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Lady By The River


This strange occurrence happened in the summer about 2 years back when a few friends and I decided to go and explore down by the Minnesota river. It was a very rainy afternoon when my friends and I were bored out of our minds sitting at home watching movies and playing video games when I had the idea to go explore down by the Minnesota river,. The rain was slowing down at this point and it was barely sprinkling so I thought this we be a perfect time to leave the house. My friends and I packed a few sandwiches and drinks in case we got hungry then we were off on our own little adventure. The river is not too far from my house, maybe a 10-15 minute bike ride so it didn't take long for us to get there.

By the time we had got to the river, the rain had fully stopped and had left the sky very pink and gloomy. We then parked our bikes and took some pictures close to the river. We then hopped back on our bikes and started to go down a trail. To be honest, I felt nervous going down that trail because I had never been down it and I didn't want to get lost, but I was with my friends so I brushed it off and kept peddling. We all had no idea where we were going but we did not care, we just would go where the trail took us. After about 20 minutes of biking down the trail, the sun started going down, so I suggested that we turn back and go to my house, my friends agreed. As soon as we turned back my Mom called me on my cell phone so I stopped to answer it. When I stopped, my friends thought it would be funny to speed away and leave me all by myself on a trail that I was not familiar with while it was getting dark outside. I had answered the phone but the service was very bad so it just hung up, I just forgot about it and tried to speed up to my friends.

They must have gone very fast because I could not see them no matter how fast I peddled. I knew that if I just kept going straight, it would eventually lead me home. After about 15 minuets of biking I made a little stop to catch my breath. I had stopped close to the river so I could put my feet in and see if it was cold. When I put my feet in I could see the reflection of the dusky sky in the water. I then put my sandals back on and got back on my bike to go home. As I got on my bike I heard little splashes of water behind me coming from the river and when I turned around to see what was going on I saw the apparition of a native american woman with an old native-style dress on moving her feet around in the water just like I was a few seconds ago but as I squinted my eyes, she faded. I was very creeped out at this moment so I biked away quickly and made my way back to my house.

When I got home my friends were waiting for me, laughing about how they had ditched me (I was not too angry at them because I would have most likely done the same thing if the story was flipped). We then went back to playing video games and enjoying the night.

Still to this day I have not told anyone about this occurrence, I don't know why, it just has never crossed my mind to do so. This is truly an amazing experience that I had and something that I will never forget.

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Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
6 years ago (2017-06-04)
Hi EJ, what a cool thing to have happen!

Have you ever looked into the native history of this area? I love encounters like these, where ghosts are just hanging out.😊

I'm adding this to my faves, I'm a sucker for Native American culture.

Thanks for sharing.

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