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The Music Box During Christmas


So this is my first story I have written but I have been reading stories on this web site for like 6 months now and decided to create an account because I think I may have a story of my own and I always loved the thought of having an paranormal experience which I never did until now.

So my grandpa (my mom's dad) passed away in 2012 and I wasn't that close with him so I didn't really cry when he passed because I was still young and this was my first encounter with a family member passing and I didn't know what was going on I mean I did but not really.

Nothing really happened in those years after he passed until Christmas morning 2016 we had recently moved into a new house earlier that year and this was our first time having my aunt (mom's sister) and my cousin's and my dad over for Christmas all together.

We have a 4 bedroom house my aunt, and my 5 cousins came over for Christmas. My room is the closest to the living room where my aunt and 4 out of 5 of my cousins were sleeping. It was Christmas morning and as me being me I was excited for Christmas so like usual I woke up earlier then everyone else. When we were decorating for Christmas we went all out, we had Christmas decorations everywhere including a music box that sat on a table next to the Christmas tree.

I forgot where the music box came from I think maybe from a friend of my mom's it was a really cool music box and I would play it anytime I got to because it played jingle bells when you turned it on.

Anyways, I got up earlier then everyone else and went out into the living room to see if anyone was awake. They weren't everyone was fast asleep. So I went back into my room, now the walls are very thin. I went back in my room and decided to lay down and play on my phone until people get up.

I was just playing on my phone when I heard the music box go off I wasn't scared because it was a light sound but I could tell it was the music box because it played the same jingle. I just let it play out until it stopped now if you know a music box you would know the longer you turn it the longer it would play the song. The song went on for the whole jingle bell's song so it would have had to be turned all the way.

I let it past and went to play on my phone more and about 30 minutes later everyone woke up I didn't tell anyone about the music box until later that night when my aunt and cousin's left my dad stayed because he lived further then everyone else so he wasn't going home until the day after.

I told my mom the whole story, she believes in ghost almost as much as I do, and is the only one who believes me when I say I feel like there is a ghost around because she has had experiences herself. I told her about the box and she said she believes it was my grandpa telling everyone that he was there. I didn't believe her until I started thinking about it more. I haven't had any other experiences other then that, at least I don't think I have so I thought that this was the perfect story to type as it was my first experience I remember.

I just wanted to know if it was really my grandpa that morning or just my imagination.

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BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-26)
Hi Serenity gold,

That might very well have been your grandfather wishing you a Merry Christmas 😊

If they can teach us some lessons (and mine did) from the grave why couldn't yours pay you a visit in such a special holiday? 😉

Really enjoyed reading your experience!

Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-23)
Hi Serenity
If it is of any help to you, try and look at it this way (if you haven't already) regarding your Grandpa.
I believe this to be true; when we are alive and expressing ourselves on this material plane, we naturally gravitate around our loved ones. We want to be near them, we care about them and we want to help and protect them.
When we pass over, that doesn't change. We are still the same people as we were (albeit without a physical body to express ourselves through) so we still love our beloved.
I'm sure your Grandpa is still around and watching over you.
If there was love between you before, that will not have changed now.
Try meditating and focusing on him and you may be surprised at the results.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (820 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-23)
If Valkricry had not said it, I would have.

You were polite and did not turn the music box on. And if you've eliminated your cousins and aunt who slept in the room with the music box, we could possibly conclude it was your Grandpa.

And there is a reason why Christmas time is also a time for telling ghost stories traditionally. It's something we've gotten away from lately, but Charles Dickens penned a few Christmas themed ghost tales. There is, of course, the famous one, but that's not my favorite of his tales. And your story reminded me of it.

Full story can be read here:

One of my favorite passages:

Welcome, everything! Welcome, alike what has been, and what never was, and what we hope may be, to your shelter underneath the holly, to your places round the Christmas fire, where what is sits open- hearted! In yonder shadow, do we see obtruding furtively upon the blaze, an enemy's face? By Christmas Day we do forgive him! If the injury he has done us may admit of such companionship, let him come here and take his place. If otherwise, unhappily, let him go hence, assured that we will never injure nor accuse him.
On this day we shut out Nothing!

"Pause," says a low voice. "Nothing? Think!"

"On Christmas Day, we will shut out from our fireside, Nothing."
"Not the shadow of a vast City where the withered leaves are lying deep?" the voice replies. "Not the shadow that darkens the whole globe? Not the shadow of the City of the Dead?"

Not even that. Of all days in the year, we will turn our faces towards that City upon Christmas Day, and from its silent hosts bring those we loved, among us. City of the Dead, in the blessed name wherein we are gathered together at this time, and in the Presence that is here among us according to the promise, we will receive, and not dismiss, thy people who are dear to us!
valkricry (49 stories) (3274 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-04-23)
You ask if it was your Grandpa who wound the music box up or not. I'd say, if you can safely rule out that none of the cousins or anyone else had gotten up, then returned to bed (as you did) and you truly believe it was him, then it was.

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