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Ben Strike's Again


If you have read my Previous stories, You can see that I have one gifted baby brother. Ben, has been encountering things of other realms since well... Birth!

It's been awhile since I wrote a story. But my ex and I are no longer together. I am with my current husband to be, Charles. And we live in a beautiful 1930's southern tract home in Leesburg, Florida. We have looked up the history on this house and all we could find that it was made in 1930, and the additions of the house came in 1948.

Charles and I fell in love with this place at first sight! It needed a lot of work and had to be drastically cleaned. We first saw this place back in September. And from day one we cleaned. Charles and His friend found themselves mowing the 4 foot tall grass that covered the entire perimeter of the 1.5 acres the house sits on. While I put my hands and elbows to work inside. We got the electricity turned on the first day we looked at it. So thankfully we could even work until after dark. We would leave the house around midnight and come back around 8 am the next morning. We painted, we steam cleaned the carpet's and we washed everything.

One day, just days before we moved in, I picked Ben up from school and I brought him to my soon to be live in home. I didn't know this at the time, and found out just recently, but since the moment Ben walked through the door... He saw them, He sensed them. He watched them... He smelt them, he felt them. They were definitely here. I rushed right into work to steam cleaning the carpet. Ben walked up to me and asked me if it was alright if he explored the house and property. I said sure Buddy, go ahead!

Little did I know then, but he wasn't an innocent kid wanting to run around and play make believe and make swords out of tree branches. He was on a mission. Ben walked into what would be mine and Charles' room. On our bedroom we have a good sized extended ad on. I guess you would use it for a nursery if you had a new born. Then no later did Ben walk in there, he walked out. And ran to the back door, and down the path way to our woods.

The woods behind our house is ours. We own about a half acre of woods. That's where our well is and what not. Ben ran through the woods and disappeared behind the canopy trees. He was gone back there for about 15 minutes until I went looking for him. It's like he knew I was coming, because when I made it to the pathway, he ran up and said, "I'm here." I said ok, don't scare me.

We move in Sept 2011. Ben never wanted to come over. And when he did come over, he always stayed in the kitchen. He hardly ever would leave the kitchen. And he never wanted to spend the night.

I would say December 2011 is when I personally started to realize that we were not alone in the house. I came home from shopping with a friend one night. I had bought a golden quilt, that I thought would match perfectly with our brown and gold bedroom curtains. I also brought pizza home for us to eat. But I just had to get my quilt on the bed. So my friend and I spread the quilt over the bed as Charles ate Pizza. Next, I hear Charles yelling my name. I run in to the kitchen to see why.

Above our stove is where we have about 5 pots hanging off the cupboards above. They were all steady swinging. And Charles told me he thought he saw a human like black figure just in the corner of his eye. And then as soon as he noticed it, the pots and pans started swaying left to right, Aas if they'd been pushed to swing that way. The bedroom shares a wall with the kitchen, and the stove is up against that wall, and you hear everything from the bedroom that goes on in the kitchen. So if Charles had gotten up and done that himself, I would have heard. Being's there were no tvs or anything noisy on, as we all just got home!

After that incident, occurrences became more frequent, and more obvious, as if the "spirits" were putting on a show for us to be watched. Things would literally be there one second and gone the next. Our room mate lost his house key and then found it in the garbage cabinet by the fridge. Meaning... The trash can sits in front of it, wedged between the cabinet door and the refrigerator. My friend started staying with us, the same one I went shopping with. And she would be waken up in the middle of the night by someone shaking her, Only when she woke up... No one was there!

Charles and I never really felt anything. We got a German Shepard when we moved in here, and started putting his cage in the room attached to our bedroom and he would sleep in there at night. Boomer would bark, cry, whine, one morning I got up to take him out and I noticed a big scratch on his nose.

There are too many small occurrences to list them all. So I will get to the point,

One evening, I brought Ben over because we finally put two and two together. I knew Ben has had a gift all his life, and I thought he could help me. I asked him if he wanted to go to my house, and he asked me why. I said because I needed his help. So on the way to my house from his a good 18 mile drive. Ghosts and dwellings weren't spoken of. Ben brought it up and said out of the blue, "I can see it now."

What can you see?

"The Girl"

What Girl?

"The girl that lives in your woods!"

There's a girl in our woods?

"yes, she's a young girl... About my age!"

Is she mean?

"No, she wants to go home But she can't."

Where is her home?

"your House... Is her home."

Why can't she go home?

"Because he won't let her... If she goes home, then they go to heaven."

Who is he? And who are THEY?

"He is the mean man... The evil one, I don't think he is was alive. I think he works for the devil."

So are you trying to say he is a demon?

"I guess so."

Who are They, Ben?

"It's the girl, her mother and her father."

Where is the mother and the father?

"Remember the first day I came to your house... Before you moved in?"


"Well, the first time I walked in your front door, I saw the father. He was wearing dress pants and a tucked in shirt, I thought he might have just came home from work. But I saw him in your living room, he was kneeling down at the fire place trying to start a fire. Because it was very cold in the house. When I walked to your back door in the kitchen, I saw her mother. She was wearing a plaid dress, her hair was brown and in a bun, and she was cooking at the stove."

Where did you see the little girl?

"I saw her in your bedroom, but when I got there... She was already dead."


(I was very puzzled at this time of my brother telling me this, I remember every word that was said, because I recorded it on video to my phone) My friend was driving!


Ben, Are you afraid of my House?

"No, not your house... I am just afraid of the mean man in your bedroom."

Ben, Do you think you could go into my bedroom and try to figure things out for me, if I went in there with you to make sure you were alright?

"I guess I could."

We get to my house and the first thing we do, is go into the bedroom and sit in there for a little while. Ben leans up against the wall, the same wall that is shared with the kitchen. He folds his hands and rests them on his stomach. He looks into the far right upper corner of our bedroom... And Ben just goes away. His body is there, his life is there, but Ben's mind is not. His eyes roll into the back of his head and it looks like he has been paralyzed. I was upset because, it even seemed that his face had changed. He went from rosy cheeks to pale white but it seemed to not be Ben. He was in that state for about 3 minutes... Till he shook his head and smiled at me, and said ok... I got what you want.

We left the bedroom and sat in the kitchen. I asked Ben what he saw. Instead of telling me he wrote it down. He was even able to tell me what was added on to the house... And what the house looked like before the add on's.

The paper read, Her father is at the fire place lighting a fire, while her mother was cooking in the kitchen. She was in her room (the guest room) playing with her dolls. Her father lit the fire and got up to get a drink from the kitchen... As he walks into the kitchen and sees her mother... The girl starts screaming. The mother and father ran to the kitchen doorway, when they were stopped dead in there tracks at the sight of their daughter being pulled by her arms and dragged by an "unseen force" She was dragged by well, NOTHING... But still being drug across the living floor into the bedroom. (MY bedroom) the parent's were able to move again... Their own sights had froze them in place. They ran to the bedroom door, But it's locked. They can not get in. They hear the screams of their daughter. They hear her, but can not help her. The father runs out of the house to a window of the bedroom, and tries to bust it open but can not... He runs to the next window but he can not open it. He ran back inside. By the time he got to the bedroom door with his wife. The door clicked and flung open. They did not see anything unusual. They did not see their daughter. Nothing was messed up. The ad on that is attached to this room the one I said could be a nursery, is where they found her. Only Ben described the wall that separates the ad on from the room, back in that time, was not there! They found her. Body pale white from the trauma. No blood no nothing. No cuts on her, But she was dead. Before they could get to her, "HE" had killed her. The demon from within the walls that dwelled in this house.

According to Benjamin, That's what he was, That's how it happened! And I have never believed my brother to lie.

He said he was able to take himself out of our time frame and into theirs. Like a vision or a time warp. His earth bound mind left his body, and he was able to astral project himself into that time frame! I thought that was something that only happened in movies!

Ben asked me, well really he told me about the things that had happened in this house after we moved in. He told me we woke it up. We made it realize that the house was no longer empty. It had been away or asleep for those 50 some years until Charles and I moved in. I asked him why did it come back when we moved in. I have linked it to my and my friend's use of the Ouija Boards.

Later on, we had a friends mom come in and sage clean the house. After that, that same night we brought Ben back over, and asked him how he felt. He showed me a drawing that he did over the weekend.

It was a red face, the Demon I am presuming. And next to it was a word bubble that said " ha ha ha... Good luck."

Ben told me the girl wanted to go home, but they demon kept the family apart. Because the girl was afraid to come inside as the demon was inside. Her parent's were stuck because they would not leave earth without their daughter.

Ben told me that the police ruled out the girl's death as a heart attack. They put the mother in a sedated coma. But they were curious as to why a 12-13 year old girl would die of a heart attack.

Our friends mom came, cleansed the house and we brought Ben back that same night. I asked him to try and feel it again. He got nothing, not even the demon. Our friends mother was able to reunite the daughter with her parents and they were about to pass on. When the cleansing was done, my house smelt of flowers. Almost an unbearable stench of floral.

Ben told me they had gone.

A couple days later, I was letting Boomer out of his cage one morning, when I noticed something on the wall above his cage. It was the face of a demon. I touched it, and it feels like it had been scratched into the wall. I know it wasn't there when we moved in, because we painted all the walls. And I would have seen it! But its clear, there is a demon like face literally scratched into the wall above my dogs cage. I don't know what to think of it. But it is still there to this day. And every now and then, the house will get a smell to it. It will smell musky one day and like roses the next. Sometimes we'll walk in the house and it smells like a wonderful meal has been prepared. Before my friends mom cleansed our house, I came home one night, I wanted to fix some hot tea so I lifted my burner covers off the gas stove and noticed one of them, the right side under the metal cover had been burnt by the flame of the stove. But no one was here to do it!

It's strange and sometimes things will still happen. But not nearly as bad as they used to!

There were so much more that happened before my friends cleansed the house... But that would have been this story extremely long! Sorry, but I hope you had a good read!

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MoonWolf (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-30)
This is a great story. It's amazing how your little brother Ben knows how to use his gift. Would you mind posting up any pictures of the demon face?
mystique3 (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
What a great story and well written:) I'm glad you help that family move on. That entity seems very dangerous I hope its not in your home still.
Kryodrache (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-29)
That is an incredible story. It really kept my attention all the way through it. Your brother sounds very attuned to the supernatural; very impressive. I wish I could ask him a question or two.

I'm glad to hear the problems were dealt with. You helped a whole family to pass on out of entrapment. I'm sure they are very grateful.
lynrinth (guest)
12 years ago (2012-01-28)
I think this is the longest story I've ever read here! But well worth it. God bless and take care.
Mykah (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-28)
Great story, well written!
Did you, by chance, take pictures of the scratched in demon face? I'd love to see it attached to this story!

Your little brother is awesome, glad he knows how to use his gifts and is not afraid to.
shubham1120 (41 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-28)
Hey! I just read all of your stories and I must say you take reader with you and make us feel what you feel. You are very lucky to have a brother like Ben. Not all can do that. These are one of the peculiar incidences that make me glad to have found this website. Thanks for designing the website admin... For that demon face on the wall, why don't you ask Ben who did it? I'm happy that you got rid of the evil and helped the poor innocent girl to pass on. Wishing you a happy life in your new house.

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