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Adam's Shadow


Here's a little back story:

I had a very good friend by the name of Adam for many, many years. We had probably been friends since elementary school up until he passed away in 2007. I am 29 now (2018)...

First of all, Adam always said that he would die in a car accident at 19 years old. Well, guess what? He did just as he predicted. Adam's brother and I remained friends up until a few years ago.

After Adam passed away is when weird stuff started happening. About a week after it happened, I was at Walmart with my friend. I got a call from his cell phone. Shocked, I did not answer. Shortly after the call stopped, I got a voicemail from "him". I listened to it and it was very low-toned male voice that sounded very grumbly. I could barely make out the words... The only words I could make out were "love you b----" (We used to call each other b----). My friend listened to the voicemail and was also in shock.

Years later, maybe 2011...Adam's brother and I were at his house. We decided to take a ride on the golf cart and we just sat in the back yard bullshiatting. It was very dark but there was some light provided by the inside of the house. There was a large trailer sitting to the left of the house. We were sitting diagonally on the cart. The house was to the right, and the trailer was to the left. I could see both the house and trailer in my peripherals.

I decided, for whatever reason, to look to my left and I saw a solid black, human-like figure "run" out from behind the trailer and disappear. I'm not sure where it disappeared to honestly, either I don't remember, or I didn't follow the figure to it's ending point.

There were other people at the house but they had no clue what I was talking about. Of course, his brother (whom was on the golf cart with me) didn't see anything... I always thought that was him...

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