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I work at a summer camp, and like most camps of course there is going to be some ghost stories being told. Well one weekend when just staff was at the camp we were all hanging out around the fire and some of the local counselors told us a story about the Garfield Ghost Town; which just so happened to be almost directly across the highway from the Camp.

Apparently sometime during the late 1800's the town had been abandoned and almost all of the buildings except for a barn and an old house were relocated to the nearest town. But many local people still visit the abandoned area because there is still a cemetery of the people who had died while Garfield was still an active town. But the amount of people who have had paranormal experiences is kind of insane. There is even a meeting held every year where those who have had encounters with ghosts all gather and tell their stories.

Of course all of us newer counselors decided it would be a cool idea to take the golf carts across the Highway and go check out the abandoned town ourselves. There was 6 of us packed onto this golf cart. Three boys and three of us girls. It was the middle of the night and the only light came from the lights from our phones and the flashlights a couple of the boys had brought. First we decided to check out the cemetery. The graves were crumbling and falling over. The whole place had a really creepy feel to it. I ended up finding a little trail in the corner of the graveyard leading into the woods. I yelled to my friend B that I was going to check it out while they explored and took pictures.

At the end of this trail there was a single grave. It had cracked in half and was almost grown over. I almost would have missed it had I not almost tripped over the headstone. This was when I really started to get creeped out. I quickly ran back to my friends. I just wanted to go back at this point because I felt like someone was watching us. So did both of the other girls but the boys just shrugged it off like we were just being babies.

After this the boys decided we should go check out the buildings that had been left behind. There was an old barn and a house that was halfway sunk into the ground. We decided the barn would be a better place to start because we were less likely to fall through any floors. While inside the barn no one really noticed anything and we quickly grew bored. I remember telling the boys that we should just get through the house and get back to camp because by this time I was feeling really uncomfortable with us being there.

We enter the house through the front door. The floorboards seemed sturdy enough on the first floor. There was old pictures and paintings on the walls and the walls were covered in old newspaper which had been used as a wall paper. After we felt we had gone as far as we safely could on the first floor (after the first couple of rooms there was holes in the floor leading down to the basement) we decided to go see if the upstairs would have anything of interest. The flooring was actually in better condition but all we found was some old toys and a cat skeleton.

So then we checked out the last place, the basement. Since we could not trust the floor inside we ended up going outside and looking for the cellar door. I found it and called my friends over. When we were downstairs there wasn't a ton to look at, just some shelves with jars of old canned goods in one room and an old wood stove in the other. We were all in the room with the wood stove. All of us girls heard a mans voice. He said "You don't belong here. Leave."

For some reason none of the boys heard the voice. But all of us girls did and at this point we were practically begging the boys to let us all leave. They just kept saying "Just hold up, we can leave in a little bit." Us girls practically on top of the boys holding onto them for "protection". After a couple of minutes of them refusing to let us leave we hear a huge crash. When we went to check out what it was, it looked as if someone had grabbed a whole shelf of the jars and threw it against the opposite wall. We ran like hell.

The golf cart couldn't go fast enough for us to feel safe. But as we were leaving a different voice that sounded like it belonged to a small girl whispered in our ears, "Don't come back." Once again the boys heard nothing, which is incredibly frustrating because they all thought we were making it up.

I live about half an hour from Garfield, and my younger sister who is 17 has been begging me to take her back to see the town herself. I refuse to go back. If a ghost can throw a whole shelf against a wall who's to say what it can do to a person who ignored it's warning to never go back. But yeah, that's my experience with the Garfield Ghost Town.

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envogs18 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-14)
Melda, while I understand what you are saying about how we should have listened to the warning we heard, it was in no way a nice warning. That voice still terrifies me even just thinking about it. It was angry and in no way a nice spirit. I truly think that the little girl meant to help us by warning us not to come back but the mans voice seemed as if he was almost daring us to not listen to him so that he could keep scaring us.

Of course I do not have any proof about how they truly felt about it but that was the vibe I was getting. But thank you so much for your input!

Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-01)
envogs18 - Garfield Ghost Town sounds like a very interesting place indeed.

It would seem that some of the "residents" prefer to be left in peace and I can't say I blame them, if they are going about their own business harming nobody.

The ghost was being very polite by telling you that you don't belong and to leave. He could have displayed far more aggressive behaviour!

Regards, Melda
envogs18 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-30)
Jubeele, yes the town is a very interesting place. I believe the reason the boys didn't listen to us when we said we should go back was because they themselves did not hear or feel anything themselves, and as they were the ones driving the golf cart it was quite difficult for us to go back alone.

Thank you so much for you input and help on the subject though, it really means a lot! 😆
Jubeele (26 stories) (886 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-26)
Hi envogs18, I was intrigued by your account and looked up Garfield, Dakota Territory. It was moved to Park River sometime in 1884 and the site of the old town lies on the path of the Kittson Trail. It looks like a really interesting place.

Your account is so well-written that it drew me right into the heart of the scene. I could practically feel your growing unease that you were not welcome there. You should always trust your gut instinct!

One thing bothers me though: if the girls were obviously frightened and wanted to leave, then the boys should have respected their wishes not made them stay. Hmm, then again, maybe the girls should have left the boys there by themselves and waited for them outside. It might have spurred them to get a move-on.

It is interesting to note that the warning-off was clearly meant only for the girls. Perhaps had the boys went on by themselves, they would have been left alone. After all, none of them felt any hostility directed at them. 🤔

You are right to heed the advice of the second voice not to return. A spirit manifestation that can affect such a strong physical presence should not be trifled with. It is best to respect the wishes of that spirit and not disrupt his peace again. 😨

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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