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I have had many of weird encounters and experiences.

Story #1

Recently my family moved out of a townhouse we lived in for a few years, partly because of the experiences we had. I want to know what you can understand from these experiences we had.

1) This is a funny one. I have a great-grandfather named Itshe, and we own a book in memory of him with his name on the cover. As a joke one night at dinner I said his name is Shite, but jumbled up. And then the book fell off the shelf. Very weird and creepy.

2) FOOTSTEPS! Very often would hear footsteps when no one is even home. At times I thought it was my cat, but then I would turn to see my cat is sitting with me.

3) Around this time my brother was a baby, so we had baby monitors that would pick up very weird noises. He would stay in my room in an opened closet. But this closet has a very weird and dark vibe to it, the attic entrance is right above it, and we never opened it once. The baby monitor would pick up many voices, almost as if someone was singing to the baby.

4) The basement has ALWAYS had an eerie vibe. My sister and I would both be downstairs sometimes at night, and we would hear a drumming noise come from the storage area of the basement. We know people in the area, no one has a drum set that plays at 1 AM. We experienced this multiple times. It sounds almost like Jumanji lol.

5) MY ROOM! I have a feeling that closet is a hot spot for something. I saw MANY dark shadows walk by that closet. There were even times where I had woken up with random scratches. Or like something is hovering over me and I would wake up to a chill. My room was always cold. Any explanations?

Story #2

We are in my new house that we live in now. I decided for fun when I was home alone one day to "communicate" with a spirit. I didn't really think I had one in the house. I asked what their name is, and when I listened back on the audio I heard a very faint female voice saying my name. Ever since that I had been having experiences almost instantly.

1) The next night I am in bed and I have to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is in the basement located right next to my room. As I open the door, I see that the sink is on and running. The knobs for the sink are turned off and there is literally no explanation in the moment to explain why that happened.

2) I managed to get the water to stop running and I begin to feel chills and my hair is sticking up. That rarely happens.

3) I walk back to my room to see a nice sized black spider hanging over my bed on a string. I don't know if that has to do with anything paranormal, but that is quite a coincidence.

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silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
3 years ago (2019-10-15)
The only story that raised the hackles on my neck is the one where you see shadows in your closet and that you suffer from unexplained scratches. If we can assume that these scratches have no normal explanation, then this occurrence is truly one that would worry me. I really do hope that the scratches that you woke up with do have a normal, mundane explanation.

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