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The Shadow Man And Phantom Knocks


I was born in Northern Ohio, where I lived until I was around ten (when my family moved to Kentucky) and had never had a paranormal experience until that time. The drive from my home town to our new house (a small house that was roughly a century old) took roughly six hours, and it was late at night by the time we arrived. Some of a relative's other family members were helping us move into the house, and the other children were helping my younger brother and I move our stuff into our new bedroom-the attic-while the adults started unload the moving truck.

At the top of the attic steps was a small piece of wood (maybe three feet by two feet) leaning against the wall, covering the storage space. Once myself and three other girls (all around my age) reached the top of the stairs, we heard pounding on the back of the wood and a young boy yelling for help. We dropped our boxes and darted down the stairs looking for my brother, who was the only boy, only to find him sitting in the living room floor talking to some of the men. Needless to say, I rarely went into the attic at night and spent most nights watching Harry Potter until the sun came up before falling asleep.

We had lived in the house for about a month when a strange leak developed in the dining room. Strange, because the leak always seemed to move to a different spot if we put a bucket where it had been, and there was no water damage on the ceiling to indicate where the leak had come from. It was also strange because the spot always seemed to take the shape of a booted footprint.

Around this time, we got a small dog (a Jack Russell terrier) who would sit up with me all night. On one night, while I was watching TV, I saw a glimpse of a shadow in the dining room and assumed I had woken one of my parents up with the TV. When I turned to apologize, I saw a shadow that was obviously a man walking slowly from one side of the room to the other. I began speaking loudly to our dog, hoping he would notice me, to no avail, and once he reached the opposite wall, he vanished.

I continued to see the man on an almost nightly basis until we moved shortly after a snake somehow ended up in our closed living room and my mom (being terrified of snakes) decided it was time to move.

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kentucky_believer (guest)
5 years ago (2017-07-07)
Funeralmass The snake was just what pushed my mom to move (not something we considered paranormal) because my mother and I are both terrified of snakes. The house honestly just had a very hostile and unwelcoming feeling, but I can't remember everything that happened because it was fifteen years ago. I can tell you one thing, though; I have never been more thankful for one of my phobias to be less than ten feet from me, because it got me out of that house.
funeralmass (1 stories) (27 posts)
5 years ago (2017-07-07)
Kentucky believer, perhaps the water taking the shape of a booted footprint was a former resident of the house making you aware that he is still there (perhaps the shadowy man). As far as the snake, I wouldn't think it was paranormal. Snakes, mice, etc... Find their ways into houses all the time. At my old house in VA, I opened the basement door one evening to find a possum in a large bucket containing old curtains (since I've always owned cats that are very territorial, and possums carry rabies, I retrieved a.44 Magnum from my gun collection, loaded it with. 44 Special ammunition that is designed to fragment after penetration, and shot it). Did anything (besides the snake that scared your mother) seem threatening? I was curious because, if there is in fact an entity or entities in the house and they aren't threatening, I wouldn't have moved. Just my opinion.
sweetsunshine1800 (4 stories) (85 posts)
6 years ago (2016-08-23)
Hello kentucky-believer,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe some young boy's spirit was in the attic and was reaching out to you. Its really strange that those water leaks happened at different places in the shape of a booted footprint 😐 And that man you've seen could be a resident of that house. You should've told your parents to look into the history of the house whilst staying there. But I know its not always possible. I'm glad you've left that house.

One a side note, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan too 😳

Have a good day!

Best wishes and,

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