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This will be my last entry for my stories about the creepy house we used to live in. This happened days before we moved out of the house we lived in for almost 5 years. And for me... This is the creepiest encounter my parents had with the entity there.

I am about to graduate from elementary in a few days. And we've had enough savings to move out since we don't pay rent for the house. Even all the bills like water,cable,electricity,etc.are being paid by the house owners and we're given allowance monthly. Given that my dad works overseas and my mom in a freelancer, they decided it's time to face the real world of renting.

It was midnight. Mom and dad are already in bed and discussing plans once we move out. All of a sudden, the door of the bedroom swung open. My dad thought he forgot to lock it (though he was pretty sure he did), and that it was my sister and I who, by that time were also in bed asleep. Dad called our names,"J***h?Z*l?Is that you?" But no one answered. The doorknob just kept on turning and door keep on swinging back and forth.That's when they were creeped out. That activity went on for few more minutes when my dad shouted,"Who are you?! Show yourself!" Then it stopped. They waited few seconds to make sure it really stopped.

Then dad hurriedly ran towards the door to lock it as fast as he went back to bed, switch places with my mom who's on the side of wall that time. They weren't able to sleep much that time.

They only told us this story once we are in our new place...

So these are the creepy stories we experienced in our house in Cavite. But there are a lot of ghost experiences I will share with you guys in the following days...

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