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The Man In The Shadows


A lot has been happening lately, comfortable and uncomfortable things. Some of these "happenings" just leave me curious and confused as to why all of this is happening. I've been experiencing things to the point where I have broken down and I shall tell you how and why now.

One day, I was sat in front of the door to my brother's room, just casually sat there listening to music as I waited on my brother to come back. When he finally came, just as I turned my head towards him to say something, I was kept completely shut and frightened over what I had just seen. I let out a small scream which left my brother worried and motivated him to ask me why I had let out a sudden reaction. I explained it all to him, about how I saw a solid figure of a man stood behind him.

Now, I really didn't believe in the paranormal and to see something like this just shook me. I did and still do believe that spirits are real but my view on seeing them had totally changed around after this incident.

I am religious and I pray more often than used to do back then which has helped me a lot because I feel more protected and safe but it doesn't end there.

When I found out that my brother was experiencing the same things as me, we told our mother and she sat us down to explain it all. We found out that she had similar things happening to her in the past too. And I had also learnt that when my mother was trying to get pregnant with her first child (me) that she was targeted by black magic and had been attacked by a shadow person. That gives me a feeling that something or someone (the spirits) may have gotten through some closed doors. I'm not a professional or anything but it's something I assume may have happened.

Anyway, we've had our house checked out by different mediums and they all said the same things, they told us that something was in this house. But the thing is that, I feel like there's more than one spirit in this house. One I sense is good and the other I sense as bad but not demonically bad, I can feel it in my gut. Most times, out of nowhere I will occasionally see a black mist pass by the corner of my eyes but I end up dismissing them as my imagination. The way these spirits contact me are through my dreams most of the times rather than my awake hours although I have seen this solid figure of a man twice in the same hallway I had an encounter with the first solid figure that appeared behind my brother.

At night, I feel cold touches, especially on the side of my head and the feeling pins and needles in hands. Very recently, it was as if I was completely drained of my energy and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't think straight. Hours later I was totally fine and slept well, but this isn't the only time that something like that has happened.

One night, I was sleeping and I felt this voice speak into my ear. It was vividly clear enough to make me understand the words being said and the voice was soft yet in a little harsh tone. It said something like, "You think you're clever, don't you? I'm stronger than you girl, try me." That's when I woke up, my heart was racing so fast as I looked around my room to examine if one of my siblings played a harmless yet frightening prank on me. But when I realised there was no way for my siblings to do that to me... I froze in shock. My bed was against the wall then and since my door is a bit broken and the floorboards haven't been fitted back in properly, uf you opened the door it would create a loud sound that would make anyone jolt. I'm a light sleeper by the way so there was no way that anyone could've pulled it off plus I don't sleep against the wall, I always sleep away from the wall so I would've known and felt something get on to my bed and lay beside me.

It's just confusing me, all of this. I found myself crying one day because of it. I don't know what to do. I've decided to keep myself devoted to God and to follow the light as I know that's the only thing that assures me safety. I'm sorry for posting such a long story, but I would like to know your opinions and advice on what I should do or about what's happening to me.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-28)

I second that you try Rookdygins' cleansing/shielding method. Many people on this site have tried it and have had great success. It takes several days to complete so I would let your mother know about it and get her permission to do this, she may want to join in.

Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
6 years ago (2016-09-26)
Dorsetghosthorror - rather than post your ad on individual stories, contact our administrator and request he post the ad for you on our home page. Thank you.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-23)
Hi MoonlightJannet, thanks for sharing your experience. Welcome to YGS. Mystery Research might be right in one aspect. The words that you have heard might have been due to a vivid dream that might have been caused by your fears. I just said might and did not discard your account. Just a theory.

You said in your narrative that you feel that there are two spirits in your house and that one is good and the other is not so good or so bad but bad.

Fine. Please do keep a journal of events. Secondly, be bold. Don't be scared. The negative entities feed off your energy.

And please do some cleansing of the house. It should be done on a regular basis for some days to ward off negative entities or energies. There is an excellent cleansing method explained in the profile page of Rookdygin, one of the experienced posters in this site. Please do try. It has worked for many and it will work for you. Thank Rook after you have driven away the negative entity.

Regards and respects to you.

dazram (16 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-22)
Hello I was wondering if you were aware that you can make your own holy water, you can find out how on u-tube. There are lots of little tips you can learn on the tube. You can learn how to do your own cleansing amongst other things. I sleep with a bible und my pillow and have learnt the prayer to st Michael the ark angel. But anyway good luck love and I hope you stay safe.
MoonlightJannet (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-21)
Hi Ruggy90,

I keep my bible in my room too! 😆 It's great to hear that you had been experiencing things too. At least I'm not alone. I had started to get back on my feet and start praying a lot more than I used to be doing and when I just brought the bible into my room, that's when the whispering happened. The fact that I started following the light may have triggered this energy and the result of this may have caused this unknown energy to call me "Clever." I may be "Clever" by devoting myself to God but at least I'm closing the doors this spirit may have gotten through. I felt like a man's presence was watching over me in my room 😆 That's when I first started feeling awkward & uncomfortable and told my mother about it. Looking forward to reading your stories too.
MoonlightJannet (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-21)
Hi MysteryResearch,

Thank you for the advice, it's exactly what my own mother said to me. The mediums that checked the house advised us to start praying more and reading the holy bible more in order to keep the house attracted to good spirits rather than evil and demonic spirits. We have been told to carry a prayer or a quote from the holy bible and store it in a handmade necklace so that way it could be on/with us at all times. We haven't had the house cleansed or blessed yet but that could be an option to highly consider so all of that fear built up inside could be set free.
Ruggy90 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-18)
The part that got to me was that whole sentence whispered into your ear! I've never had that happen, but I've had something breathe heavily in my ear. Whenever I do feel unwanted presences I pray as well. It seems to help me a bit, but I'm a big baby! I hope they seem to leave you alone, but that presence seems very intimidated by you. Why else would he feel the need to say those things to you? I would keep praying, and I would have your room or your entire house blessed. At my old house there was a negative presence in my room that wanted to be mean to me, and my mom's friend went in there and prayed for God to bless my room and that seemed to help with him coming into my room. I also kept my bible open at all times in my room. There was a woman presence that stayed in my room but she seemed to just watch over me. It sounds creepy, but I think she helped keep the scary man out of my room. 😁
Revajane (1 stories) (71 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-16)
Hi and Welcome to YGS.

This is a great place to go to get advice as many members have years of experience in this area. I really just read everything I can ever since I was little.

Please don't apologize for having a long story. I think it is better to have a longer story with relevant information than a short story with little to no real information.
I found your story interesting.
MysteryResearch (23 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-16)
Hi MoonlightJannet,

Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like there is a lot happening here, and it sounds like a really scary experience.

I feel like the voice you heard while sleeping may have been a stress dream, brought on by your understandable fear from the happenings in your home that you described. You had asked for advice, this is what I tell my own teenager: try to get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy balanced diet, and get some exercise. Maybe get a source of white noise at night, like a fan or a noise machine.

The pins and needle sensation, cold feeling, and lack of energy may have a physical explanation. Whatever is causing it could also be contributing to a feeling of anxiety. This may be something to mention to your mom or your doctor during your next checkup. You may be worn down and need more rest.

As for your mom being the target of a black magic attack - based on your account, it does not appear that this is causing what you are seeing. If I'm understanding correctly, the people who have been consulted seem to indicate that they believe your house to be haunted. Did they have advice for how to proceed? You mention you are religious, could a minister or clergy member bless your house?

Wishing you the best,
Mystery Research

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