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Are These Incidents Connected?


It all started after the bike accident of my dad (when I was 15, nearly 7 years ago). He had to immediately go to a meeting near Dhaula Kuan (New Delhi). He was driving alone but there was heavy traffic on the road. While riding, he felt some pressure behind him as if someone is sitting behind. All he did is he looked into the mirror. With his horror he saw a man wearing black coat sitting behind and giving a weird smiling.

To his horror his bike unbalanced and he was not able to control it the bike fell and a tempo (mini truck) crushed one of his legs. He was at rest for nearly 5 months. I was the one to sleep with him that time otherwise I sleep alone. All he did at night is waking me up at deep midnight and saying. "The man with the black coat is staring at me". It was like "No stupid jokes at night dad! Please."

This went for many months then we did a ritual at home which states that a negative energy is there at our home. But it will not harm if we will ignore it. If we keep getting frightened, it will scare us.

Later on my father started recovering. His first long trip was there at Jaipur, Rajhasthan at his sister's house. After returning we came to realise that there are no more haunted occurrings happening with us. We went to that same priest who did the rituals in our home. He concluded that the spirit left our home. But he asked us to keep some religious lockets/bracelets with us.

After some days of coming back from Jaipur, we got a call from our aunt that my cousin has fallen from the terrace. And died. We were like in a deep shock. There are still things going from there... Till 2015.

Few days before we got to know that my bigger cousin (my same aunt's elder son) has got an mental attack. Something we call 'mirgi ka daura' in Hindi. His hands and legs gets immediately freezed, he started shouting for no reason. And his tongue never goes in his mouth. I can't even imagine this.

Yesterday my father and aunt, with my another aunt, went to Haryana to a well known astrologer lady. She concluded that my elder cousin has seen something bad. A spirit of his known person, when they say his younger son died while falling, she immediately said to remove all the photos of the younger brother and also to remove all the electrical waste from the house. He also concluded that there's another spirit there who's related to my father.

Could it be the same spirit my father used to after his accident, also, is it possible that the spirit left us and caught my aunt's sons?

I need answers please help me out. My elder brother needs your help.

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paranomal221 (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-28)
Thanks mate for your comments
Everything is alright as of now. No guy in black cost is now seen and there are no mental attacks on my elder cousin anymore. He was taken to get proper medications and is alright as of now.
I am very sorry for sooo late reply but my account was list I got it back today.
C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-09)
I agree with SDS. Though he sounds rather severe, it's just common sense to eliminate physical causes before attributing it to demons, though I attribute all worldly evils and illnesses indirectly to Satan, which is just a name I'm using for convenience for evil. I'm of no named religion. There's no need for him or minions to be directly involved in our lives, he's already set the wheels in motion. We're just completing his work for him while he sits back and enjoys.

There are so many possibilities regarding what happened to the younger cousin, but if the elder cousin and his parents believe more in paranormal causes than physical causes, that belief might send the entire family into a spiral that destroys each of them. Studies have shown that superstition or belief alone can kill; for example the belief in voodoo or hexes. Your older cousin can have a physical ailment that caused his attack or even consumed or breathed something that adversely effected him. He should be checked out by a medical doctor.

Your younger cousin may have sat on the railing. I've done this myself and felt comfortable at first on a narrow railing, and then all of a sudden realized how high off the ground I was, panicked and jumped off. Your cousin could have sat relaxing and then stiffened up, lost his balance and fallen. He could have gotten dizzy looking down and tipped over if he was leaning out too far to see something. He could have been depressed and jumped. Or he could have believed a demon was after him and jumped over. See what I mean--if he believed then he could have panicked and jumped. Belief can kill. Demons don't have to.

I believe in demons sort of kind of. If I saw one, like your father did, I'm sure I'd get the picture real fast. But my perception of that guy in the black hat would have not been of a demon, but just another bad person who passed on to become a bad spirit, with actually less power to effect living people than he/she had while alive. Just like there are good and bad people, so they too become good and bad spirits. I don't endow bad spirits with demon strength. They are just bad people turned into bad spirits. Maybe someday they'll work out their issues and get a life. I believe they are intensely unhappy as they are but don't know how to get from point A to point B. They are stuck in a rut.

I shut myself off to avoid letting evil effect me by intensely focusing on something beautiful and positive, be it a sunrise or sunset, a person, a plant, an animal, mother earth or an esoteric concept. Mostly I drink in the beauty of the universe and its splendor and think praise and thankfulness for this miraculous gift. When I come to consciousness (for I am almost unconscious in the wonder and awe I feel beholding our beautiful universe) I am centered and strong. I feel that way because I see the power of good. Don't you? Doesn't your family?

We have been gifted with people who devote their lives to healing the sick. Gifted. We have been provided this gift and it's our duty to avail ourselves of that gift.

Gee whiz, please forgive me for my lengthy comment. Sometimes I just get too carried away. Blessings to your family and your aunt and her family. Perhaps all is well now in regard to your older cousin. I'm sorry for the loss of your cousin. It's always hard to be a survivor, thinking of the halcyon times.
Psychicsenses (1 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-20)
Hi there,
There is a place in Karnataka actually a river which is famous for driving away spirits. Why don't you try that. I'll also send some reiki for your family and pray. What I foresee is the spirit had followed your family to Jaipur. Since your house has been blessed, it couldn't get back. And this spirit is getting energy by the most weakest person.
paranomal221 (1 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-14)
Thanks for the advice. We have already gone for treatments but doctors still can't diagnose a proper cause for it.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-30)
Hello paranomal221, welcome to YGS. I don't think what your dad saw on the rear view mirror has got anything to do with other events that had happened in your family. One thing first you should understand that whatever was there in your house has been driven away.

Secondly, please try to eliminate the mundane or rational causes for things that are happening before turning to paranormal aspects. The first case you said is that your cousin who fell down from the terrace and died. It could have been an accident. Because you were in such a kind of shock and that you just recovered from whatever that was in your house that was subsequently warded off might have had some effect to make you think that it could also be because of any paranormal aspect or a negative entity. It need not.

The second one you said that your elder cousin got some mental attack. I suggest you to take him to a psychiatrist or a psychoanalyst instead of going to astrologers. I will tell you with my experience in our country, there more quacks than true astrologers. Hence, try to eliminate the medical cause. Nowadays there is plenty of medical advancement, especially in India and we can treat such cases quite easily, which in earlier days, we used to brand as paranormal or acts of negative or evil spirit. So my suggestion would be to take him to a good doctor.

Well, as far as what your father had experienced, I don't say that it is not paranormal. But you are gotten rid of it. So, it is better that you treat it separately from the other two events that you narrated.

And to answer your question, I don't think the other two are related to what your father experienced or sighted. I still don't feel that the fatal fall of your cousin from the terrace and the mental attack of your elder cousin have got anything to do with paranormal.

Regards and respects to you.

Krrish (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-30)
Hello paranormal221, sorry for your losses. What I think is that the black coat guy in the back of his bike might be a demon of some kind and it is feeding on your family. Try to go some religious places such as Kaasi or so with your whole family. You might have some relief. God Bless you Brother...

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