anything to do with your houses directly, but it could be retreating from -for example- a highway construction project; your houses are an easier target than the highway. If you're in the middle of a city, then an Elemental is much less likely than the option I'm hesitant to suggest.

If this is not an Elemental, evil spirits seem to find people with addictions, even those in early recovery, tempting targets. Driving an addict into his/her former behavior would lower his/her spiritual defenses. In addition to an addiction support group, I'd recommend that the two of you get involved in a spiritual/religious practice with which you are both comfortable. Even Atheists and Agnostics can find comfort and calm in meditation, yoga, etc. If you were both raised in a similar religious tradition (e.g.: Catholic), then find a service that you can attend TOGETHER. It's the strengthening of the bond between you that will reinforce the protective measures you've already taken and will strengthen your resolve to continue improving your lives. If the phenomena continue, or even increase, you need to find a minister or a shaman to bless the entire area.

Take care of yourselves and of each other.

LoveOfAbundance (2 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-09)
Tweed, I felt the same concern when I read the story. What was a high school age or possibly younger person doing living with an adult man and how on Earth did his parents condone such an arrangement under their roof? 😕
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-09)

Firstly there's just one detail which, once read, had me distracted for the entire story. It's your boyfriend being 25. The story info states you're a teenager. You've been together for at least 5 years. So if, for arguments sake, you're currently 19. This means at some point you were 14 and he was 20. If you're currently younger than 19 at some point you were younger than 14 and he was 20. I hope you can understand that I'm concerned by this for your sake.

With that said I'll get cracking with sounds you've been experiencing.

Has it been windy where you are when you've heard things? You'd be surprised how wind can carry voices from far away and make them sound very close. Also wind can make all kinds of banging and footstep like sounds. Start taking note of the weather for a possible cause.

The deer head might be significant. How long has hunting gone on in this family? If it's a recent activity/sport/idiocy/game then perhaps this violent end has stirred some negativity from the paranormal world.
Really, really, really hate 'game' and 'trophy' hunting myself. When there are plenty of animals dying of natural causes to stuff and mount. Huge lover of taxidermy here! But equally huge hater of trophy hunting. It's just senseless.
Really hope you don't think I'm attacking you, I'm not. I'm trying to get a feel for the sort of people you live with.
As a proud animal and nature lover the thought of trophy hunting gets my goat. Always has, always will. But I'm not judging you personally.
I don't think the deer's head is haunted but it could be related to some negative energy and, in my opinion, negative lifestyle choices by some of the family members. Which could lead to poltergeist activity.

I will give you a link here to a cleansing ritual which helps pretty much everyone whose ever used it.
Clicky on that. It's a member's profile page which has a great cleansing method.

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