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The Shadow That Stalks Me


I'm not entirely sure of where to start with this. I don't really recall when this "shadow" started following me. I don't even remember the first time I ever saw it - which could be due to the dissociation I experience that is co-morbid with a psychological disorder I've had for years.

The first experience with this entity that I can recall was when I was 14 and lived in the housing projects in my hometown. My mother was gone as she so often was, and my little brother and sister were at their father's house for their weekend visit. I was in my little sister's room cleaning up her toys and changing her bed sheets, when I started to feel extremely drowsy. I sat down on her bed, and before I knew it I was out like a light. I was woken up abruptly by a feeling like the mattress was shaking, and as I opened my eyes I saw a shadow figure from my peripherals. The mattress I was perched on hit the floor and slid halfway across her room with me still intact.

Another experience happened in my room when I was only 16 years old. I lived in a basement, that was essentially like a small apartment (two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining area, living room, and bathroom). I was folding my laundry and putting it away. I had the laundry basket sitting on top of an old table in my room. Each time I turned my back to put something away, I would immediately have to dart back around because I felt as if something was watching me and moving in closer. As I took my last bit of clothing from the basket and made my way left, to my closet, the basket seemed to have been thrown (with quite a bit of force) and hit me in the hip. Of course, it scared me senseless, so I ran upstairs and told my Grandmother (who had custody of me at the time) about it. She brushed it off and didn't say much to me about it, but later told my little brother that the basket had been thrown at me because of my lack of faith in God.

Another encounter happened in my living room when I was 17, right next to the door of my bedroom where my desktop was placed. I hadn't been able to sleep, so I decided to waste some time on the internet. I was playing some silly game and talking away in a chat room. All of the lights in my house were off, and only the computer screen was illuminating my face. I started to get the feeling that I was being watched, and then I felt a shallow, icy breath on my shoulder. Then my computer shut off abruptly and everything got extremely quiet. I called it a night after that and locked myself in my bedroom.

I moved out of that house when I was still 17 to an apartment halfway across town. I got married at a young age. My husband was very interested in the paranormal, and so when odd things started happening around us he took to talking to his buddies and their investigative team. They tested our new apartment (which happened to be a compartmentalized area in an old house that had been divided up after it ceased use as a funeral parlor) for paranormal activity and came up with little evidence of more than noisy pipes.

A few months after moving into that apartment, I was in bed with my husband and I snapped awake from a deep sleep. I sat wide eyed and immediately noticed what looked like a black mist accumulating in the right hand far corner of my ceiling. It seemed like I could hear faint whispers and in my stupor, I shook my husband awake who seemed to not have seen any of it.

Nothing else happened for a few years, and so I wrote its appearance off as being all in my head. After all, I had been stressed out because of the marriage, the bills, my serious lack of money, etc.

Then after we moved again, I was 18 years old, and my little brother came to spend the night with me in my new apartment. My husband didn't stay in the house with me a lot, he mostly stayed up the road at his mother's because we were growing apart pretty quickly.

While my brother was staying with me, we both just slept in my bed in my room. After we had gone to bed and I was once again in a deep sleep, I snapped awake and couldn't move. It felt like I had a literal elephant standing on top of me. I opened my eyes wide and saw the black figure on top of me, holding me into the bed. I tried to scream, and to be honest, I'm not so sure a noise even managed to escape me. The figure opened what seemed like its mouth showing razor sharp teeth, screeched in my face, and then vanished. I could feel its breath on my face. I checked my brother to make sure he was okay (still sound asleep), and then I played on my phone for a while. I ended up falling back asleep and was later again woken up to the sound of my brother gasping and the sight of him struggling. I shook him until he was able to move again, and he started crying, telling me this thing was holding him down and trying to hurt him... He described exactly what I had seen in vivid detail.

Fast forward to me being 20 and separated from my husband, living back in my original house. Nothing had happened for a long time and I hadn't even thought about it in those few years. May 16th of 2011, I saw the entity again in the corner of my Grandma's room standing near her bed. May 17th, I heard the sounds of weeping all through my house (and my sister and Grandma did too). May 18th my Grandma showed severe aggression towards my family and I. Then on the 19th she was pronounced dead - cause Brain Death Due To Narcotics Overdose.

After that event, I began to see the entity all the time. Just in random places around my house. It felt like it was whispering to me. Telling me to end my life. And unfortunately after months of it taunting me - I snapped and tried to overdose. I was found by my best friend and her mother and rushed to the hospital.

I didn't see it for a long time after that, until my best friend became my girlfriend. She moved in with me in the house, and random activity started happening in the house. Stuff tapping on the doors, the trash can in my kitchen being flipped over, doors and drawers slinging open, she and I hearing our names called in the middle of the night, and so on.

Then one night after I was 23, all of the doors in our house burst open and we heard heavy footsteps that seemed to be coming from everywhere all at once. We checked the house and even had police come make sure there was no intruder. Of course, there wasn't and so we went through the house, closed everything, and locked up the house.

Nothing happened again until I was 25 and we had once again moved to a new home. My girlfriend and I got married, then moved into her old family home that was built in the 1800's. Everything was fine there and, of course, her family being interested in the paranormal jumped at the opportunity to tell me about the strange things that went on inside the house.

We had lived there for a while before I started seeing the shadow again. It was in September of 2015. Three nights in a row I was woken up to the feeling of being stared at, the sensation of being held down, and the feeling of hearing things whispering to me. My wife witnessed it one night.

I'm sure other things have happened that I can't remember, but that's the main things that I still remember vividly.

I've been to doctors who have tried to diagnose me with things just because of the things I described, I've had everything written off as sleep paralysis, I've seen psychiatrist, and counselors.

I believe this is something that is really following me and I'm not sure how long it's been there. I try not to acknowledge it, mainly due to the fear it causes in me. I don't think it could be sleep paralysis, because it's affected others around me as well.

I mostly wanted to share my story to get everyone's opinions and see if anyone knows what it could be. I'll answer any questions anyone has to try and give you more details about it. I'm just scared of it, and it's been with me for years and has physically harmed me and other people who have been in my life.

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dazram (16 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-13)
Thanks for sharing your story and also trying to seek help. It could be an old hag like Aussie daz said or it could be an everyday demonic entity. From my experience they know when to hide themselves so that's maybe why the investigators never found anything in your appartment. There are some things you can do yourself to try and rid you home of these bad things. First you could cleanse your house by burning sage while telling it to get out of you house and saying a prayer. I'm not sure how religious you are, but you can find a lot of information on the internet about religious cleansing. I used to be an atheist/agnostic person until I was convinced that there are demonic spirits who haunt peoples houses aswell as attaching themselves to people, which sounds to me like what happened to your grandmother and Sounds like what's happening to you. Take care and good luck, remember the members of this page are always hear for you.
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-08)
CuriousCatLady, I want to start this by saying just about everything you have described in your account, I have experienced except for the voice telling you to end your life... That part is a concern and may relate to other issues that you must talk to your doctors about if you hear them again... By the way you have described your account, especially with your brother experiencing it the same, fits the bill of the old hag syndrome... My own account was about 30 years ago, my mother on her death bed, saw something in the night run under her bed and then a short time later, this claw on the end of a arm emerged slowly toward her. If my mother wasn't going through enough already, this was the last thing she needed before crossing over... This is the part where I need you to listen, even my poor mother dying on her bed somehow found a way to have a laugh about her whole ordeal, to see the funny side to an account like that, takes a very brave women and with in her last few days of her life she never saw it again. Was it the drugs? Did it open her mind up to these accounts? Probably yes to both.

On my own account, it wasn't as funny, no,no, it is heart attack material I know how terrifying this account was for you. But I remembered thinking to myself, this can't be real and then she disappeared into thin air... I have suffered a few bouts of sleep paralysis where I woke up to the sensation of being choked and on this one account, I drew on my mothers courage and just started laughing and to my surprise it snapped me out of paralysis."that there was a game changer"

This might seem like a strange thing to say to you and I may be using reverse psychology, but I am appreciate of all my accounts, whether they are real, or just something going on with in my mind creating them, because it has taught me this and given me a little bit of insight... Each of us are the centre of our own universe and we have the power to control these accounts, even if they are energies in the cosmos with nothing better to do than frighten us... These sorts of accounts can continue if you let them and our doctors will write us all of as mental and yes some people do have problems with the balance of chemicals in their mind that bring on the fabricated accounts. You have the strength with in your own mind to cure these bouts of S/P that can play out into the reality of our bedroom walls... It really is about you taking back your universe and booting out these energies real or fabricated by... Give it more power and it can conform into a poltergeist causing all sorts of other problems, perhaps that's how it got to your brother and manifested with objects in your home? I know what I'm suggesting sounds simple and it's not that easy, however it worked for me.

Regards Daz
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-03-08)
CuriousCatLady - I know you are looking for possibilities, answers that it is something other than sleep paralysis. I've never experienced sleep paralysis but this does seem to fit, even the fact that it happens to people other than you (your poor brother 😢). But I cannot and will not tell you that it definitely is that because I don't know.

Ironic that this story should come up at this time. Last night I was watching an episode of Alaska Haunting and some of the details are similar to yours. I'm not suggesting you have made up your story. The only reason I mentioned this is because I wish I'd seen the whole episode. I'd missed the first half, caught the middle, and didn't want to ruin it for me by watching the end. Now I wish I had. It would be interesting to see what conclusion they arrived at.

I'm sorry I wasn't of any help but we have many members who have experienced something similar, if not the same. I'm sure someone can offer at least advice.

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