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3rd Funeral Night Of My Grandfather


I could still remember that unforgettable evening I was at the wake of my Grandfather whom we called "tatang" he's a very kind and a gentle mannered Lolo for me and cared for us grandsons.

I was in fourth year high school then, and it was the 3rd wake night for my lolo when me and my cousin and some of my batch mates in high school decided to celebrate our upcoming graduation so we decided to drink a few and after that me and my cousin went home forgetting that we were the only person that will be at home and that was already past 12am.

There is a saying that the soul of your love ones will roam and will let you feel that it's their last day their soul will be on earth. So me and my cousin decided to stay on the 1st floor of our house and I played a trick to my cousin to scare him by turning off the lights. And so I did but he just laugh. After I turned on the lights again it suddenly went off, so I too was scared and we ran upstairs to my room where we locked our selves.

My window was near the terraces so I open it a bit to see who ever my friends would pass the streets so I could call them. We were really scared that time then suddenly there was a scent of a candle burning but there no candles around. Then a fragrant smell of jasmine and sampaguita followed and smelled like your in the funeral wake. So we decided to ask for forgiveness to our Lolo thinking we should never leave his 3rd funeral night. It all ended when my mom and dad went home with my kuya I think it was already 2am then that me and my cousin felt relieved.

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Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-28)
"Mabuhay" verge, (excuse me if I got that wrong, I only know a little Tagalog). I also called the senior instructor "Tatang" at the dance studio where I worked many years ago.

My boy cousins used to play tricks on us girls by turning the lights off too. At first I thought when the lights went off that maybe the light bulb shorted out and blew, or there was a sudden electrical power surge. But then you smelled a candle burning and the scent of funeral flowers...

Maybe your Lolo wanted to get your attention, then when he saw you were scared, he sent the fragrance to reassure you. I don't feel any harm was meant. It is still nice to think that he came by to check on his grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your experience. 😊

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