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Regarding the house that I mentioned in my earlier stories,let's go to mine and my parents stories. I've mentioned from previous comments that I believe at least some of the elements/spirits in the house maybe is guarding us or meant no harm.I'll tell my dad's story to support this.

It was a usual Friday night and my dad's buddies just left the house. They were living across the village which can be seen from front of the house. By the way, the city where the house is located is also my parents hometown so we pretty much know people even from other village. My dad's drinking buddies were his friends from his childhood days.

This night he wanted to go after them in the other village. That time my sister and I are sleeping soundly at the room on the second floor. While my mom is on the smaller room on the second floor. As my dad descend the stairs he felt something cold but just ignored it. He headed to the backyard to get his lighter which is on the big pot of plant. As he reach for it, a voice full of authority said from behind him,"Where are you going?".He turned around but saw no one. This time we are aware of the creepy things going on at the house so he chose to ignore it.

Now the front door is beside the staircase going up the rooms. As he approached the front door to leave someone said again in an irritated voice,"Where are you really going?".This time he start to peek at the staircase,"Ma?",he asks if it was my mom. He kept on calling 'till he reached their room where he found my mom sleeping soundly.

This night mom had a bad feeling when dad ask to leave because he was drunk and wants to leave in a motorcycle, so they had an argument but knowing dad, mom will never win so she just slept. When he saw mom sleeping in the bed he instantly jumps at her and woke mom to ask if it's her. She said,"No.You said you wanted to leave. I already asked you a lot of times not to. So I just slept".He told mom the whole story and mom of course believed it. She even said,"See?Even the spirits know it's not safe for you to leave".They slept after and only told us the story when we moved house.

There are instances when neighbors tell they see a woman standing in the window of the staircase. It was one time my classmate who happened to live two blocks away from our house asked if my mom was at the house the other day. Well she wasn't,my classmate said he saw a woman in a white dress on her back from the window of the staircase.

Another time I experienced something creepy is this one time, I will never forget, when my parents are not yet home and my sister,who's that time is just around 5 years old was left under my care. I was lying on the couch that night around 8 when I heard the windows of the masters bedroom creek as if someone's leaning on it in full force. Now the master's bedroom was designed to have a window adjacent to the backyard and on it's left side is a wall that if you peek will see below the whole living area. So my instant reaction when it creek is I looked up and thought if I forgot to lock the windows.

We have this habit of hanging out in the master's bedroom every afternoon to watch the sky as it turns night time. Then I swear I never even went to that room that day. It happened for a couple of minutes. Every time I'd look up, it would stop. Then when I'd lay down it would start to creek again. Eventually I grew tired and didn't notice when it finally rested.

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mhyzthie_vHee (6 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-25)
Yes,well...there's two more stories about the house i'm going to share soon... Thank you for reading.:)
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-24)
mhyzthie_vHee - Well it sounds as though you had a very good entity in the house who was concerned about the family. I hope that after that incident your dad paid more attention to your mother's good advice!

Possibly the woman the neighbours saw at the window is the same one who challenged your dad.

As for the creaking sounds, I won't try to speculate what that might have been. It's possible that it was something normal which could easily be explained.

Regards, Melda

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