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The Dark Entity


This story happened when my friends and I went to Sagada located in the Mountain Province, Philippines. We arrived at 10 in the morning and checked in at the lodge where we booked prior to the trip. We rest for a while and after having lunch, we decided to go spelunking at Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves. In the evening while having dinner, we got acquainted with someone who asked us to come with her and watch the sunrise at the Kiltepan Peak. It was a two-hour hike, so we agree to meet up with her around 4 in the morning.

After having a few drinks at a local pub, we went back to the lodge. I looked at my watch and found that it's already 11 in the evening. My friends are already asleep on a separate bed and all the lights are off except the one coming from the balcony where the light is still on.

For some unknown reasons, though I'm tired, I feel restless. As a habit, I would grab my Ipad and started checking Facebook, scrolling down until I get sleepy and doze off. It wasn't long when my sleep was interrupted by a movement in the room. I thought it's one of my friends already awake and preparing for the hike. I find it weird because earlier, he set up his phone as an alarm, but I haven't heard the sound. I usually lie on my stomach when I sleep. I guess I was too tired that time, so I didn't bother to turn around and have a look.

Suddenly, I felt a hand touched my back and thought it was him trying to wake me up. Odd, I felt as though the hands seem bigger and the fingers longer. I turned around and was extremely horrified with what I saw! It wasn't my friend, but a very dark smoke-like figure with pointy ears and red, fiery eyes. I let out a loud scream, it woke my friends up and immediately they turn the lights on. I look around and notice that it was gone. They're both looking at me worried, then I told them of what I saw. They thought I was just having nightmares, but I know what I saw. I wasn't dreaming. It was real.

We never went back to sleep. We had our coffee and headed downstairs to meet up with our new friend and started our trek up to the mountain. We were only four, yet I feel another presence among us. During the hike, we passed by a lamp post and notice that they only have one shadow while mine was two. That's when I realized it was following me and it might be planning to do something bad. I don't want anyone else to be involved, so I kept my distance from the group. Even though we're guided by a map, we got lost several times on the way to the peak as the path would unexpectedly turn into a dead end. We even went beyond the trail and had to go back. Luckily, we managed to reach the spot with enough time to catch the sunrise. As the sun begins to slowly rise up, I found myself feeling better. On our way back, our new friend asked why I look so distressed earlier. I told her that there are some things I can see and she can't, and I know she'll never understand. She just shrugged it off.

Back in town, I talked about it with one of the locals and he said it might have followed me from the cave since the cave's mouth is a burial ground. I promised myself I will not go through that cave again.

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grain_of_sand (guest)
4 years ago (2017-06-19)
Wow. Yes very scary my gosh. I don't know how I'd react to something like that but I'm sure I'd probably need a change of trousers. Things like this, to me, can't easily be categorized as good or evil and in fact to do so would be to miss the point, imo. Amazing. Thanks for sharing Hommie!
thegreenmachine (3 stories) (16 posts)
4 years ago (2017-06-16)
Hi! I've been to Sagada a year ago and we also went spelunking in the sumaguing ang lumiang caves, and watched the clouds and rain cover the sunrise at kiltepan peak (we were unfortunate to not witness the famous sunrise there). But fortunately we weren't followed by anything from the cave, except for the smell of bat poop. The locals didn't mention anything creepy except that someone died in the cave because he (she?) was dragged down by flood water while spelunking during a storm! The cave was full of noisy tourists actually so we didn't feel anything paranormal-scary.

We stayed in a big house, about a 5-min drive from the town center. It was a newly constructed house with many rooms. It could comfortably accommodate 20-30 people. We were only 8 that time at the house. It gave me some creepy vibes especially the upstairs bathroom with a window facing the woods.

So anyway, sagada has some creepy vibes because it's remote, surrounded by mountains and trees, not enough street lights, and the natives there had an interesting way of burying the dead - hanging coffins! Yes, coffins were hanged on the face of cliffs. Again, nothing followed us from the site of the hanging coffins.
Melda (10 stories) (1362 posts)
4 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hommie - Have just been through some of my posts again. I meant malevolent, not malignant!

Sorry, I'm an 'early to bed and early to rise' person - once the sun has set all I really think about is dinner and bed 😊 21:00 (nine o'clock pm) in SA now - so time for me to crawl into bed and watch some TV!

Regards, Melda
Melda (10 stories) (1362 posts)
4 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hommie - What a horrible experience! Did you feel in any way threatened?

So I take it that once the sun had risen this entity left you completely?

Did you feel at all uneasy in the caves or did everything appear to be normal?

I apologise for all the questions 😊

It could in fact be that this entity was not malignant at all.

Regards, Melda

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