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I am a member of this site since 2013 and have published a few of my experiences. I went by the name Marine. Over the years, my job took a big chunk of my time and although I love this site, this was relegated to the sideline. I have completely forgotten my credentials so I created a new one.

Here's another experience I want to share.

Almost a year ago, I took a job as night security for one of the buildings that houses several offices. Pay is not really much but the proximity of the location from my house is what I really like. I usually just leave my car at home and take a 2 mile walk to and from work. I always prided myself in being fit, so this was a great excuse for taking a brisk night walk.

My shift doesn't start until 11:00pm but I am often in the office an hour early. I'd clock in at 10:00pm, make my first cup of coffee for the night then chat a bit with the other security personnel. My schedule is pretty predictable and one can tell what time it is just by knowing where I'd be.

The building I am assigned to is about 5 floors high with a basement parking. Several offices are housed in this building with one of them also operating a night shift. There are no more than 15 people in this particular office and they spend most of their time inside. I have very little to no interaction with these people except on a few occasion where my help was needed.

I start my round promptly at 11pm. With a flashlight and my radio on hand, I'd make my way down to the basement parking and move one floor at a time terminating on the building's roof deck. I usually stay there the longest as I like the cool breeze and the quietness of the place. More often than not, the roof deck is pitch dark and only illuminated by the surrounding buildings.

I've heard several stories from the other security personnel about some strange going-ons in this building. I don't really pay much attention to these as they seem to be rather exaggerated. One case in point is the story of a boy who apparently has a knack for suddenly showing himself half-bodied to the night security and employees. Seeing a half-bodied boy will surely freak anyone out but in my 10 months here, I have yet to encounter him. There are stories as well of whispering and disembodied voices. Again, I have yet to hear these.

Things changed however only recently. No, I have not encountered the half-bodied boy nor have I heard disembodied voices, yet the experience I had left me wondering just what the heck was I seeing. To be honest, I am still not too sure...

The first instance took place towards the end of February this year. February 24 to be exact, a Sunday. There are three of us on night shift with one taking the weekends off. This time however, the other security called in sick, leaving me the only security personnel. There's not much to do on weekends anyway as the only office that has night operation is also closed. I did my usual round ending up on the fourth floor a little after 1:00am.

As I walked from one end of the building towards the other, I saw someone enter one of the small offices. I did not receive a memo from the building admin indicating someone was coming in that night. Was a break-in happening on my watch? I couldn't let that happen.

I went back to the security office, took our service pistol and cautiously approached the said office. I checked the door, it was secure, no sign of forced entry. I shone the light inside, nothing was amiss and definitely no one was inside. Baffled, I went back to the security room and ran the closed-circuit cameras. There was indeed someone but the strange thing was, the figure just passed through the solid glass door. Even with the grainy quality of the footage as I zoomed in, it was clear that someone "passed through" the door. That someone was a solid dark mass with no discernible features other than what seemed like a small head on a rather large torso. I was reluctant to file an incident report given the circumstance. I left it at that. I did not even mention this to the other security personnel.

A few weeks passed without any further incident until about two weeks ago. As I was doing my usual rounds, I got a radio call from the other security. He told me that someone was at the door of one of the offices, the same office where I first had my strange encounter. He asked me if I could go and check it out. As I got there, I radioed back and told the other security that there was no one there. He insisted that there was and that he could clearly see the other on the monitor. I was so annoyed at the thought of this dude pulling my leg, so I went back to the security room to get him to level with me. When I got there, he showed me the recording - there really was someone in front of the office door and was just inches away from me, the same solid mass with very small head and large torso. The funny thing is that in the footage, I seemed to be talking to whatever was there. The other security does not see any anomaly in the "apparition" and to this day, he still thinks it was a real person I was "talking to" and that I was the one pulling his leg...

So, what the heck did I see?

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hauntedtravelslive (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-20)
I'd like to ask permission to use this story on my podcast, I am featuring tales from Security professionals this week. Thank you
Temilicious (7 stories) (99 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-22)
Finally, a ghost story.

Hi Marine,

There's something about Philippines' ghost stories that just fascinates me. I like this encounter- it's pretty straight forward though- you saw a ghost. Maybe that particular office used to be a platform n the apparition is merely boarding a train- who knows.

Did you feel a cold spot, breeze, anything, when you were standing in front of it?

It really would be cool to see the video, but understand if you can't because it's company property.

Thanks for sharing.

Blessings from S.A.
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-30)
Hi there!

It's nice to see a fellow Pinoy in this site. May I ask where in the Philippines are you? Thanks for sharing!
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-16)
In my part of the world, we have this acronym NVNT which means "No Video No Talk". Similar to Val's request a video would be much appreciated.
valkricry (48 stories) (3256 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-04-14)
Since all you saw was a dark mass (often referred to as a shadow person) obviously we can't use details like clothing to help date the poor fellow. The 'small head on a large torso' hints that he may have been a sufferer of microcephaly.
If you could get a copy of that footage for us to see, it might prove useful. Who am I kidding? It would just be awesome to see!
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-13)
Hello Marine. Thanks for sharing your story. I am curious, did any of you record the incident on your phone? Like record on your phone off the camera?
Marine1 (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-13)
Hi Haven - I do believe in the paranormal (less the aliens and cryptids, although I keep an open mind on these). I also believe that most occurrences have mundane explanations while a few others completely defy reasons. I may not have the same amount of experiences as my brother but I have had my share of "that-was-weird" moments.
Marine1 (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-13)
[at] Valkricry - I was actually on the radio the whole time arguing with the other security dude. That probably accounted to why I seemed to be "talking" to whatever was there.

The building is relatively new, completed sometime in the late 90s. Other than the fact that a train station used to stand there before it was blown to smithereens during the war, I don't really know the history of the land.

Glad to be back
valkricry (48 stories) (3256 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-04-12)
Hmmm... I can't explain why you appeared to be talking to it. Unless you were mumbling to yourself? Something in the vein of, "Who does this guy think he's kidding? There's nobody here."
You could try researching the building a bit to see if there's some clues. Like the age of the building, how long has it been offices, things of that ilk. The fact that you saw it pass through a glass door, suggests that door may not have always been there.
By the way, welcome 'home'. 😊
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-12)
Hi, Marine1 -

Sounds like you saw a ghost. 😲

I have heard several stories of ghosts being caught on camera but were invisible to the naked eye. I don't know why that is. In fact, it was suggested to me to install cameras at night in my bedroom since I often sense something there and I have seen my blankets move and have felt and heard someone sit on my bed while trying to sleep. I am too scared of what I might see. How freaky is it to see something was standing or sitting next to you without you knowing at the time it happened? Too weird and crazy for me and trust me, I know weird and crazy...

Thanks for sharing.

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