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The Shadow Of The Street


This little story happened to me and one of my friends quite a while back now in our street in Liverpool. We were only kids in the early 2000's and were always up to the usual things when we were playing out in the street. It was around Autumn time and the clocks had just gone back so it was around 8 o'clock at the time of strange things happening.

My parents left me and my friend in my house for a few hours while they went out shopping and we got up to the usual stuff like watching the TV and being typical boys messing around. As the night drew on we started to hear noises coming from directly above us which was my parents room. I lived in a semi-detached house and at the time no one lived in the house which was attached and it was in total darkness so we knew it wasn't coming from there. We ignored the noises and carried on as we were, gradually the noises started to become louder and louder, going from footsteps to the noise of something being dropped. By this time we were pretty freaked out and knew we had to go and investigate. As we climbed the stairs the noises suddenly stopped so I was convinced someone was in the house and knew we were coming, obviously I told my friend to go in front, we even had a hammer and a brush just in case it was a thief.

By this time we had reached the landing half way up the stairs and my parents bedroom door was slightly ajar and we could see in slightly and nothing was there. At this point we both stopped and were discussing what to do as we were both frozen with fear of it being someone in the house. We then both started to climb the stairs again when suddenly the door swung open on its own and then slammed shut with such force we felt the door was coming off its frame. At this point me and my friend had seen and heard enough and were out the front door in a flash running over to his house which was directly opposite mine.

As you can imagine I was in hysterics as I was so young, so we sent my friends dad over to investigate and he searched the house top and bottom and even the back garden and there was absolute nothing there so we were totally freaked out. However I wasn't going back into my house until my parents came back home so I waited in the street with my friend and by this point his younger sister. So we just carried on talking and moved away from my house for a little bit however my friends younger sister didn't and she kept saying she could see something moving pass the windows. I really thought she was just trying to scare me even further but I found out this wasn't the case.

Reluctantly we walked back up to my house but the strange thing was me and my friend were talking and as we looked at each other we were both drawn to the glass stained window and at the exact moment of looking we seen what appeared to be a tall long shadow walking past the window and up the stairs. The colour drained from both our faces and it definitely sent me over the edge and I was in hysterics again.

After all this happened and my parents not believing us obviously, things have been quiet ever since with small things happening such as creaking and electric appliances being turned on by themselves. Whatever it is I don't think it is causing any harm and is sort of watching over me and my family. We give him a nice little name as well 'Shadow Man'.

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Toby (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-08)
It sounds like a typical poltergeist, plus another spirit: Shadow Man. The protective feeling that you are getting may be coming from the Shadow Man keeping the other spirit away from you. What makes me think there are two spirits is that shadow people don't usually make noises and it seems whatever scared you wanted to, which the Shadow Man doesn't seem to want to do. 🤔
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2017-06-30)
whitewhite - I can understand that you and your friend were pretty freaked out by the noise and the shadow.

Are your parents now aware of the presence of Shadow Man or is it only you?

Not all ghosts are scary. I've had a ghost man visiting my home for years and he's very benign. (He isn't always here.) If he now and then becomes a little overactive I tell him that I will not tolerate any noise. He tones it down immediately. If your guy becomes noisy again, just talk to him and lay down the rules.

Regards, Melda
meganpixiejan (5 posts)
6 years ago (2017-06-29)
😳 😜 😐 This scares me it makes me think that there's something in my house although I have had no signs of anything so idk

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