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That Sound


I am from West Bengal, India. I am 30 years old. I live in a little town not very far from Kolkata with my parents. We love traveling very much. Specially, my mom is very fond of traveling. She doesn't want to waste a single holiday time without making a trip to some nice tourist spot. Generally, we go in long tours during the Puja vacation like many other people here. But in so-called off-seasons for tourists as well, we hesitate to sit inside the four walls feeling bored with life's monotonous routines. Thanks to this passion for traveling, we have almost completed seeing all the main tourist attractions in the other states of India. But in our own state, there are still lots of nice places where we haven't gone yet. So nowadays, we often make short trips (for a day or a few days) to nearby spots of scenic beauty or historic interest within West Bengal.

Years ago, in mid-summer, we had visited such a beautiful place in South Bengal named 'Bak-khali', which is situated by the Bay of Bengal, near the world-famous Sundarban mangrove forest!

The story which I am going to narrate now, happened there in the hotel where we stayed for three nights. I don't think it was a first class paranormal incident with ghost sightings, highly supernatural anomalies etc. But it certainly had a weird and spooky character! To say frankly, my mom, dad, and I too are non-believers in case of ghosts or demons. Nevertheless, due to some 'strange' and 'inexplicable' events happened in our lives at some points of time, at least my mom and I have gradually become a little skeptical about the non-existence of afterlife or spirits. The incident that occurred at Bak-khali is definitely one of them!

That day was really very very hot. We caught the train from Sealdah (to Namkhana) in the morning. And we reached Namkhana around 12 pm.

The midday sun was merciless. We were feeling tired already. But to reach Bak-khali and have refreshment in a hotel, we had to travel by some vehicle for one or two hours more. We hired an auto, and reached our final destination between two and three pm. We hadn't booked our room in any hotel there online, but we had chosen some from Google map. We presumed that in such an odd time for traveling, we could easily get room in any hotel there without booking. Our assumption wasn't wrong. That hotel (for some unavoidable reasons, I am not mentioning its name), our first choice, had only three rooms occupied. Naturally, exhausted by the extremely hectic journey, we decided to take a room there.

The hotel had a large and daintily decorated complex with both ordinary and cottage rooms. One of the cottage rooms was shown to us and we took it immediately.

After getting some rest and having our lunch, we went out for the local sightseeing. We visited the sea-beach in the evening. It was a spectacular starry night, but a warm and humid breeze was blowing, which wasn't pleasant at all. We returned to the hotel around nine pm and had our dinner within an hour. Before going to sleep, we watched tv for another hour. Then we got our bed ready. The atmosphere within the room, though the ceiling fan was on full speed, wasn't very different than what was outside. While lying we were sweating a bit and trying real hard to sleep in that very uncomfortable weather.

I had mentioned earlier that the room was a cottage one. It was fully made of wood and it had many old wooden furniture also. The three windows which were also wooden, were all open except one. Those two open windows, as they were facing the seaside, were shaking audibly with the ever-increasing gusts of the sea-wind. There was a big wooden almirah close to the windows. It began trembling a lot also, as the sea-wind started to transform into a mini-storm during the midnight. We quit the last hope of sleeping peacefully. Finally, we had to close those windows to reduce all the disturbing noises.

That worked and we resumed our interrupted sleep with some relief. The gale-like wind subsided after awhile, and there was pin-drop silence.

All went OK thereafter for a few minutes, but then another nasty nuisance to our ears emerged. I was half-awake and I heard the sounds first and got alarmed. Then my mom startled by them as well woke up also. They were coming from the inside of the closed wooden almirah. It seemed as though someone, or some creature with sharp claws was scratching its inner sides. We hadn't opened it for any use since we came in the hotel-room. Mom couldn't decide what to do. But I, showing a little courage, got up from bed and went down to the almirah and opened it wide! And huh, there was nothing to be scared of! I hadn't switched on the light, but had the torch with me. In its light, I observed that a lot of powdered wood was scattered here and there on the shelves. I guessed, that might be the work of wood-lice or other wood-gnawing insects like that. Most probably, that sound was originating due to their tiny jaws in swift action! I stated my surmise before mom after showing her the wood-dust. Though my mom wasn't hundred percent sure of it. As she was of the opinion that the sound wasn't fully the same as the very familiar sound of those insects feasting on wood! Whatsoever, before getting on the bed for sleep again, I closed the almirah-doors.

During that whole hour of those unexpected mid-nightly disturbances, my dad had been a perfect sleeping beauty.

Before putting our heads on the pillows, mom and I wished to see for a final time if there was any such queer sound still generating from any corner of the room...No, It was perfectly quiet and peaceful again. So, being sure about a splendid sleep now, we had almost laid down on the bed. At once, another sound, louder and weirder this time, made our hairs erect! I still get goosebumps while remembering it! That was a sound of a very different kind, as if someone was crumpling a roll of papers with a furious wrath standing near our bed! Moreover, along with it, mom and I sensed someone's or something's ominous presence in the room!

It couldn't be mere illusion or hallucination, as we both at the same moment heard it very very distinctly! Mom got much panicked at this and woke dad up from sleep! I managed to gather some courage somehow, got up and switched on the light. I wanted to open the door also to look outside, to check once if there were anybody of the hotel or any domestic animal like cats or dogs out there who could have made that sound! But mom didn't allow me to do that, as she told that it would be unsafe to be outside at that time of night! Besides, she was almost certain that the sound's source was within our room! I too was pretty convinced of that, as all the windows were tightly closed. No sounds from outside could pass easily into the room!

Then I tried to approach the incident more rationally and logically! I began searching the floor for scrap papers. I looked under under our cot also. I was thinking, it might be, that the previous occupants of the room had carelessly left such paper-wrappings or trashes like that on the floor and a mouse or rat just ran over those papers. But there were no such garbage on the floor, even in the waste-bin! The room was so neat and clean that finding out rats or mice was beyond all imaginations! So at last, I had to give up hope of getting any clue to solve the mystery of that particular sound!

We had already told dad all that happened, but as we knew, he paid the least attention to our words. He commented that it must have been some sound quite natural and fell sleepy again! Though he too wasn't able to provide a suitable and reasonable explanation!

Whatever the sound was, mom and I spent the rest of that haunted night with little sleep. Though, we weren't attacked by any evil spirit that night or the next ones. And we finished our remaining tour with supreme amusement and satisfaction.

Last but not the least, a year later, we paid a visit to the house of one of our relatives. He is my uncle in relation and he and his family love traveling so much like us. So we began an exciting discussion on our various traveling experiences. Beside talking about other ones worthy of mentioning, we couldn't suppress the desire to tell about our adventure at the haunted Bakkhali hotel! On just hearing the name of Bakkhali, and the word 'haunted', he sat upright from reclining pose with much agitation and suspense. Even, he instantly guessed the hotel's name right and mesmerized all of us that way! As once in a tour to Bakkhali with his four friends, he stayed in the same hotel.

He took one of those cottage rooms (it may be that it was the same room also; as we forgot our own room number, we didn't ask him about it) just like us and had a bizarre paranormal experience! To say correctly, he faced a spookier phenomenon! After taking the room, he was gossiping with his friends. It was the time of winter. The clock was proclaiming midnight. In the midst of the chat, he went outside onto the balcony to smoke a cigar. The weather was chilly and foggy. After three or five minutes of smoking, he heard one of his friend's voice. He was calling him by name and saying, 'Don't stay outside for long... Better come and sleep!' My uncle, being a little nervous, didn't give any reply, as something very strange and abnormal was present in the tone of that voice. He finished his smoking at once and came back to the room. He asked his friend Rupam, whose voice he had heard clearly, if he had really spoken those words addressing him. But Rupam, greatly astonished, shook his head!

Here I asked uncle whether his friend Rupam had done that in a mischievous way to scare him for fun planning it with his other friends. But he denied any slightest chance of that. As Rupam was the most serious person in that group. He certainly couldn't gain fun from such cheap humor. Even, his other three friends were in no mood of joking with him, as they were feeling very tired then and had just lied on the bed to sleep after the short chat. Uncle had never spoken about this weird incident to his other friends, whereas Rupam had assured him that it might be some mistake of his hearing senses or some functional error of his dizzy brain! Though, Uncle, a die-hard believer in ghosts, still holds that his ears hadn't betrayed him and some strong paranormal force or entity, be it harmful or not, surely resides in and around those cottage rooms! In fact, his conviction has been strengthened after knowing our experience there!

Up to this day, he has failed to understand the actual cause behind that eerie phenomenon, just as we still have no accurate explanation about that strange sound in our room!

That's all! This was my first story on this site. Hope you have enjoyed it. I'd obviously like to know from you, dear readers, what you think about our experience!

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TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-01)
Wow! This was quite an unnerving experience especially that incident of your uncle's at the haunted hotel. It just gave me goosebumps right now at this hour of night. 😨
MrsRamsay (guest)
3 years ago (2021-02-26)
Hi Sean, what a wonderful, thoughtful and descriptive narrative! Thank you for sharing your story it makes me want to travel to India (not necessarily to the haunted hotel). I don't know what to make of your experience, but I believe you and your mom did experience something paranormal. Glad it didn't ruin your trip though!
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-24)
Did you try to research this particular place or ask any further questions to know if it is haunted?
Usually hotels and inns that have things that go bump in the night or in your case (things that go scratch in the night) would have a trail of people talking about it either online or in person, apart from your uncle.

I'm sure it must have been a nerve wrecking for you and mum.
seemayadav (1 stories) (26 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-19)
Very scary experience
Khub bhitijanak experience
Did you ever visited again there

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