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Today I have a story for you that is very scary for me but might be a bit sad. Also this is fairly recent in my memory I'd say it was about a month ago now. I was chilling at my grandparents house which is quite large. I hated (and still do) going up the stairs alone when nobody else is in the house. Alright now I'm getting to the point. So, me and my brother Tasman had stayed over the night. But during the night it seemed that I would get woken up constantly, to the sound of someone digging their heel into their wooden floor and then dragging it as if the were limping.

This was very creepy as neither my grandparents nor Tasman own a pair of hard shoes. Then I thought back to my great grandmother. She had a broken leg and since she was so old she died because of it. She always wore those wooden type shoes so ones that look like clogs but have a buckle and a heel. Then I have one more strange event that happened to me and my friend Kaity.

When we were 12 we were about to watch a small movie (nobody else was upstairs and this is really important information) when we heard a little human sigh. It sounded like it was from an old lady as well. We sprinted out of there without even thinking. It gets even weirder.

Me and Kaity both sat down to watch that same video again when out of nowhere the whole room just went white. Like a blinding white but just for a split second though. There wasn't any cars around and it was most certainly not the sun. So how? From now on I am not going up stair by myself or with a friend to watch movies and I haven't stayed the night since.

This was all very strange and I hope that it will not happen anymore if I go back to my normal ways.

Thanks for reading!


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Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-26)
Hi Lolipop,

I've had that flash of white before too. I don't have an answer but can safely say that it's mighty weird. All in all it's happened to me two separate times. The first it 'flashed' twice with about 10 seconds in between. The second time I encountered it happened just the once. It really does seem like the entire room lights up. But it's lit so evenly that's the bit that really intrigues me.

When you think back on it was it really a split second thing, as you've written? Or was it more like two seconds. Because the thing that flashed white for me was about two seconds. Not that long, but long enough to go whaaat?! Lol Oh and definitely not headlights either. Too even, no direction to it, freaking weird.

Thanks for sharing. 😊

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