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Sunday Night At The Art Deco Festival On The Queen Mary


My friends and I party a lot on the Queen Mary, have a lot of late nights on the ship and fun times. We dress up to the era of the ship so were always in 1930s -1940s outfits. I have lot ghost stories, so it is pretty normal to see us walking the ship. Even the some the workers know us by name and we know them by name as well.

It was the annual Art deco festival on the Queen Mary. Of course all us Art Deco people were super excited about the weekend. It was Labor Day weekend 2011. A good friend of mine and I rented a room together. The whole weekend we went our separate ways and hung out from time to time.

It was the last night of the Art Deco festival Sunday night. We stayed an extra night so we can party more Sunday night and not have to worry about our stuff and getting home because we knew we were going to be drinking. My friend went off with his friends to their hotel room to do their own ghost stuff. I went to the bar most of the night and other stuff. The whole weekend in different rooms we have been getting busted for making too much noise in our rooms.

I met up with the gang about 230 or 3am after bar closed and there was nothing to do really and I did not want to go to bed yet. Since I always do the all-nighters and been doing the whole nighers for two days was used to it. We all said what to do now since I heard about our friends room had a ghost I said let's go to their room. I walk the hall ways so many times, never really done any ghost stuff in the rooms. So I suggested that. My friends said no cause they just got busted for making too much noise. Our room had nothing. So it was the hall ways we never get busted there.

We walked all the hallways like we normally do and all the decks. We found a new stair case we had not found before so we went down it. My friend got a feeling of a ghost and it was a young man and we talked to him through my friend. We found out the young man worked for the ship in the 1940s and he was a waiter can't remember the name of the dining room; it had green carpet. He told us about his job and we told him it is not 1940 something any more you can move on if you like we could help you. He told us no he took his job very serious and wanted to stay working, he can't leave.

We walked through all the rooms and ended up back upstairs to where we started near the stores at east end of the ship near the rest rooms near the chapel. The girls used the rest room and the guys waited outside for use. One of our guy friends wanted to have a little fun and see if he pick up any ghost in the lady's rest room. My friend exited the rest room and stood by the door waiting for use and he said he felt something there and my friends and were delighted by that and went over to feel it. The others did not feel it but I did.

It was very cold and when too many people came around would leave. I would not accept it was gone for good so I went looking for it and found it. We talked to it and we found out it was little girl under ten. She told us she is scared she was at the nursery she needed to use the rest room and her nanny told her to use it and the next thing she realized could not find her mother or the nanny, were being a good girl stayed where she was told to stay. We ask her if she knew what year it was and what room is she staying in and other questions. She said she can't remember and no luck getting the story she told us.

We told her we could help her find her mommy or nanny just fall us. I used to work with kids and I think she picked up on that so she latched onto me. A minute before started wandering again I noticed something really cold on my hand. Then I realized it was her. When the guys would come around she freaked out and she would hold to my arm and I would feel her hands on my back. She walked with us for a while and she got use to my guy friends so she let them get close they felt her too.

After an hour or so wandering we ended up and B deck near our room and we passed by a area that has been remodeled. We tried opening random doors they were all locked. Before I knew it I started to hear "In the Mood" by Glen Miller. I told my friends do you hear that. My friends expect for one heard it as well. Since the we know the walls are then we checkede all around near the rooms nothing. Only in that one locked door we listened for a while.

This guy was walking around like we were and we told him what we heard and he look at us like we were crazy. So we told him to listen, he did not hear anything at first then he heard music it turned into hip hop that was so weird. We stayed and listened for a while it was fun.

Went back to our room and all my friends where tried so we all bid good night and one of my friends hit the sack cause he was so tried and the others went back to their room. I was not in the mood to hit the sack even though it was 430am so I left the room. I went to check out that closet and nothing boo. Then I tried to find that rest room again could not find it because I really wanted to find that little girl. She followed us to our room but left after a while. Could not find the rest room so I wandered some more. I knew a way I could try to go to the pool so I tried that everything was locked. Oh well. On to new places. I ended up hitting the sack at 6am tired and a little cold tipsy. Nothing happen when I was on my own.

Yes I know I am a bad one sneaking around.

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teafortwo1922 (3 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-22)
🤔 Ok! You people had so many questions I answered all in my story no reading in between the lines. I know this sounds crazy my friend heard the 1940's waiter guy and the little girl. I got how tall she was and felt her hand on mine. There for I new it was a child my friend heard her voice that night. There dose that answer some questions some you may have.
anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-12)
I went to do a bit of 'investigation'. The Queen Mary has numerous ghosts. Almos 50 people died there over the years. On the site, there is a photo of this man standing talking to the ghost of a little girl, looking for her mommy. I am sure this is the girl you saw!
anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-11)
I love these stories. Seen 'Ghost Ship' soooo many times 😊. I don't see any info on your profile though.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-13)
In agreement with Argette here, a lot of questions need to be clarified, especially the means of communication with these spirits. I do honestly believe that The Queen Mary is home to a lot of restless spirits, there are many, many encounters and experiences to confirm this. How do you and your team/friends interact with spirits? What you told us you received that day are very strong in terms of communicating.😕

Thanks for sharing.

ghostiie99 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-12)
oh my god how interessting I tottaly understand about the ghost feeling I have also experienced its so similar to mine 😁 keep posting love to hear your stories xx
Argette (guest)
13 years ago (2011-12-11)
Sorry to be obtuse, but how does one "get the feeling of a ghost"? I should think that either you see one or hear something, but that the feeling is not so much of a ghost but of a haunting. That's not right either. Perhaps you get a feeling something else is there? How did you communicate with the young waiter front the 40s? Did you hear a voice or did his story come out through someone in your group?

So many questions.

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