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Ever since I was little, I had always wanted to meet my great-grandmother and Elvis Presley. But unfortunately both had passed away long before I was born. But recently I started talking to them. I am not a psychic medium but it helps me a lot to go outside and just talk to them whether I need their advice or just to tell them about the events that happened during the day. So I asked them to give me a sign that they are still here and that they care. I think they gave a lot more than one and they still reach out.

One night I was going to bed. I was fully awake when out of nowhere I heard someone say my name in my ear. I know when I am imagining something and when something really happens and that did not come from my own head. When I thought about it for a while I realized that it sounded like the voice of Elvis Presley. I was both scared and excited. But then I thought to myself out of all the people in the world that love Elvis why would he come and visit me. So I went back to sleep hoping that was him and that he would visit me in my dream.

The next day I was in my room talking to them, as usual, when the latch on my door was swinging back and forth. A spirit was not my first theory. At first I had two theories. My first theory was that my grandmother was spying on me. But the latch kept swinging back and forth without slowing down or stopping. Then my second thought was that one of the windows was probably open. So I went around the house and checked. Every one was closed.

A few weeks later, I was sitting in the office when I heard the coffee machine go on. I didn't put much thought into it but something told me to go and see it. I went to the kitchen to find that I was the only person there. My grandmother can't walk very well and she was in the living room watching the news so it was not her. My mother and grandfather were asleep and neither of them use the coffee machine.

The same thing happened not to long after that. It was around 2am and I went downstairs to get a glass of milk. My back was facing the coffee machine when all of a sudden it went on. I was very terrified. I rushed to make my glass of milk and darted to my bedroom, probably spilling the milk. Ever since then it keeps happening every once in a while. But the strange thing is it only happens when I am in the room. It never happens for anyone else.

Recently I have been seeing the number 77 every where all the time. It has special meaning to me because Elvis passed away in 1977. But the most I saw it in one day was 3 times within a half hour. I was with my mother feeding some stray cats in the neighborhood when I looked at a license plate and saw 77. Then I went to sit in my mother's car. While I was waiting for her to finish I put on some Elvis music I recorded on a USB. I put on the song I was in the mood for and looked at the temperature. It was 77 degrees. Then I looked at the file number of the song. File 77. Now every time I see 77, which is all the time, instead of giving it a second thought I smile and thank Elvis for caring.

Everything else is usually the common signs such as feeling like you are being watched or feeling like you are not alone. The most common for me is feeling them around when I am doing something that has to do with them and it is very comforting. When I look through old photo albums of my great-grandmother it feels like she is there with me. When I read about Elvis or watch his movies it always feels like he is there with me. I truly feel a connection to them. Now whenever something out of the ordinary happens like what I just explained, instead of giving it a second thought I thank both of them for caring enough to show a person that neither of them knew in life, that they care about me.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-09-25)
I'll put it out there first that I am not a Christian (more of an agnostic) but I don't mean to ridicule anyone's religious ideas - it is very difficult to read tone into a post but please know that I do not mean this to be sarcastic or disrespectful. But, if millions upon millions of people can believe that they have a personal relationship with a young man who died on a cross a couple thousand years ago - I see it as equally reasonable that this young lady has a similar feeling towards Elvis. My own religious beliefs tend to draw in part from the ancient Romans whose day to day religious activity focused on a set of household gods (familial patron gods) and ancestral spirits - in such a way, this young lady's beliefs about Elvis really aren't unreasonable at all to me.

I have read many stories on this site and elsewhere where folks speak of negative energy (fear, anger, etc) feeding negative entities - why couldn't positive energy work the same way for positive entities? Often a thing is true to the extent that one believes in it and such strong belief might have the ability to draw such energies to her - perhaps with a little help from a great grandmother on the 'inside'.

I 'speak' to my grandparents who passed when I was little - it's always a one sided conversation but I can feel they're always there and always will be so long as I need them to be there. There are also others I speak to and signs they are listening now and then - not Elvis but still folks I have never met before.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2016-09-14)

Like Biblio said you probably have an Elvis impersonator, not the real Elvis. He was a generous man, he once gave a car to a man that was admiring it. But he wasn't that generous that he would do a meet and greet in his dressing room after a concert, he liked his privacy.

I can understand you wanting to seeing your great grandmother BUT and this is a big BUT. How do you know that it's your great grandmother OR Elvis. It's possible at your age you have created a poltergeist, an energy that is formed by teenage angst that happens during puberty. My guess is you are between 14 and 16 +/- a year or two. OR by talking to your great grandmother and Elvis you may have picked up a lonely wandering spirit that has now attached itself to you and will do things only around you. Be careful.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2016-09-09)
Greetings, hallen.

While reading your description of the events you experienced, I noticed that you moved from one point to another with fluidity of thought, but that you don't always utilize the strong critical reasoning which you applied to the swinging latch phenomenon.

For example, you state that the number 77 is special to you and that you see it regularly. If something is special or important to you, your mind sifts through the usual background data until it flags an "important" point and brings it to your attention. Certainly, there are coincidences in the number occurring in close proximity to each other, but this may be a case of "cum hoc, ergo propter hoc," which states that "because they happened together, they MUST be related to each other."

Please note that I am NOT dismissing the haunting phenomena of the swinging latch, nor of the coffee machine which seems to activate itself. These could be evidence of a genuine haunting or they could be poltergeist phenomena which are expressing your not-so-subconscious desires for communication with the deceased. Famous people sometimes haunt specific locations or objects: Abe Lincoln has appeared to foreign dignitaries, cleaning staff, and both Republicans and Democrats in the White House; Liberace apparently follows his mirror-tile encrusted grand piano from home to home; Lady Jane Grey apparently haunts several locations in England, sometimes with her head attached, sometimes carrying it. I would not be surprised to discover that Elvis performed concerts in New Jersey, but I'm a little worried that you've got an Elvis impersonator haunting you. There are a great many accounts of spirits impersonating the voices of still-living loved ones on this website, so impersonating a deceased person with an iconic baritone would not be too difficult a task to accomplish. (I'm British, and I can do a decent "Heartbreak Hotel" Elvis impersonation; I've heard better, but for a foreigner who is better off singing in the chorus than performing solo, it's not bad.) This leads us to the logical question: if you're being haunted by an entity capable of impersonating Elvis, what does he or she want?

I'm not going to comment on the remaining ideas, as I've got to get ready for my day, but I would caution you to write a list to separate out the genuine haunting phenomena from the wish-fulfillment phenomena (you may want to have a third category: "unsure"), then examine what's left on the definite "haunting" list.

I have no trouble believing that a direct relative may be haunting you, such as your great-grandmother, but you've not described anything to suggest that she may be present. Why did you want to meet her? Does everyone who remembers her tell you what a wonderful person she was? Would any of the phenomena be consistent with any of her known behavior patterns?

Elvis got into minor problems from time to time because he did like girls who where on the young side of 'legal age,' and several people have alleged that Elvis also enjoyed the company of guys, BUT I have not seen any documented evidence of this. What an Elvis-Impersonator spirit may be up to just seems more and more troubling as I ponder it.


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