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The Security Guard


This incident happened when I was in medical college doing my post graduation in a municipal hospital in Mumbai.

Let me first give you a background. During our residency days (Post Graduate students are residents in the hospital campus, hence they are called residents), we needed to make presentations periodically to score points. Those days the only computer available for us was a common department computer. The department itself is on the fourth floor of the college building - a good five minute walk from the hostel.

The department working time is 9 AM to 4 PM after which the keys are to be handed over to the security on the ground floor. Anyone needing the keys after working hours has to take it from the security and make an entry in the register. The security guards change shifts at 7 AM, 3 PM and 11 PM. There are two security guards near the two entrances to the college building. The entrance which is a little nearer to the hostel has a morgue near the entrance. We being medical students were not new to death and dead bodies as such and hence we would always take the nearer entrance to reach the college building as it saved some time.

It was some day in July 2004; I do not remember the exact date. We resident doctors were in charge of our wards, had to see the patients in the outpatient department and also had to manage patients in the Operation theatre. The days used to be very hectic and we hardly used to get any time for ourselves. The only time available to make presentations was after working hours when all our seniors left. That night I finished my dinner from the hostel mess around 10 PM and went to the college building with my material (books, notes, etc.) for the presentation. A slight drizzle started just as I entered the college building. I took the keys from the security guard at the nearer entrance who smiled at me as I frequently used to go to the department at this time and so we knew each other.

I took the lift and got down on the third floor near the anatomy department. Our department was an Annex part of the building and the elevators were not yet functional until the fourth floor. I climbed the last flight of stairs and headed for my department at the end of the corridor. As expected all the other doors in the corridor were closed and it was pin drop silence in that part of the building. The tube lights near the beginning and end of the corridor were on but the lights in the middle part of the corridor - distance of around 25 to 30 meters were switched off (or not working I never knew and never bothered to check). This was nothing new to me as I frequently came here at this time.

I opened the door, made myself comfortable in a chair and switched on the computer. Soon I was completely engrossed in making my presentation and lost track of time. As I was making my slides, after some time I realized that the air was getting a bit cold. Again this was not unusual as it was July and by the time I realized it was raining quite heavily. So I just switched off the fan and resumed my work. It was 1 AM by then.

And then it happened. I realized that someone was peering over my shoulder. I turned back and saw the face of a security guard. The face I can never forget in my life. There was something unusual about him. He was a huge man at least 6'6" tall with a big beer belly, had the khaki uniform of the security guards. His face was very dark and under his thick black moustache he had big protruding teeth which were stained yellow. I could not see his eyes properly as was wearing spectacles with very thick glasses.

I do not know why but for the first time that I was alone in the department that I was frightened. He looked at me but did not say anything, just gestured with his hands 'what was I doing?' Something, some intuition from within, some primitive protection of the human mind and body told me to not speak to him. I also gestured at him with my hands that I was working on the computer. He nodded, gave me a blank look and left closing the door behind him. I immediately got up from my seat and opened the door to see who or what it was. But apart from the darkness and the light at the end of the corridor I could not see anything. No sign or sound of any movement. Not even the regular sounds which security guards make while hitting their lathi to the ground when they patrol the building at night.

I realized that though it was quite cold just sometime back, now the air was quite warm and I was drenched in sweat. I locked the door from inside. Earlier when I came to the department I had just closed the door, not locked it from inside. I never did that. But after this incident whenever I had to go the department at night I always locked the door from within. Anyway, now since it was still raining and I did not have an umbrella, I decide to camp in the department itself for the night. Luckily the receptionist in the department was a religious woman and had stored many 'Artis' and 'Bhajans' on the hard disk. I simply saved my presentation as I did not have the heart to work anymore, started playing a Hanuman Chalisa on the computer and spent the night in the chair.

At around six in the morning I left the department. Like I mentioned previously the new guards who had come at 11 PM in the night were preparing to leave. I returned the keys, signed in the register and came out of the building thinking about what happened in the night. Then it struck me - the face I remembered so vividly from last night belonged to none of the guards who were on duty when I left at six in the morning.

So who was he? I will never know. I never spoke about this incident to anyone. I went to department at night even after this incident for work, but whenever I did I made it a point to lock the door from within. I never saw him again until the time I left the hospital in August 2006.

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Sceptic-Ari (2 stories) (611 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-22)
I completely agree with Javelina. Though I am not very well versed in paranormal terminology, I get the feeling from your story that 'your' Night Guard was really on guard that time and wanted to assure you that you may continue working at ease while he was around and you need not worry about anything because he's there.
I think he was just a bit inquisitive about what kind of an odd job would bring you there at that kind of an ungodly hour.
Pretty friendly entity.😉
BTW where is this hospital?

curiousme (14 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
Nice one dude, awesome thriller, no suggestions as I have no idea about ghosts and all as I have never came across one, but I wish to
Take care of yourself and be safe and well written once again
bacchaegrl (506 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-19)
This is why I read these stories. For a story like this. Well written, full of detail, not over dramatic, believable. This is an excellent story. I like the mystery, and I offer no suggestions of my own since I am not aware of the circumstances. I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed this.
kratos_nins (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-10)
I did not speak to him as something from within told me not to. And God knows what sound he may have produced when he replied back to me after I spoke. Maybe if I had spoken he would have stayed there which I didn't want.
dharshanist (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-07)
I am an aspiring medic and this story has just made me realise the things I could quite possibly face in the days to come! It is refreshing to see a detailed, honest account of such an experience. I wonder why few indians contribute to this site even though we could have the richest heritage of the supernatural! 😕
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)
kratos - there are a few different classifications of hauntings. For one, there is "residual" -- which is generally a repeat of actions that happened during another time. This is often the term we use for tapping sounds, whispers, voices, footsteps, music, and apparitions that seem unaware of our presence. An "intelligent" haunting is where a spirit directly interacts with us. It speaks to us, sees us, and sometimes answers/asks questions or gestures to us as your security guard did.

It sounds to me like an old security guard is still hanging around there... Did you ever find out if a security guard passed away at the hospital while on duty? That could explain what you saw. Otherwise it might have been a poorly disguised doppleganger (copycat ghost) or just a spirit who took the form of a security guard so as not to scare you too badly, but was interested in what you were doing on the computer.
kratos_nins (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)
[at] Javelina... I did not understand your term 'intelligent haunting'

[at] Redphx Thanks for your comments. I do not think he was a bad spirit. He did not harm me in anyway. Just confirmed his presence for me.
hiya_hayz (5 stories) (66 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-03)
Very interesting story. Have you done any research on the history of the place? Maybe you could find your answers if you do.
Thanks for sharing. 😊
redphx (4 stories) (827 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-03)
I wonder why your insticts told you not to speak to him? That is a really freaky experience
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-03)
Thank for the story kratos_nins, I enjoyed it very much. It was clear, descriptive and flowing, I felt as if I were there with you.
I'm thinking it was an intelligent haunting as he clearly made contact with you and even traded, though unspoken as they were, pleasantries about your working at that time of night. Perhaps it was just his way of letting you know that this was his area, and you should continue working because he is on the job.
PestilentPixie (4 stories) (52 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-03)
I really enjoyed your story. I can't help but wonder if maybe "he" just wanted you to know that he was there. Since he didn't provoke you and you didn't see "him" again.

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