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Ben Drowned (my Experience)


Before I tell you this Story I want you to know what a Creepy pasta is. Creepy pastas are stories and tales that are supposed to be scary and in some cases true... I never thought they were real and to this day I still don't think a lot of them are but... One thing is for sure not all of them are fake. Majoras Mask is a Zelda game made by Nintendo and was very popular. But around a year or so after the release a rumor started going around about a creepy glitch caused by a ghost. The ghost was called Ben Drowned, He looks like the main character but with bloody tears and scary eyes. The reason I believe in this so much is for one I have witnessed it and for two because Nintendo even confirmed the glitch. Here is how I found out this was true. Note: This just happened. For the past week before me writing it I have been pretty bored, I was scrolling trough the suggestion box on YouTube and a video Randomly popped up of Ben Drowned. Now up until that time I never knew or ever played Majoras mask so I had no idea what it was. The only reason I clicked on the video therefore was because the picture looked scary and cool and I was bored so thought "why not?". I watched the 10-11 minute video and became intrigued, Hearing about the glitch made me...Curious. I'm a girl but I'm also a huge gamer and the only reason I had never heard of Majoras mask was because I usually don't play Nintendo and hearing about that glitch made me confused. I decided to go online and search a little apparently only a few people have experienced it due to weird circumstances (I would suggest searching yourself to understand what I mean). Now of course at first I was thinking "This is so dumb a game can't be haunted."...Unfortunately I was wrong. I Soon went to the Nintendo page and looked around for Majoras mask stuff... I became pale seeing a apology on the site from the Nintendo company explaining the CREEPY glitch. They said weird stuff like "This glitch has nothing to do with anything except messed up data." They were very specific and singled out the fact that it was just messed up data alot. This gave me a lot of supposition. Here is where it gets scary... Right after I was done reading the apology my computer shut off... It was on the charger and had 87%? I turned it back on only to find that the "Site can't not be reached" and looked up to see the URL was MESSED UP all... When I say this I mean it was 666 every other word. I got a creepy feeling and exited the page soon forgetting it and deciding to go this site called isn't a popular site and there are only around 86 to 100 users so for it to be mentioned is very weird... Keep that in mind, While I was on the site I got a huge rush of fear and felt like some one was watching me and not just watching I mean staring into my eyes studying my every movement... Now we are back to today. I was searching random stuff and Ben Drowned was in recent searches? I had only searched Majoras mask and had only heard Ben Drowned once in the apology... I shurgged it off thinking maybe I did and can't remember. I clicked it and a quiz pulled up. I said "Which creepypasta is stalking you?". I just looked at it "What?" I thought. I began doing the quiz and started getting an erie feeling I got on the Cleverbot site and my result made me shake with fear... Been Drowned pulled up...why...then I read how the quiz knew "Playng Majoras Mask or Going On A Site called"...I panicked and rushed to go through my history... Sure enough I had visted cleverbot 2 the day before today... Then my history re-wrote itsef and every single search was BEN DROWNED... So here I am scared and feeling like I'm being watched as I type this hoping this will teach you... NOT EVERY CREEPY PASTA IS FAKE

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-24)
Greetings, Mystories.

As I read your narrative, I kept asking, "Why do I think that this is a computer virus?" Isn't this the type of virus a hacker would create to obliterate the traces of his/her search through a victim's hard drive? Hell, a talented hacker could use this technique to create a botnet and then use the substituted history file to hide the program from your system's security & anti-virus programming.

When I read the responses from YGSers who know what they're doing with computers, my suspicions were validated. To suggest that a particular object, place, or person is haunted is relatively normal on YGS, but to suggest that an entity can be encoded into computer programming is a serious leap into the realms of Artificial Intelligence; that's Science Fiction (e.g.: A.C.Clarke, William Gibson, Gene Wolfe), not Paranormal Studies.

L_Melb (220 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-24)
I really don't know what to think after reading the comments. Val tells us she found no apology on the Nintendo website but as Tweed points out, hackers can do strange things.
One thing I feel sure of is that if Nintendo had to communicate with the public, a better term than "messed up data" would be found. I'm sure they wouldn't explain any problems as such. Well, that's my two cents! 😁
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-24)
Mystories, hello and welcome,

If this has indeed happened to you, everything you've described screams hacker. If so, someone IS watching you from goodness knows where doing goodness knows what with the footage. Take a piece of blu-tack or black tape and stick it over your camera on your device, so they can't watch you any more. Also block the cameras on any of your other devices, especially if they're synced to the device this started on. Things went weird after you clicked a link, this was the hacker's way into your system.

There are plenty of idiots out there who scare unsuspecting people, record it, upload it to some lame 'password access only' site to share with their lame friends. The likelihood of this happening is fairly low, but it does happen, especially if you frequent game sites and/or chatrooms. A creepy pasta/nintendo conspiracy theory such as this is JUST the very thing these bell ends high five over.

Do you know someone tech savvy who can give your system the once over? Have you updated or do you use a firewall?

Arm yourself with knowledge and stay safe out there in gamer land!

Fellow YGSers, I know this one sounds lame and fake but there's some real idiots out there in the gamer world who pull these kinds of hacking stunts all the time. I think this individual has been duped by a hacker.
valkricry (49 stories) (3276 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-04-23)
I went to the Official Nintendo site, and could find nothing about an apology "...from the Nintendo company explaining the CREEPY glitch". It's possible I missed it. Could you post a link to where you saw this?
In your research, did you somehow miss that Jadusable, user name of Alex Hall (author of that particular Creepypasta) admits that the whole thing was meant to be an "alternate reality game"? Meaning he made the whole thing up. That's right, he creates games.
I went to the Cleverbot site. It's basically a program who's answers depend on key words used in your comments to 'converse with you.' Which is why so little of it makes sense. When I was there 25673 people were talking. A far cry from the "around 86 to 100 users" you claim.
I'm not saying you haven't experienced, 'something'. I just don't think it is what you think it is, because the facts don't jive. It's possible while 'researching' you picked up a virus from another site.
If it makes you feel any better, according to the legend (yep, I actually read the thing) ya gotta play to get haunted by Ben.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-23)
Here I am eating my breakfast thinking I have stumbled onto a site entitled "Your True Glitch Stories" 😆
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-23)
Being the not computer savvy person I am, I will only wait to see the advice offered by the more knowledgeable members of the site.

The only thing I have to say is "NOT EVERY CREEPY PASTA IS FAKE" neither every story published in YGS is real. 😐

Thanks for sharing.
xlauraloux (20 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-23)
Maybe you should get some anti virus software on your tablet? If still having problems after then get a repair person to look at it.

As for the haunting I can't offer much advice, I've never heard of a computer game being haunted, not saying I don't believe you just but confused by it x

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