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The Green Man Ghost


I don't remember how old I was in this instance, but I think I was around 16 years old, which would be about 12 years ago.

I used to visit a pub in the UK called The Green Man with my father. It was just up the road from my parents' house so quite convenient for us to get to.

On this particular night when we went in, we were told by the barmaid that a model ship had flown off of the shelf and come towards her. This didn't seem strange to me or my dad because I had often seen what I'd thought of as ghosts, since I was a young girl. Only brief glances of people and objects, but I'd always shared my sightings with my parents who were very interested.

Anyway, when I heard about the model ship I went into the ladies toilets and for some reason decided to talk to the spirit. I felt sure I could sense its presence and I told it to leave the barmaid alone.

It sounds silly now that I'm older, and almost embarrassing that I thought I could talk to this spirit and reason with it, but I did. The evening carried on as normal after that and a few hours later we went home.

The next morning I woke up to a strange sound. It sounded like the heating running but I couldn't quite work out what it was. I went downstairs and saw that the whole of the floor had been flooded. The water was coming from the kitchen and onto the hallway floor.

I ran upstairs to inform my still sleeping parents. When we went into the kitchen, the cold tap was running on full and a plant pot had been knocked into the sink, upright, and was blocking the plug hole. The tap wasn't broken and it turned off easily.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that the spirit from the pub, the spirit I had more or less scolded for attacking the barmaid, had become angry with me. That it had followed me home and flooded our floor. We have cats but they couldn't have turned the tap on and I believe that if they'd knocked the plant pot into the sink, it would have been on its side.

Years later I have told my mother what I think really happened; it took me so long because explaining that I went into the toilet to talk to a spirit still sounds embarrassing to me.

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CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-19)
I'm with Kindly_Refrain; the house I grew up in had issues with the faucet turning on full blast, right in front of us sometimes. Of course there was a lot of weird activity on top of that.


I don't know about a spirit following you home though? From what I've learned that's pretty rare. Maybe the incident at your house has a natural explanation, but you were on edge from your time at the pub? Just a thought ❤
Kindly_refrain (16 stories) (196 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-19)
On a related matter, my daughter worked midnight shift as a custodian in a primary school. She had been working there for about a year when a replacement afternoon shift worker asked her about ghosts in the school (never learned why). My daughter replied that in the year she was there there were no signs of spirits in the place. The other worker then left for the night and my daughter locked the doors behind him. A few hours later she heard a sound in the teacher's washroom. The hot water was running full blast. She turned it off thinking that the other custodian must have left it on by mistake.

On a trip by that room later in the night she heard the sound again and sure enough the hot water was on full blast again.

She says that there was no way for anyone to get back into the school (including the other custodian, ruling out a prank) after she locked herself inside and feels that it was a ghost just letting her know that she was wrong about there being no spirit there.

This makes it easier for me to believe that a ghost may well have been the force that turned on the water at the OP's home as it seems to have happened to my daughter.

The water never turned on again during the next year but she did have lights turning themselves on in rooms at opposite ends of the hallways she was traversing.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (835 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-19)
Hi, Goth. I just want clarification of one point: The plant pot was in the sink, upright and overtop of the drain, if I'm reading your description correctly. Also, was the pot not broken or damaged in any way?
lady-glow (16 stories) (3167 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-18)
Hello Goth237 - I'm a bit puzzled at the fact that you waited for so long to tell your mother about talking to the ghost in the pub if, after all you had "always shared my sightings with my parents who were very interested."
Your parents sound open-minded enough as to have listened to you without judging. 🤔

Personally, I wouldn't discard the possibility of the cats knocking down the plant and this, on its fall, hitting the knob and turning on the tap... Sometimes mysterious things happen without necessarily being unexplained.

If the ghost had gotten angry, don't you think it would had made more sense for it to say/do something while still at the pub? Did you experience any more disturbances at home?

In my opinion, it's hard to determine if the events at home are related in any way to the spirit from the pub and, if a ghost really was present in the washroom listening to you, perhaps having more confidence on your actions would have brought a different outcome to that night.

Nice read. Thanks for sharing.

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