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I'm working in BPO industry for quite a while now, or Call Center, as we know it here in Philippines. For those working in this kind of environment I'm pretty sure they had experienced paranormal or at least they know a story or two from fellow colleagues. I will share mine.

We used to rent multiple floors of a well-known broadcasting station few years back since that time our company just needs some floors to occupy, somewhere in Mother Ignacia St. Since it's a Network Station, you can expect people to be everywhere 24/7.Here is my first story;

It was an ordinary day before shift. I had always been one of the early birds that day so I went straight to my station to set up tools I'll use for my shift. My office mates came one by one as I can see them in my peripheral vision, when I saw a young girl in a floral dress come from the door and ran at the back of our bay. I was on the other end of where the little girl ran. I know it's something not normal because anyone's child isn't allowed at our production floor, not even of those in higher management's.I shrugged it off hoping it was just my imagination and after some minutes, started making outbound calls. It was maybe my 5th call that I made, I was documenting when I heard a little girl's voice through my headset said,"Hello",in a tiny voice as if she was quite far. I thought,"Oh no, I forgot to drop my last call".As I was about to press the button to drop the call in my phone, my hand froze in the air. All 3 lines in my phone were dropped. There shouldn't be someone on the phone talking. Even if the girl hang up first it would take seconds for the time in the phone to drop. I was literally shocked but I remembered the little girl I saw before shift and thought, did she just communicate with me? Is it possible? It still somehow gives me goosebumps whenever I remember it, it was the first time a ghost or spirit tried to communicate with me, if that's what you call it.

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Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-25)
Not sure about the little girl that you saw. She could have been sneaked in by someone working there. Just because children aren't allowed at the workplace doesn't mean that it will never happen.

My husband and I both used to work for the same telco company (i.e. Telecommunications). Between the two of us, we have 46 years of experience in the industry. He was also a manager for a call centre for a while.

There are two possible explanations where you can have other "voices" on the phone line:
- it can be a "crossline" leakage from another telephone line. Leakage occurs when two or more lines in same cable go faulty. This is usually when water gets in the cable, which acts as a conductor or path between two lines for the phone signal (basically also an electrical current). This can result in two calls on same line.
- it can be "double switching" with older type phone equipment. It may the crossbar switch at the exchange or in a PABX phone system. This facility switches a line in two directions. When it malfunctions, you may get another call crossing over to your line, even though you are not on on a call at the time.

Hope this allays your fears. In any case, no harm, no foul. Be at peace.

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