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The Tall Looming Shadow Person


This is my first story about my spiritual encounters. I have many more but this is more recent to my life as an empath.

As a spiritual empath, I can sense a bad energy within someone, around someone or any sort of spirits without them even knowing about them.

For over a year now, not every night but once or twice a month, I would be outside at around 1-2am. As I go inside there is a cold feeling as if there is someone standing right behind me, peering into my thoughts and soul. I can't describe of what this shadow is that stands behind me but all I know is that it feels like it stands 2ft higher than me. This shadow doesn't say anything but I know he is behind me waiting for me to do something, but all I can do is just stand there paralyzed in fear of what I feel like he is going to do if I move.

The fear I feel when he stands behind me and over me is that if I move he is going to wrap his arms around me, while he drags me into the shadows where no one can hear me. It's always that cold feeling when I walk up the stairs at night and hoping he isn't there behind me waiting for me to move. He knows I can sense him and I can feel that he knows.

I have looked everywhere on this site for a story about this tall shadow person. He isn't like the grim reaper, he stands about as tall as him but there is something sinister and evil about his aura. The smell of fear and what smells like old clothes, is what it feels like. He stands 2ft taller than you at all times so he can just see the fear in your face, but he vanishes when I wait long enough, as he wants me to run but I can't run away from him.

I feel as if he is always behind me watching from a distance to notice if I sense him, and it feels like if he knows I can sense him he will be right behind me ready to take me away with him to what I believe is the shadows.

If anyone has had a similar experience to a tall looming figure that you feel is always behind you please let me know because, I'm afraid that there will be a time when the hat man isn't watching me and this shadow is going to take me.

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terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
4 years ago (2019-10-25)
The worst thing you can do is fear a shadow person. They eat fear and negative emotions. To get rid of it you need to not fear it for a start. Also try to be as happy and positive as you can be. If you do not feed it, it will go.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-16)
Greetings, Madness; welcome to YGS.

I have a few questions about details in your story; mostly I'm asking for clarification. While you state, "it feels like it stands 2ft higher than me" you don't indicate your own height for context. If you are 5'2" tall, this makes the entity about 7'2". These heights are toward opposite ends of 'normal' or 'average' height, but they're not freakishly incredible measurements. On the other hand, if *you* are 6'3' tall, the entity's height becomes rather intimidating.

Later, you embellish the point of the entity's height with the size comparison to the Grim Reaper: "he stands about as tall as him" As this character is a convention from Medieval art through modern movies, there's not really a consistent depiction of the character's height. Have you seen a Grim Reaper in addition to this tall entity? This would clarify how you know that "there is something sinister and evil about his aura" while the anthropomorphic Harbinger of Death does not appear to be inherently evil ("Final Destination" movies notwithstanding).

Your description of the presence also raises a question in my mind: "This shadow doesn't say anything but I know he is behind me waiting for me to do something, but all I can do is just stand there paralyzed in fear of what I feel like he is going to do if I move." Have you ever seen this entity with your physical eyes? I understand what it is like to 'know' something without seeing it directly, but this has not prevented my *trying* to see whatever has set off my senses. You do not describe seeing this individual; you "know" it is there, you "know" that *it* knows you are aware of it, you "feel" what it may want to do, etc. Without wishing any offense, I have to wonder what steps you have taken to rule out the possibility of nervous exhaustion or unwarranted fears. You may feel some relief if you speak with a sympathetic therapist or counsellor.

Please note that I'm *not* accusing you of having made up the narrative, merely suggesting that the manifestation of your fears *may* exist only within your head.

silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-15)
As an empath, you are privy to many more paranormal experiences than the common person. This also includes picking up and sensing residual energies that may linger long after the true source has departed. I am wondering whether you are picking up on the thoughts of a murderer who has done violence against another in the exact way that you describe (hands wrapped around you and then you are dragged into the shadows and killed). Either this is what you are sensing or you are sensing the presence of an unfriendly spirit - either case is terrifying!
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-14)
Maybe try and calm yourself as much as possible, turn around facing him and just tell him "I'm not afraid of you anymore!" Some of these dark entities feed on fear. I don't understand WHO the "hat man" is? Thank you for sharing, healing prayers sent your way.
WisconsinLady (1 stories) (52 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-10)
I would very much like you to describe the Hat Man in a story on this site. I'm a little confused from your description in a comment and your profile about him being your guardian. I have never heard of a shadow man/Hat Man being a guardian. I'd appreciate more information about that. I mean no disrespect,
But I hope he isn't tricking you.

Welcome to YGS, btw! Thanks again for sharing your experience! ❤
WisconsinLady (1 stories) (52 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-10)
I personally believe a lot of people feel energy on stairs because it's a frequently used pathway and holds residual energy. The stairs to the second floor at my parents' house seems to be like this. My sister and I fly up the stairs, because it feels like someone is chasing us up. I've seen this type of situation described on this site a few times.

Could this be what you're dealing with? Thank you for sharing your story! I hope you can get some help/advice from someone on this site. ❤

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