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My wife placed a large mirror in the corner of our room. It is on my side of the bed at night. Even though I don't look at it I know it reflects me the entire time during all phases of my sleep cycle etc. About a year ago I woke up at around 3AM and my left arm was stiff at a 45 degree position above my body. I attempted to move it and I could not. I was conscious so I thought to myself this must be sleep paralysis and I have just never experienced it, however after that occurred to me as if to refute that I was pulled abruptly and violently towards the mirror in the corner of the room and fell partially out of bed. It scared the shiat out of me.

Fast forward to two nights ago around 4 AM I woke up sexually aroused and looked at my partner. She was of course sound asleep. I thought to myself I must have been dreaming about something erotic,however, a felt a chill on my genitalia it was like really comforting but also the only way I could describe it as otherworldly. Like cold and electrostatic. We have an adjustable bed and it began to move as well just slightly up and down. I then felt a hand stroke my forehead as if to comfort me. Again an additional element to validate... Yes I am here... No this is not a dream... Only this time it was like...don't worry you will be ok I'm just saying hi.

It's not a single event but rather a combination of events over time that cause me to believe in the unseen, possibly a mixture of alternate realities from the paradox a mirror creates, or perhaps an untimely death on the ranch land long before it became a residential area. All I know is I think it's cool but I don't trust it and hope I don't experience these visitations in greater frequency.

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outofthemirror (guest)
3 years ago (2020-11-23)
Hi lazar Any experiences lately. Do you still have mirror. Do you look for them in the mirror.Thanx
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-22)
Hi, Lazer.

It seems you feel what you have been experiencing is caused by the mirror in your room, is that right? Have you tried removing the mirror to see if things stop? Did your wife purchase the mirror recently? Is it an old mirror or is it new?

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