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My Haunted Chair


This story starts about 7 years ago. We just moved into a new house, that needed so much work. When one of the walls were taken down there was the most unusual and beautifully carved chair back, at first I thought it was a frame to a mirror.

As the weeks passed, we came across a boarded up storage space. We removed the boards, and found the seat to the chair and two legs.

Now, if this wasn't strange enough, the yard work started. As we dug up the weeds we found two of the legs to the chair buried in plastic that was disintegrated. These were a little damaged and had worm holes in them but still in good condition. So, now we have a whole chair.

My son and I put the chair together and as soon as it was complete we both said the same thing, "This chair is haunted." We dismantled it as quickly as we put it together, put it all in a big trash bag and put it in the garage for years.

My Haunted Chair 1

My Haunted Chair 2

I thought about the beautiful chair all the time and when I moved I wanted to put the chair back together, so I did. I felt for some reason I was the guardian of it.

I told everyone who came over never sit in it. But one night my husband, who mocked my warning, sat in the chair. It was immediately that his eyes had a blank look, almost as he was in a trance. That same night he was admitted to the hospital for months. He didn't know what year it was or what he did for a living. It was a very scary time as the doctors could not diagnose the problem.

I knew right away it was this chair. I had the chair dated and it is from the late 1400s. It beautifully carved with a woman's face. One day I was watching the history channel and on the episode Dracula Castle, there it was! The same exact chair.

So this is my strange and very true story. I still have the chair, but it is safe and sound sitting happily in my guest room with no chance of anyone ever sitting on it again. Oh, one more thing sometimes just sometimes when you photograph it there is an eerie mist. This has happen a few times when guests take pictures if it. Well that's it.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-12)
I was reading through an anthology of collected short stores the other day when the came across a story that put me in mind of this account. It was a short story published in 1980 about a haunted chair that allegedly belonged to Count Dracula... It seemed too coincidental not to double back and mention here. Below is a link to the short story -Dracula's Chair by Peter Tremayne (i.e. Peter Ellis):


I'll be on the fence if you need me.
KatsWhiskers (3 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-07)
...WOW WOW WOWW that really is a seriously beautiful chair.
ladydarke (113 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-29)

I notice that you're located in Florida? Have you heard of Cassadaga, Florida's psychic town?


It's a quaint little town between Orlando and Daytona Beach. It hosts tours and classes and sometimes they hold fairs. You might plan to visit on a weekend with a fair so there's something to do, and stay overnight at the local historic hotel, maybe go on the evening orb photography tour while you're there. Book an appointment with one of the town's mediums. Bring the chair along and let them have a look. Perhaps they can tell you the chair's history as well as cleanse the item for you. If you do, just let the medium know ahead of time when you're making the booking what you want so that they can tell you whether they think it's something they could handle.

When I went, I saw Nellie Edwards. I liked her a lot and I felt that she was genuine. Her contact info on the list of town mediums, though there are certainly lots to choose from:
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-29)
Oh no - please, don't destroy the chair. There are always alternatives - from blessings to cleansings to giving it to a museum! This chair is a piece of art and the past!
H2olily (5 stories) (158 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-28)
I would pray over it to remove any curse or harmful entity. If it is a cursed object probably should be destroyed from what I've read?
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-27)
Argh...I meant 20th century not 19th century:-) thank you, autocorrect!
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-27)
I am a little skeptical as to the dating of the chair and the Dracula's Castle links. It bears far more of a resemblance to Jacobean styles popular in the mid-1600s. However, the feminine motif and lady's head at the top lead me to believe that it is a much more recent Beaux Arts revival piece placing it much closer to the 19th century. That doesn't change the likelihood of its being haunted -it sounds as if something is definitely unusual about that chair- and I hope your husband has recovered. Maybe have the chair blessed or perform your own cleansing.

Oh and just a heads up - this story has been published without credit to its original author by this site:
Temilicious (7 stories) (99 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-16)
I mostly read and hardly ever comment but I couldn't resist:

It's a beautiful chair and I understand why you might not want to part with it. Despite everyone's advice to get rid of it, I say keep it. It has clearly chosen you and like you said; "you feel like its guardian."

It's unfortunate what happened to your husband but maybe the chair just didn't like his 'mocking attitude' towards it and that's why it reacted the way it did- not to say it's necessarily evil or harmless, but its feelings might've been hurt and the only way it could get back at your husband or defend itself is by putting him in a catatonic state, so to speak. We've all been misunderstood at some point in our lives and lashed out in a way that made our behaviour inexcusable, that doesn't make us bad people, does it?

Hope that makes sense.

For some reason I feel drawn to it as well and would love to see a full image of it please.

I don't know why (and I'm not see/touch objects psychic by any means), but I keep picturing a young brunette lady with a white chiffon dress from the early 1900's... Or I just watch too many period movies.:D

Maybe there's a lot of sadness surrounding that chair that has made it guarded from others.
Just out of curiousity, what feelings or energy do you get from it?

logan (3 stories) (222 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-14)
I was really excited to see pictures... Imagine my disappointment to only find half the chair on these pictures. Thanks for sharing though, it looks creepy and I can't imagine why you continue to keep it. Perhaps get someone to look at it, like a historian or an antiques dealer...?
twelveam (74 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-14)
Hello AngelinaM,

To continue my post from yesterday, I didn't want to sound like I thought you should definitely go and set the chair on fire, and I'm sorry if it came across that way. I believe everything revolves around what your intentions are as far as if it is an item you STRONGLY want to keep or it really isn't that important if you got rid of it. I just think ultimately whether you keep it or not, some form of protection should try to be applied to it (such as a cleansing of it and the area around it) so that it no longer poses a threat to anyone else. I like valkricry's idea of putting a rope around it so everyone knows it's "OFF LIMITS"! Best wishes to you and whatever you decide to do with it. 😁
purpletrees (1 stories) (14 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-13)
its seem to me only just saying the chair has taken you in. It seems like it chose you to come back and fit it. It may not part from you happily.
Tweed (35 stories) (2494 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-13)
Gee willickers, why not take a picture of the entire chair? 😕

We have a couple chairs like that. They're deffo not new, but they're absolutely not from the 1400's. I'd guess late 1800's, early 1900's. Not just because of the word work and stylings, but because the wood feels old, and the frames are a bit frail. Your chair's wood looks similarly aged.😊
twelveam (74 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-13)
Hi AngelinaM,

I wanted to clarify something about my last post. While I still meant what I said about burning something and ridding the negative energy, I AM NOT SUGGESTING you promptly do that! I fully believe that if it is something you would like to keep then it may very well be cleansed and shielded with satisfying results! There are a number of cleansing methods to aid in getting rid of any negative attachment associated with the chair. I have to come back later and continue my post (I am late for work at the moment!) Blessings!

twelveam (74 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-13)

I think RedWolf hits it on the head. I know Zak Bagans from the show Ghost adventures just opened a paranormal museum with haunted artifacts in las vegas and may take it where it can be on display. John Zaffis AKA the haunted collector (also a television show) has a haunted collection of different items in Connecticut where he safeguards them, keeping them from being interacted with by the public, may take the item, but I believe HIS items are only from investigations he has done and found these items himself. These are also celebrities and trying to deal with these people may be difficult due to their popularity and so many fans trying to reach them, they may put your concern aside, I'm really not sure. My suggestion would be if you are not able to dispose of this item into the hands of someone who can use it for history's sake in a safe manner then I would burn it. Burning an item to rid it of its negative energy I think would be a good idea instead of taking the chance of someone elses carelessness and possibly causing harm to another individual.

I sincerely hope your husband has made a full recovery and there are no lasting effects of what the chair caused him. Bleesings to you and your family! 😊
piyuprmr (1 stories) (21 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-06)
ohh dear good that was cool story I can say
Story also proves that the chair is harmful to whoever comes near it
I will recommend to throw away that chair where no one can find it
Otherwise chair will trouble someone else
This chair story reminds me of Busby's stoop chair
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-29)
Hi Angelina, I also suggest to you to do not keep this chair in this house... Can you share the picture of the chair or share some link to get more info... It is a creepy story... 😨
valkricry (49 stories) (3268 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-09-25)
Hmmm...plastic doesn't disintegrate (for some reason the bacteria that causes this has a dislike for it) and since it was buried the sun's UV rays would not have made it brittle... And since plastic sheeting wasn't consumer popular until after WW2, you have at least a sliver of a time frame for when that chair was dismantled... After 1942! In which case that chair was already like 542 years old! Wowsers!
I'm curious as to what you used to reassemble the chair with? Especially due to the age, and the poor storage of it's parts.
I understand you feel as if you're the guardian of the chair, but perhaps you should install a rope across the seat (like museums do) to insure no one accidentally sits in it. Imagine a grandchild or the like innocently crawling up into it! Or, what about after you pass on? What then? Others might scoff at 'it's haunted' and sit anyway.
By the way, there aren't many surviving chairs from the Medieval period, as they were only had by the wealthy. So you might consider 'willing it' to a local museum - they take possession after you leave this world.
Silentwings (guest)
9 years ago (2015-09-25)
You are definitely brave for keeping it, but seeing the danger and damage it obviously can bring I would get rid of it as quickly as possible. Why take the risk of someone else taking a seat and something happing to them. It would be interesting to know more about its history for sure do you know anything more about the chair or the previous owners?
Mimi81 (203 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-25)
AngelinaM, I have question about the chair. Was the chair itself from the 1400's or was it built in a style from the 1400's?
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-25)
Hi AngelinaM, I go with Red in this matter. Your profile says that you are a senior adult and so you will understand. Just dismantle the chair, dispose of it of piece by piece as you have found it initially. Don't keep it in your house.

Curiously, do you have any photograph taken and if so, please do upload it, both misty ones and the clear picture.

And I hope your husband is alright and please do reply to Cinnamon's question if your husband remembers anything about how he felt when he sat in the chair.

Regards and respects to you.

Saee (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-25)
Ma'am your story is lovely.
Can I get more info about this chair please? Its really hard to resist from something like this...
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-24)
Why would you keep a chair that when you and your son both thought it was haunted? You found it in pieces yet you didn't find it strange. The set of legs you found when you were weeding in disintegrated plastic only had a little damage and worm holes. In Florida?
You not only just put it in the garage but when you moved you brought it with you and reassembled it. Then your husband sat in it and became catatonic, but you still didn't get rid of it. You just put in the guest room where there no chance of someone sitting in it.
My advice disassemble it. Throw it away piece by piece, not together, or donate it to a museum. Whatever but don't keep it.
Cinnamon (1 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-24)
Wow! I loved your story! Yes is there a website we can look up? Or photos p'haps? I hope your husband has recovered and if so does he remember what happened when he sat in the chair?
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-09-24)
AngelinaM - I think I'd have been a bit suspicious when I found the back in the wall and various other pieces buried separately. Would not have been brave enough to assemble it and put it in my home 😨
thesingingbri (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-24)
That is a cool story! So the Chair... Whats the name of it? Could I Look it up online and read more about the history? How do you think the chair came to the US?

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