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Something Followed Me Home


When I decided to submit my stories here, I thought about doing it in chronological order. But it's impossible to do so because new things happen, or you remember an important situation that you would really like to share.

For me to be more precise about this story, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am Brazilian, live in the capital Salvador, Bahia, have been declared a medium but am still working on that issue, am an English teacher and on my free time I sing. I have a Rock band and we play at bars and pubs every weekend. Okay. That's enough, let's begin.

About two weeks ago I did a concert with my band at a bar in town. The concert was great, full of people, everybody liked it and I was so happy I decided to go out with a couple of friends that were there and celebrate.

We went to another place, since the place I was at was already closing. We immediately got service and sat down to have some beers. After about an hour I asked my friend to go to the bathroom with me. The bar is out on the street, and the bathroom stays inside a little dark and old gallery and as we were heading toward the bathroom, I saw a woman dressed in black going in, and pushed to open the door, but I felt as if someone had pushed it back at me so I said "oops, I'm sorry. Sorry I'm coming in" But when I went in, there was nobody in there.

I looked in each stall to check once more, and looked at my friend in awe because I had seen someone go in there, just as if I see a normal person pass by. I even saw the woman's features: she was white and had short black fuzzy hair, with black shorts and a black tank top. "Okay" I thought to myself "just forget about it". We stayed for about 30 minutes more and left.

The next day was Sunday, I went to do another concert during the day and arrived at night, so tired I only had guts to take a shower and get ready to sleep. I was in bed already when I started to hear footsteps inside my bedroom (I live alone). Right after that I started to hear a woman's thin voice saying "help me". I got up scared, looked around, opened the front door to see if anybody was outside, but nobody was there. I prayed for protection and went back to bed.

Well I was probably asleep for about an hour and suddenly woke up because I felt somebody touch my shoulder, but I was very tired so it was difficult for me to open my eyes and I turned over to the other side, but I kept feeling a hand touching my shoulder, and pushing against it. I turned on all the lights, took my bible and read it until I could no longer keep my eyes open. I had nightmares all night.

The next morning I woke up completely wracked, went to work feeling sick, in a bad mood and run out of energy. I hadn't slept all night. When I got home I had dinner and went to bed again. This time I started to do my prayers as soon as I went in, but while I was praying in bed, in the middle of the prayer I heard a voice say "whore" "be quiet!" but I kept praying. I got up and prayed around the house, with my bible with me always, and did not stop praying until I felt it was the time to stop. I still didn't sleep well that night, and once more I felt somebody touching me, but instead of touching my shoulder, I felt somebody climbing on top of me.

The next morning I called my spiritual counselor and told her what was going on. The first thing she asked me was "where were you the night before you started feeling these things?" and I told her what had happened. She said "well, the environments you go to influence a lot on the energy you absorb. This bar you went to probably had bad energy, or obsessive spirits and one or even more than one followed you home. Since you have this sensitivity, they were either crying out for help, or trying to obsess on you in any ways."

She then sent me some prayers, protection mantras, and I did everything she told me to, went to bed scared out of my guts, but thanks to my dear God and my guardians I didn't feel anything from that night on.

Now I have learned my lesson. I won't go just anywhere.

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