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Grandmother's House Part 2


It's almost 5 years since the last time I posted my story regarding my lola's house (lola = grandmother). As promise, I will provide an update. Please bear with my grammar as I admit I am not a pro of English language.

After my grandmother passed away, we started to experience scarier things. Good thing, I left the house and transfer to the ancestral house which is just infront of my grandmothers house (lol). I suggest that you read my first post way back 2013 to get a glimpse of the structure inside the house

Let me share few of the many stories

My cousin, let's call him Mark (not his real name) have this habbit of sleeping on the living area located on the second floor. According to him, he woke up around 3 am for no reason. Here's the thing, the living area in the second floor is facing a window straight to our grandmother's room. I know it's weird to have a window inside the house but its kind of a big house. The window is use by my lola to check who was going upstairs. He said that he notice a girl facing him, he was under the impression that it was my auntie who already owns the house (Family rules, the youngest child gets the house).

According to him, he already felt scared but due to the fact that it's just 3am in the morning and it's impossible for may auntie to be awake that time. Due to having a bad eyesight, he put his glasses on and to his suprise it was staring at him and it was definitely not my auntie. He jump out of the couch and run downstairs, he told us the story the next morning.

Another story is about my sister. She is the youngest and we are aware of her "gift".

One evening, two of my cousins together with my sister who was around 8 years old that time went to the girls' bedroom. According to my cousins, Jaja (not my sister's real name) said that she will go to the bathroom which is located on the same floor. She did not close the door as the hallway is too dark due to the lights off policy in the house. According to my cousins 30 minutes have passed but my sister has not come back. Cee went check the hallway and found that the lights in the bathroom are turn off. Both of the girls assume that may sister may have went out of the house to play. Sheila (she is the same cousin on my first post) told us that she wanted to use the bathroom as well but to her surprise she found my sister in the corner, crying and shaking in fear. According to her "she look so scared and pale. She was crying silently. I called her name and touch her but she shoved it away and said 'wag po. Hindi ako sasama' (please no, I'm not going with you)." Sheila grab my sister's hand told her everything's going to be ok. When my sister look at her, she started crying again. They brought her back to the room and ask her what happen.

My sister was washing her hands when she felt a presence at her back. As she turned around, she found a a headless man trying to reach towards her saying "halika, sumama ka" (come with me). She then walk backwards until she reach the corner. That's when she sit down and silently cry. She told us that she was asking my late grandmother to help her. That's when my cousins found her. We ask her why the lights were turn off and she said that she did not notice the lights were off.

Another story is from my auntie (who already own the house). She said that she went to the master's bedroom which happens to be my grandmother's bedroom. According to her, she was cleaning the room together with her youngest child Jay who was just 3 years old that time. She was busy with arranging some documents when Jay pulled her shirt and told her "mommy mumu" (mumu =ghost). My auntie told her son to stop playing around and just sit on the bed. A few minutes later Jay started pointing towards the bathroom located inside the master's bedroom. The door was ajar and the lights are turn off "mommy lola?" (Mommy, is that grandmother?) My auntie got scared and did not bother to look inside the bathroom but instead grab Jay's hand and they went downstairs.

All of this happen when my grandmother passed away.

I will be sharing another story which I will be asking for help. This is regarding the newly built house. But anyway, thanks for reading.

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yuki (2 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-23)
[at] augustaM: we never had a chance to find who the headless man was. Coz everytime we ask my little sister, she will be frightened and started to cry.

My auntie who already owns the house did not bother to have it bless again. As of now only my auntie and her family resides there.

Before the house was built, I can clearly remember it was just a sweetcane field. The house was built around year 2002 or later.
Anubis_return (22 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-20)
I would agree with Zaruje.

Sometimes, there's a so called 'left energy' of those family member who lives there before.

I think I have feelings with Zaruje ❤
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-19)
Aside from the headless fellow with the miraculous gift of gab, it sounds as though the spirits of your home are benign enough and likely family members. Perhaps, talk to them, explain what frightens you and set up ground rules. You may find that given a few boundaries, having "the family" around so to speak isn't so bad.

But back to the fellow what lost his head - do you have any idea who he might be? Were any family members lost in a war? Do you know the history of the land before it belonged to your family?
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-18)
I would reciprocate what Mr. Zaruje had said to cleanse your house with some priest. But on the same time it is very hard to deal with residual energies. My anseastral house was also full of such energies and even after our neumarous cleansing we did not get satisfactory results.
But that was my case 😁.
Be safe and happy.

Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-16)
Hi there! Pinoy here. I think this kind of experience is already common here in the Philippines since most of our houses dated way back to the spanish era. And also considering the amount of torture our country experienced during that regime.

My family also owns a couple of ancestral houses, each with their own creepy tale, but that's a different story.

Can I suggest a priest or pastor to conduct a blessing of your house? Maybe in that way, the spirits that are still attached there can find their way to the light or wherever they go.

Thanks for sharing!

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