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Hand In The Closet/wardrobe


This event took place when I was young from memory between 5-9 years old of age. The season was around Autumn/Spring (can't really remember as I was young).

It was around early evening/almost dark outside, I was just relaxing as a young kid does after a busy day. I had to put something away in my room. A brief description of my room: it's medium size really when you walk through the door. Standing in the door frame, you are looking towards the window, beside the window to the right hand side is a built in closet/wardrobe with two doors to it. You can see it when you are walking down the hallway.

As I was walking down the hallway I had my item of clothing to put away in my room. I went to my room open bedroom door and threw my item of clothing into my room onto the messy floor. After I threw the item of clothing I turned around and as I turned around to close my door just before I closed it I caught a glimpse, (sorry if spelled wrong) a glimpse of something from the closet that had a small gap as it wasn't really closed properly.

The thing I saw was something that spooked the heart out of me. The thing I saw as I closed my door was a hand coming out of the closet gap reaching out and garbing the thin air in the room. The arm and hand only. I froze for a bit before door was actually closed. The hand was very hairy like a monkey hand but light brown as in the eye color. If I had to judge the length it had to be roughly 3-5 inches.

After I saw it. I kid you not, I didn't even sleep in my room for at least a year. I just slept in my brother's room on the mattress we used for guest sleep overs and shortly moved to the top bunk. As I was so afraid to sleep in my room thinking the thing will get me. I don't know what it was or how its connected to the area but I'm still clueless today.

Will anyone know what I've seen or could relate to it?

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