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Easter Sunday


First, a bit of background: my house is haunted by my landlady's late husband "Bill". This has been confirmed by a well known paranormal investigator whom we has asked to investigate because, when I first moved into the apartment, I had been experiencing some strange activity.

Bill had died from a brain tumor about 3 years before I moved in. He had started behaving strangely before his diagnosis, doing things that were not logical or normal. He had been a brilliant man, a teacher and writer. He had also been a gifted woodworker.

One of the strange phenomenon that I had first experienced involved a bench he had made. Every time I touched it, it felt warm. There were, and still are, many physical manifestations- things 'disappearing' and then reappearing where I knew I had already looked in that place, dishes clattering in the sink, the occasional 'catching something out of the corner of my eye'. Let's just say that Bill is a trickster.

On this past Holy Saturday evening I had thrown my change on the kitchen counter when I emptied my pants pockets. In the morning the nearly dollars worth of change was neatly stacked. My landlady was sitting outside enjoying the sun. I stepped out on my balcony and told her what Bill had done. That is when she told me about the Easter Sunday, some time before Bill's tumor diagnosis, when he had stolen the Easter eggs that were hidden for the family's kids because the eggs contained money.

I went back into my apartment and, to my astonishment, the coins were again scattered. I think that by stacking the change Bill just wanted us to know "I'm still here". And after I told his wife he was satisfied.

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