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This will be my first time sharing my experience about ghosts (sorry for my not so good English). While enjoying reading the your stories here YGS I was encouraged to post mine as well.

Just to share I'm Christian; I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior when I was 6 years old. Since then I haven't had any experience for things like this because I believed in God.

And yet the spirit world revealed itself that they really do exist.

This happened way back April 2013, it was my OJT days, rendering to complete the required accumulated hours in order to enroll for my 4th year in college.

I live in Pasay City before and the office where is in Burgundy Tower,Makati. (beside STI college and in front of CEU Makati)

It was lunch time, all of my workmates are going to eat out. I declined their offer to join them since I still need to finish my design and I have packed lunch so I don't want to waste anymore money eating out.

Project Manager: hey if a kid approached you and asked you to play just ignore it ok

Secretary: yeah if you hear someone crying don't follow where the sound is coming from

IT front end: if you see a ball rolling on the floor just ignore it

These people mentioned it to me while laughing and I have faith so I just shrugged it off, continuing what I was doing. At the back of my mind I'm just thinking what was the reason they are saying those things to me, like is there any truth to what they are saying? I checked on my Facebook to see who was online that time and I saw my classmate who is also on his ojt office.

I immediately ask him how was he doing and what office he is in that time. Our convo goes like this:

Me: ahhh I see that's a good company

Him: you what are you doing right now?

Me: it's lunch time yet still finishing my design and you know what I'm alone right now... (mind you I'm still typing this)

When I was about to press ENTER to reply to his question...

"...PSST... " suddenly my head turned to my left where I was sitting and I saw no one (good thing).

My brain suddenly internalized that I'm alone, I felt goosebumps all over my body. First thing I knew I went out the office and rushed to the elevator. I keep on pressing down and in panic I was looking back in our entrance door if something will show up.

It took 5 minutes before the elevator opened its door for me...

When it opened light flickered. I don't mind I just want to get out of the building that's currently on my mind.

I pressed 1st floor and the door was still opened it's not yet closing. I pressed couple more times in panic and the door closed slowly.

When I arrived at the first floor I rushed to McDonald's where my coworkers are and told them what happened.

They have a unified response " ang tapang mo kase ayan kita mo nagparamdam sayo " (you think you're brave, see they revealed itself to you).

From then on I'm now aware that these things really do exist and I did my research only to find out the whole lot where burgundy tower, school and McDonald's currently at was a cemetery before then converted to a hospital then modern era it was now commercialized.

Thanks for reading, God bless.

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Crase098 (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-25)
[at] Fuchsia - oh really I never went back after my ojt hahaha

[at] Majarlika012 - I was not aware of the said shoot out but a friend of mine shared a lot of ghost exp inside STI COLLEGE building 😨 😨
Fuchsia (5 stories) (64 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-19)
I used to work in that building and the corridor where the elevators where would almost always suddenly smell of candle smoke.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-17)
Oh, I knew that building. I believe it was the same building where a shootout happened way back in September 2013.

Is there any other incident of spirit manifestations happened after that?

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