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The Ghosts Of Number 11


When I was about 10 me and my family moved into a new house, number 11. We lived in the town of Brentwood in the UK. It was the nicest town I've ever known. And number 11 will always be the place I remember as home. From the start it was obvious that the place was already occupied, heavily. Simply put you could just sense 'others'. My experiences and the experiences of my family were mostly sensing things and feeling things... For example my mum and another family member who would stay occasionally would both complain of feeling somebody or something sitting on them while they tried to sleep. It started with the feet, and as time went by progressed to someone/thing sitting on the chest area. Neither one who experienced this suffered any kind of sleep disorder or mental health issue.

There was always a negative feeling to the house, but not to the extent of making life unbearable. Just a little uncomfortable sometimes. Personally an issue I had was walking up the stairs alone. The hallway at the top of the stairs always carried a kind of darkness. It was so heavy that you could sense someone standing there staring at you but you could never see them. The presence was male, I and others always got that feeling that it was a he.

My younger sister would complain that someone was always knocking on the bathroom door while she was in there. She simply asked it to stop and after a while it did.

In the day time, never at night, I used to catch glimpses of someone sitting on the stairs. A man in a white suit. I remember he had brown hair and would smile. I'm unsure what to make of this as I also used to see another man sat in exactly the same spot on different days only wearing a black suit. Which I find/found strange. I wonder if it was the same man I'd seen only wearing a different coloured suit... But as far as I'm aware ghosts/spirits etc can't change their clothing? What a person is wearing at the time of death stays with them after death, or so I've always believed.

My brother's bedroom was next to mine and my younger sisters. He is a year and some months older than myself. Late at night, every night, he would see a tall man stood in his room watching him. He described the man as being angry, being evil, having long hair and disturbingly a severely cut up and bleeding face. Sometimes he said the man would appear closer to the bed.

I had some school friends over to my house, my mum had gone shopping in town so it was just us. It was a bright day so we were hanging around in the garden wasting time. Truth be told my best friend got a little uneasy in the house on other occasions, though (until that day) she hadn't actually had an encounter, she just didn't like the way she felt in the house. Like she was being watched etc. Anyway at some point someone looked up (I really can't remember who) and was staring at the window in shock prompting the rest of us to follow her gaze. And there we saw looking back at us the less than friendly face of an old man. All I remember of him is that he was frowning and had white hair. His skin was very white too almost as white as his hair. Not long before we were to move out of the house my mum learned from a neighbor that an old man had in fact lived and died in the house (of natural causes I'm sure) so I feel validated in that.

Also we had a cat ghost. A little black one. He/she was never bothersome. There were times when you could hear purring and other times of feeling him/her brushing against your legs (often in the kitchen). All sightings of him/her were fleeting, you would just catch a little glimpse out of the corner of your eye. My mum had a friend over one day and we were all sitting in the living room having tea/coffee when she (the friend) smiled and said "I didn't know you got a new cat" to which we replied we hadn't and she looked toward the doorway stating "but...I just saw it run out of the room". No one had mentioned anything regarding the cat spirit to her beforehand.

The one scary experience I had in that house was while I was bunking school (skipping school/skiving whatever it's called lol). I'd decided to make the small cupboard under the stairs my 'den' and often locked myself away under there. I'd left the house in the morning 'to go to school' (knowing it was shopping day) and snuck around into the garden. I kept vigilant and when mum left the house to head into town I let myself back in via the backdoor. My siblings were definitely in school. My brother hadn't been staying at home anyway and my little sister had been dropped off at her school by mum earlier that morning. So I was 100% alone in the house. After lounging around for a while I retired to the 'den' to hide in case mum came back and caught me home. It was a small cupboard. Just big enough to sit in. I had a couple of books etc inside and a torch. The door had one of those ball latches? (I actually really don't know what those things are called) but basically the door wouldn't shut like a normal one (why I felt safe inside because I KNEW I could always get out) so all it needs is a gentle push and it'll open easily. After a while I decided to get out (I needed the bathroom plus my legs were getting cramped) so I pushed the door. It swung open as normal and I was just about to climb through when the door came slamming back into me forcing me back inside the cupboard. I was scared instantly. I knew what just happened shouldn't have been possible and I knew something was on the other side and had aggressively forced the door closed on me. I tried to push the door again and it was obvious that something was leaned against it on the other side stopping me from leaving. The door ALWAYS opens when you push it, even lightly, something had to have been pushing against it. I tried again and got it opened a crack only to have something ram against it keeping me trapped. I know I was panicking by this point but I don't think I was crying. It went on for what felt like a year until finally after a lot of hurtling myself at the door the 'presence' abruptly disappeared and I tumbled out onto the floor shaking and confused... And terrified. Everything was normal. Nothing had fallen against the door etc the hallway was and had always been empty of any kind of furniture. I checked the house and of course I was alone. I didn't care to hide after that point, when my mum got back I looked so scared that she didn't even bother asking me why I was home. She just asked me what happened and helped calm me down.

Sorry if those encounters aren't terribly exciting or even particularly well written/described. I have done my best. On a side note, something else I began to experience in that house (which has followed me to other homes which have had spirits etc leading me to believe it is a ghost provoked phenomenon) was seeing these strange droplets of mist (not water... A misty grey opaque series of droplets) falling from the corner of a door frame, mostly as I was about to walk through. There were always three... They would fall in a line, one after the other and disappear midway never reaching the floor. I'm curious about this most of all...I'd like to know if anyone has ever experienced the same? Keep in mind I am not talking about water. I have researched my experience and all I could find was others talking of droplets of water which is definitely not what I've been seeing in these haunted places. Thank you for reading.

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lulu333 (2 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-01) seems I can't spell EVEN though I previewed my comment. Lol I meant 'interesting'.
Apologies...I will now go to bed as I clearly shouldn't be awake right now haha.
lulu333 (2 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-01)
Bibliothecarius hello... Thanks for reading and commenting (and thanks to all others)

It's really interesring to hear what happened to your mother's friend, thanks for sharing that. I love reading about those kind of accounts... The scary stuff is always interesting but it's nice to read, well...nice...stories from time to time lol. Whatever was with her did a pretty good deed that night. She must have been relieved as well after being so on edge around those people. Glad she got home safely.

I'm so glad you know the latch I did my best to describe lol I didn't know if anyone would understand what I meant 😆 I myself have only ever seen that kind of latch once (on the door in the story) I don't think they are very common usually. I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather's sister...that's horrible.
Those kinds of latches would be useful on all bathroom doors really. Too many accidents can happen in bathrooms.

I will go and google 'saturday night fever' haha and thanks for the additional information 😊

The droplets that appeared in the doorway/s were always the same size ie one or two were not bigger than the third or smaller than, and on every separate occassion they were no bigger or smaller than I'd ever seen before. Their size shape and colour remained the same each and every time. They appeared in any doorway/frame (each one with a door attached just left open as we didn't really close doors except bedroom doors at night while we slept) within a home excluding doorways leading to outside ie front door and back door. And as described they looked like droplets of mist. They had a level of solidity to them as you couldn't see straight through them etc but they weren't whole (I'm aware my description here isn't brilliant lol sorry). They would fall and always disappear midway at (from what I could tell) the exact same spot each and every time. And they would fall quickly... But obviously not so quickly that you couldn't be sure about what you'd seen. I am the only one in my family that would see these misty drops. It was like droplet groundhog day lol the phenomenon never changed or altered in any way. It would happen exactly as it happened before. Hope you can make sense out of my answers (I'm kind of up passed my bedtime here haha I know...'excuses, excuses') 😆
lulu333 (2 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-01)
Hi Jessicqqqq 😊

It's good they are still there to keep everyone company, including your living cats lol 'oddly adorable' I like that haha yeah ours was too. I loved knowing he/she was around.

Hmmm...the old man, well as I said he didn't look too happy lol poor bloke. We were three or four (I really can't rememeber who exactly was over that day) pre-teens left without adult supervision. I can't rememeber if we were making a whole lot of noise out there, but I guess it's likely, probably what brought him to the window to glare at us like he did haha older people tend to like quiet I think so we probably disturbed him a tad. Oops... Kids eh?
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-31)
Greetings, Lulu; welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing your interesting story with us.

Manafon has given you some excellent pointers on the clothing of apparitions. While he has indicated a specific case of a deceased father's appearing in full uniform to instill the sense of importance to the occasion, there are other accounts of entities which can change their entire appearance. I have used the generic term "entities" because I do not want to suggest that this transformative ability is limited only to evil spirits (e.g.: "demons"). One of my mother's friends was leaving a train station late at night, frightened by some of the individuals loitering nearby, when a large bull mastiff walked up to her, stood beside her, and accompanied on her entire walk home. No one in the area owned this dog, it did not have a collar, and my mum's friend never saw it before or afterward. She thinks it was a guardian angel or a protective spirit, and I have no evidence which could contradict that claim.

The spirits who don't change their garments --ever!-- tend to be "residual" hauntings; they don't know they're dead. These spirits wear whatever they thought was the clothing appropriate to the task/occasion at that time. A medieval monk, for example, might wander around a cathedral in sandals and a robe to attend a prayer service because that's what monks wore to matins, lauds, vespers, and compline.

My suspicion is that the man on the stairs was more than likely a residual haunting. If he was accustomed to getting ready for a night out with his wife or his friends, but usually sat on a lower step waiting for someone else to get ready or to arrive, his changes in outfit may simply reflect the manner of event he was planning to attend (for more on white suits, google "Saturday Night Fever"). I know this is a bit of a stretch, given the data, but It's in keeping with normal human behavior.

I am very familiar with the door latch mechanism you describe. (After my grandfather's sister slipped, broke her neck, and drowned in her own bathtub, most members of his generation and the next put that type of latch on the bathrooms.) The normal wedge-shaped latch which projects from the door to connect with the strike plate on the frame is replaced with a spherical latch which is held in place by the same type of spring mechanism as an ordinary latch. The advantage is that a two-year-old of moderate strength can operate the door without getting locked in or out of the room. For a door like the one you describe to resist being pushed open by an upset individual, there has to be a great deal of force applied to the other side of the door, as the door itself is not doing any work to remain shut. One of the doors we had with that latch used to open if the bathroom window was open and someone downstairs opened a door.

I would like to know more about the physical appearance of the doorway droplets. Were they a consistent size? Did they seem to have the same rate of descent each time you saw them? Were there a similar properties in the doorways, such as "interior doorways only" or "doorways without doors"?

Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to respond to my questions.

Jessicqqqq (5 stories) (56 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-30)
Hi Lulu!

I've had multiple cats cuddle me while I was sleeping. My roommates dads (we live in their house as of right now) old cat is always in the house still. His dad always sees her too. I'll be laying in bed and I'll feel a cat walking on the bed but all 3 of me and my boyfriends cats would be downstairs. She always lays on my left leg and purrs a lot. It's oddly adorable. Sometimes we'll walk in and it will look like a cat is laying on the bed but we can't see her. I see one of my cats chasing nothing sometimes too hahaha.

As for the door, I have no idea. I've read a few stories like that. The old man is probably upset that his space was taken over or it could possibly be something else. That's my guess. I can't say that's what's going on for sure, but it's possible.
lulu333 (2 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-29)
Hi Tweed,

I'm glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading. Yes, the doorway mist doesn't seem to appear anywhere else on the internet as far as I can tell. I have searched in vain lol but hopefully some day I might get an answer. It's possible that I was being punished haha (though I really didn't learn my lesson and continued to bunk school, just never in the 'den' after that) I've heard all kinds of stories too about people being locked in cupboards etc not nice at all... I really don't know what the motive behind this was for sure, if it was the same 'spirit' that haunted the upstairs hallway then I'd say 'he' did it simply because he was a bad entity and enjoyed causing fear etc. The man at the window was elderly and from what I can remember of the stair man (or men) is he was definitely not elderly. I can't say exactly how old he appeared as it was a long time ago but he definitely wasn't the age of the fellow we saw at the window. Although after what Manafon has just explained I guess it's possible that the man on the stairs and old man are one and the same... Just showing himself at different ages? I guess it's a possibility.

Hi Manafon... Thanks for that information, I honestly never thought it would be possible for a ghost/spirit to appear in different clothing. I guess it's a common assumption that a ghost can only appear in the particular clothes they died or were buried in. In light of this I'd say that the 'two' men I'd seen on the stairs were probably the same man. He really seems to have liked his suits though. And it sticks out in my mind because I've only ever seen someone wearing a white suit like his to a prom or something (you know the kind?) and they just look odd, to me anyway lol. It really was 'white' as well. Because of this my mum used to like to tell me he may have been a guardian angel... I guess people often associate white with angels? I'm not too sure lol. You've sparked my interest 😊 I will have to try and find some stories to read of ghosts appearing in different clothing and also showing themselves at different ages because I really didn't think it was possible. Though I guess I should have known better seeing as anything is really possible when it comes to the supernatural/paranormal.

Mythem...hello lol yes the cat was really sweet. Always lingering around in the kitchen purring and rubbing against your legs affectionately as cats do. Well we've not lived in the house for years now so perhaps the new owners have done a cleansing on the old place I have no way of knowing. I agree that aggressive ghosts are not a good thing and that whole event for me was a big wake up call, I'd never had something like that happen to me. But avoiding the den thereafter things returned to normal and it was pretty much forgotten about, weirdly... Its strange how that can happen. But once it was over I felt safe and it never gave me another direct reason to fear it, so as you asked... He could simply have done it as a one off to punish me for skipping school 😨 as for the old man and the stair man... It is possible they were the same person showing himself at different ages... I'm not sure lol I've never considered that possibility until today but there is a chance. I'd love to go back there some day and speak to whomever lives there now... But I wouldn't want to freak anyone out 😆
mythem (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-29)
I enjoyed this account. I especially liked the ghost cat! Could the cat have belonged to the old man in the window? Speaking of the old man, are you sure he wasn't the man on the stairs?

About the cupboard, as Tweed remarked, cupboards have been used for punishments throughout history. Could the ghost have been punishing you for skipping school? It didn't keep you in there for very long, as you mentioned, just long enough to scare you and teach you a good lesson. But, aggressive ghosts are never good. And as much as you may like the cat, a cleansing might help get rid of the mean ones.
Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-29)
Lulu333--Really enjoyed reading your account of all the various paranormal activity in your family house in Brentwood. You state, "what a person is wearing at the time of death stays with them after death, or so I've always believed." There are a number of well reported cases where what is believed to be the same apparition appears wearing different clothes. Many reports suggest that the apparition of an individual wearing different clothes occurs because in one instance, a younger version of the now deceased person appears and in another instance a later representation. Hence, different clothes are represented.

There are also reported cases where a childhood AND adult version of the same person appears. Here too, of course, different clothes would be represented. Very commonly the same clothes are reported in an apparition that is seen multiple times but there is nothing in the many case studies of apparitions to suggest they appear more often in what they were wearing at the time of death. For instance, in a well documented case, a man's deceased father appeared to admonish his son and was wearing his Naval uniform. The father hadn't been in the Navy in several decades before his death and wasn't buried in the uniform. The uniform seems to have been chosen by the father's apparition because it added an extra sense of authority to the serious message he was trying to convey to his son.

Of course if someone is hit by a car, for instance, it does seem much more common (if indeed an apparition appears) for it to appear in the clothes worn at the moment of death. So, long story short, the apparitions of the two male figures you saw on the staircase could have been the same man represented at different points in his life.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-29)
Hi Lulu,

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this. Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions about your doorway mist, first I've ever heard of something like that. Hopefully someone might have some suggestions.

I've heard people mention on here about stair cupboards being used for all sorts of horrible punishments throughout history. I'm hesitant to wonder if some nasty pasty was behaving according to their time. Not very nice at all.

I like your phantom cat! Cat apparitions are very common on here. Most happen much as has happened to you. I don't think there's ever been a negative cat apparition. 😊

Did the man at the window look like the man on the stairs?

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