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Snowed In And Afraid


January 2017

Williamsburg, VA, Greensprings

I was excited for my 23rd birthday this year! My partner Chris and I were going to rent out a hotel room in Williamsburg to celebrate. We got lucky online with a deal on a time share-esque place. We already lived in the area so all we had to do was drop our son off and make the two hour ride up there. Before we did we stopped to have birthday dinner (January 6th) with our friends whose names I will not include out of respect for them. It gets late and everyone is buying me, the birthday girl, drinks. Of course when we leave I am very intoxicated as we part ways with them and head to the resort. My memory of check in was bland with Chris sorting things out with the concierge going through our information. As soon as we step inside this cozy mod hotel room I crash in bed. To help you understand my story better the layout was comprised of the master bed and bath, while the other room had twin beds, and a small bath. It was a condo type with amenities to wash your clothes to even a fully supplied kitchen.

Back to the story. We wake up the next day and Chris realizes that there's no food. Not only is there no food but, it started snowing the night before so the roads were covered all the while it was still snowing. So Chris decides to leave me in bed with my hangover with my glass set on the table beside me. I was so hungover I woke up every hour to drink from it. He exits to go get the food and it quiets. I was currently awake after my fifth awakening to drink from my glass and relieve myself. All was quiet with the snow falling and the low volume of the t.v. Supplying little to no noise. I was in the fetal position on the right side of the king bed near the window when this happened. I heard nothing and then I heard it. "...Get. Out."

My body yanked upright in a panic. I was sitting up looking around for the source of the malicious voice. From the sound of it it was a male. And from the sound of it he did not like me and he did not want me there. After that I sat back in that bed and had Chris on the phone with me. I didn't say anything about what happened but I knew it wasn't over and with him gone I had nowhere to go.

Our time there was mild during the day with Chris experiencing nothing. I was still quiet about what happened in that room but, I followed him around after that. I remember wanting to actually leave that place to end celebrations early but he worked so hard I didn't have the heart. We had one more day there to tough out and it seemed like forever. I went to bed with the lights on much to Chris' chagrin. When he asked me if I could turn them off I politely declined. If it wasn't a trip for my birthday I think he would have turned it off himself. I'm glad he didn't.

That night as I was watching t.v., I was looking at my phone when I had the feeling to look towards the edge of the bed. On my end of the bed between us there was an impression of someone sitting there. I couldn't pry my eyes off of it and I didn't feel the weight shift. I don't know when or how I fell asleep after that but, I slept as close as possible to Chris. When we woke up the indentation was gone and the room felt calm. The second we started packing up to leave I hurried it along. I also refused to be alone in there while he was loading things into the truck. To speed the story up we went to the office for an hour and a half talk to invest in this company. At one point the person talking to us about our trip drove us to the other Williamsburg location called Powhatan. It was bought recently by the company to expand its market but the place was old. It dated to the 16-1700s I believe. It even still included the original manor house in all its splendor. When I was typing up my story to verify details about this place I found out they have a ghost tour at the Powhatan place. The area we stayed at and the one he showed us wasn't far apart. My guess is is that area is a hot spot. I go through it in my head to explain what happened but I can't. There was no noise. What bothers me the most is that I don't know who or what wanted me to leave or why they were so anxious for my departure that they sat at the end of the bed.

I recently sent in a story about a previous trip to Williamsburg. I have always had these feelings of being watched, or of discomfort. A sense if you will (like the heaviness I experienced in the room President Lincoln died in). I don't know if that explains my experiences but any help of explanations would be great.

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hawkseye12002 (3 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2017-06-02)
"We wake up the next day and Chris realizes that there's no food... I was so hungover I woke up every hour to drink from it... I was currently awake after my fifth awakening to drink from my glass and relieve myself."

This paragraph confuses me, please clarify for me if you don't mind.

1) You both wake up THE NEXT DAY to find there was no food... Of which he left to go get some. 2) You woke up EVERY HOUR... 5 times... To drink from your glass while he was gone.

How long does it take him to get food? That's five hours...
Itscareyy (2 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-05-31)
Hey Gigakhan,

No. That was the most frustrating part. He experienced nothing. When he was with me? Everything was calm. If he left the room it felt uncomfortable. I don't know if that's because if what happened and I was emotionally reacting to that or if it was from the unknown entity.

I ended up telling Chris what happened at an iHop post trip and he shrugged it off. So I dealt with this alone. I think it's safe to say now that whatever was there was triggered by me somehow. I wish I knew the history there.
Gigakhan (2 stories) (8 posts)
5 years ago (2017-05-30)
I'm from the area and yes Williamsburg, Yorktown and almost the whole area is in some way "haunted". The area is steeped in history a lot of it bad, I don't know exactly where you stayed but my guess is that the spirit/ghost, whatever, didn't like you for some reason. I'm curious, did anything happen when your partner returned to your room? Besides the imprint on the bed.

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